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“There one captain beards here bringing you another gears. 5. Video. Now.

This is gonna gonna be kind of a quick video. I just want to bring a video on getting to general in the tour of duty and just showing off what i got now. I m gonna go ahead and go over to my tour. And as you can see that s how many stars it takes to general it is an insane amount of stars guys.

And it this would not be possible unless of the double stars. I pretty much just farmed. The crap out of the stars. I kept refreshing them i used a total of like a thousand and five hundred iron.

Now i know a lot of people say. Oh so you wasting money and stuff like that well at the same time. I m consecrated trying to bring that content. And i really want the team rock nash your skins or the skins.

In general so for all my weapons. Now a thousand five hundred is not too bad if you look at the tour duty guys let me let me put in this perspective. If you look at the tour of duty like a battle pass right say for tonight for instance. I m not taking shots at for tonight guys will relax.

But if you look at the tour of duty like a battle pass right you can actually pay a certain amount of money to complete that battle pass right to just automatically get some max rank and it s quite expensive. It is not cheap. I don t know how much it exactly is but if one of you guys know you can comment down below and let me know. But yeah so 15 that s the most i ve put into this game so far 15.

Just for a thousand five hundred and then use that on my medals to get to max max tour. I think that by far is 100 worth it right it still takes the level of grinding. But you know that little boost it helps tremendously now guys i am going to be doing another video on the medals and stuff because i found some methods of these challenges. I found to be a lot easier than i expected so i do want to do some updates on that it s gonna be a much quicker video.

My other video was like like 47 minutes long or something like that yeah. I m talking probably like less than 20 minutes. Less than 15 minutes. So being updated revamped a metal guide you know button that what s going to the rewards here.

So i have not looked at any of the rewards guys..

I just went straight into it let s see i know we got a banner. So let s go over it s our kate and we go of course. We got the desert kate skin. I think it s pretty cool.

I mean. It s not like stand out ish for first time rewards. It s not too bad. I m still gonna write the e sports cake because i think she s cool and then for the banner.

I believe we got a general banner. I think it said right there the general banner that is doe alright that s hella cool. Now. I do think the game is bugged out right.

Now let me go back. And you see my toe on the left. There i m general rank. But it seems to be bugged out and it s it shows that symbol up there which i don t know if that s the legitimate general symbol.

But if you compare apples to apples. I mean look at the major general symbol and then look at the general symbol. Yeah. No no no they they need to give me that ring theta just they just gave me on the banner cuz.

The banner ring. Look wake will look like a general rank right this this looks like it belongs all the way over here. So yeah. I think that s a bug in i think they need to touch on that but other than that so that s what they gave me so.

Far. The banner alright let me go ahead and probably put out my storm sniper. Where s my general baron yeah. That s what i m talking about i just need a general reinforcements.

I m out i don t think we got any marks. I think this is yeah. This is from one of my supply drop. So i didn t give you any marks.

It would have been nice if for what it gave you a mark like i don t know some kind of general mark or something and now the weapon skins..

So here. It is the bread and butter. So we re going from the team medal to that oh man that is crispy. That s what i m talking about oh so from that cuz that was dope when i first seen that i was like oh.

This is sick. I can not wait for a team metal and then all of a sudden. I seen somebody do a video on this and i was like yeah. That is bread and butter right there that s the one we got a blood spray all right like i said that s uh yeah nothing crazy from the blood sprays.

But that s okay let s go take a look at it some other weapons here so from that which looks nice. Hella cool. That oh man. I m loving that i am loving it all right.

We re gonna put it on all the weapons and take a look at them here here. We go anyways while we re going through this yeah. So there s a couple of challenges all red looks so sick oh that looks nice so yeah. A couple of the metal challenges.

I ve been doing i ve found a lot easier so definitely gonna be touching on that i just love the fact that sounds like gears. 5. On it and it just has the omen right cuz. This is cool you know stands out definitely.

But this is just like yeah dude. I ve been grinding. I ve been busting my ass. I deserve this so that s what that stands for for me personally let s see the drop shot okay pretty cool on the drop shot.

I like it i like it i m not a big drop shot fan. But you know oh i like that sale okay from that to that yeah. I liked how it s a darker blue and not as bright because this is very vibrant this metal is very very bright vibrant. I know i m not saying this is not vibrant either obviously it is but it really the team metal stands out a crazy amount you know i might actually give all your position a little bit.

So i think. This is like that perfect a darkened blue. And i absolutely love it all right let s see what else we got those red. Oh man that is sick oh.

That is just sick okay..

Keeping it going lancer gl. One one problem. I had with the team metal is that there s only parts of the gun that are covered with the metal right as you can see like there s still some us black parts there so the parts that are not covered by the team metal blue. But has in the team rock.

Though it just looks like it s trying to cover everything and then just kind of zones down tones down as it goes down. Which i think is hella cool. You know it just really makes the weapons pop. Oh yeah.

That s what i m talking about i love. The sniper. So we re definitely oh okay. Yeah.

That s what i m talking about the red and the blue are just so sick guys. And this has me very hopeful for the future of gears. You know and the what they re gonna bring more weapon skins and stuff. And obviously.

They re probably going to put them in the shop and stuff. And that s a ok not so much a big deal. But i think that ain t changing. I think as a grinding reward.

Something that s gonna take you three months to get yeah. I think by far. This is definitely worth it. And honestly i really wish now here s a problem.

I have with this i really wish they would have done something about the re up rewards. Because i mean look at this so that s a legacy no but leave this so this is one of the rewards. You re gonna get in the dooty right and then when you reopen once that s the skin. You re gonna get four reopen like that makes no sense to me and they re gonna give you that one skin on like all of your weapons.

That s how you go through the ribs. Which i think is super annoying. And i m gonna let you know right now for sure. There s no way in hell.

I m putting this skin over something like that it s just it s just not gonna happen..

It s not gonna happen you know i my ass off to reopen get these cool levels and stuff. But yeah i d rather just put on that all day every day. So i ll be reaping. But it ll pretty much be pointless just until they give better rewards.

Which i know they will oh that is nice yeah that was nice okay let s see what else we got here torque bo okay i like yeah i like it i don t know the team metal has a nice nice little look to it though. I don t know i don t know for the torque. I might have to keep on that team metal. Because i don t know okay anyways guys.

So that s pretty much all the rewards. We got a banner. We got the weapon skins. So you can see it right hat 248 meg s i restart it so guys will be back when it s restarted okay guys i m back let s open the game again and see out the cpu is doing what number is staying in the white right now so it s good.

We still need to see the performance of the game is is still running good with one cpu. We have a big jump. But that s because the loading screen that s that part i don t worry about it so let s start another mission and see how it goes you so just getting paid. I ll play keep a look at the cpu so far right so i m pretty good so guys uh.

There s some feature. I don t like i explained her your some features. I like at the performance is fine. It s about the same past menu.

The only thing that i will have to desk f. Is see that if it s not crashing. Then i ll probably recommend it over menu guys if you re maybe you lately having crashing issue is probably the reason. Why my little switch to a co player and the last version of them you ll actually have quite few bucks.

I m still running on the older version of it so and i max. I think that i could recommend this one a little bit better than mini right now. But both are really really top. The two top android emulators that i can say i do not recommend to go with the blue stack and d or knox.

The performance wise and they are not really good so guys thank you for watching. If you have any comment question or feedback write something in the box below and i ll get back to you so on that guys uh thanks for watching again and see you in the next video you you ” ..

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