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“Me you just interrupted my intro anyways. We re gonna be hopping right into this this little video. So guys wisteria. Oh here apparently.

I haven t been screaming enough all of you so hopefully you enjoyed that little intro anyway today. I m here with a very very lame individual. Called. Aparri say.

Hi. Oh. My goodness yeah. So we re here.

The party. But not only. A party. Also his special lady friend.

What s your name. Again. Lee okay. Hi.

Thanks for joining in on the video. Lee. I m. Assuming you re much cooler than the lame kid over here.

But you know we re gonna try to we re probably gonna be attempting to have some fun today regardless of the fact that we re with a lame person. So yeah today we re gonna be trying a good old classic adventure. Because i haven t really done a lot of adventures lately and we re not gonna be doing the seasonal event. Rick s already did that we re gonna be doing one of the like base camp adventures and paul really doesn t want to do it.

So. That s the reason. Why i m particularly excited for this endeavor. You see the more inconvenient.

I can make your life the better so come follow me and we re gonna be picking an adventure to attend to i don t know which one s a good one alright like i don t know what any of these adventures are so i m gonna be trying to get like deep in here. Let s see do you have any suggestions for spicy adventure. Well right now. I don t think we can do any of these are you serious wait whoa.

There s some new stuff down here. The front lines is that a two player probably. I think every single adventure is a cute play okay okay. Wait what about the phantom badlands hmm.

Yes. It does wait no i don t think it s multiplayer uh hi are you wet to it okay. I m gonna have to follow you again yeah. It s gonna take me a while to walk over there because you know it s like real slow up in here.

But we re gonna meet what no don t i m serious do not know it would be did you just okay no all right we re good the phantom badlands alright. We got to find a two player one the phantom fortress wait storming the fortress this no no not host an adventure normal difficulty alright. Join me yes. We re gonna get real fortress ii up in here alright.

So we got a little message from circuit. Okay. I m gonna be exiting out of that conversation. Because who needs to read the rules have you played this one before i have played every adventure cuz.

I m adventurous you ve played all of them are you for real who even has time for that i don t even understand this anyways. I used to do a video every day. This is what i would do oh wow. You re on the adventure.


Alright. So where do we go. I m following you right now. I actually don t remember break the crystals to lower the elevator.

Wow that was incredibly challenging did i just lose a life. We oh defeat the phantom s wait a second. Oh we re supposed to throw these boom seed things at them find them very offensive. Very very offensive.

So i m not very like good on these boom seed shenanigans like this is very difficult. These phantoms are going like super speed over here oh they re defeated. Sisk. Yeah.

Kill the last one. Wow. You re so pro. Oh okay gotta make that clarification.

Killing is too violent for this game. Alright. So. I just picked up some boom seeds find the levers and the towers.

Where d you go by the way. I don t know where i went where are you oh wait i see you i see you there we go you re look by the way. What even is that supposed to be like what was supposed to be a black elephant with wings on it why s that have those wings. Though cuz.

I like these wings yeah. No problem with my range. They re pretty uncle is a soviet are these the most cool. Yeah.

Alright alright get out. They re like to the kawaii edit. Oh are you kidding me. I just trap.

Myself. What is this now phantom guys coming. I have a secret weapon that will help us in this adventure. You do is it the butterfly wings my alpha sword your alpha sword it kills those little things in like one day.

Oh really yes. I just got put in a deep sleep are you kidding me i m so bad at this adjective. I would use to describe these phantoms right on me pesky. I keep trapping.

Myself. This is like the third time. That s happened. Yeah.

Oh. My goodness hashtag was party s dead. No. It s not this person ever got miss prairie.

So dead i ve moved on with my life. I m sorry. It s whoot moon. Now okay.

Where are these lever things like i don t looks like this machine needs green and purple goop. What i don t know that you can pick up man. You know what i could really go for right now some good old green and purple goop mmm that sounds like crimes disgusting. Anyway.


You had some exclamation points. Oh oh i see what s going on here i m so ready for this we just activated a lever alright gotta walk up these stairs oh no oh no we ve been trapped alright pete here comes. The pesky phantoms like killed one. I i m just kidding.

I i put one to sleep. Are you able to walk over this electricity dude. We just can t trust again so tragic like next level. I feel endangered right now no i just lost a heart sames.

I literally like don t even know what s going on in these like i should cuz. I m 20 years old but like i m too stupid for stop to do this. There s some complicated mathematics. Oh.

You got it you figured out the puzzle. Einstein over here. I m stan park akari. The line stein s where we go find the lever on the right of the tower to start the pump pump all right i m trying to come to where you are because i m just doing it right.

Oh. My god another puzzle how did you even get over there oh thanks one right and it brought me good. I m trying to go right. Oh.

My goodness i got trapped jen you explain to a kid love right is i don t even understand that that s like an existential inquiry right there oh wait i think i m getting closer. But i only have one heart left so oh did you hit the lover. Yeah. I did okay so where we supposed to go now.

This is some complicated stuff okay. I think i see you i just got killed. I literally straight up just died. I mean i collapsed gotta get over here i m getting destroyed.

I m still alive because i m not even gonna argue at this point. I m pretty trashed. If this is the stantons that s that s smart. Yeah.

I m just gonna straight up like going for it like oh good job you re really carrying the game. Yeah i got like one puzzle. So yeah. But i could have done that let s be honest you know i could really use the support in these difficult.

Times. Just use the machine in the center to create a disguise machine in the center. Yeah. See i literally couldn t even make it past that trap down.

There and this is normal mode on a child s game like i really can t do this alright. I think i see you just got chopped again who should i switch to officers. I think i m gonna i don t know you could like change your outfits. Not here.

Lee says that we re supposed to go back. Now you kidding me that s an atrocity but alright i m following you because i don t know my ups from my downs. Someone gave it to me yeah get things just handed to me in life. I have to work for them.

Oh okay. Wait what happens they need to work on their spelling to do the phantom fortress run into the gup ooh should take a pic for the gram right now all right let s do it where do we go from here. I don t know to the phantom or fortress yo. You re right guys look very fortress e.

But it s not i m so confused i surely so much fun. No i think. This is the death of a fun time let s go to the bottle. That s what li.


Says the bottle yeah look at the bottom of your screen. Oh you re right man. They re not very covert. Oh right next to the goat bow.

We suck i know are you in oh yeah. Like this aesthetic explore the phantom fortress. I don t know explore it i want to like kill some things what at work. It s a lot of effort.

Oh no i actually went back. Oh. My goodness. I didn t know that was possible okay.

Where s the candle. I see it no i got it wow. I like how they just have an unlimited supply of keys in the corner. That doesn t seem very secure.

What are these things they re sleeping. That s concerning now we need a level two key find the key. Okay. I found a table.

Oh man that is one thick boy over there. He s real thick. He s not as thick as me though all right vomit key mvp over here i honestly am did you open the door. No it s making me do a bunch of blue stuff before i get the key.

But you can get over there i won t pass the thing boy and then i need to go i see what you did there i m in trouble just can you please give me some emotional. Support here. This is very intellectually challenged. I ve been trying my very best your very best isn t good enough.

Oh i found the key yeah. Well i already got it. I told you not to over here on a conveyor belt. I wouldn t do the portal.

Why the heck would i do that cause it looks cool. I m saving a lot of bunnies right now oh i just went through a portal. It looks like the phantom disguise. It s going on let s go phantoms.

Two and one. Oh yes. This is inconveniently long. There s a bunch over here.

Yeah. I better get a good prize. Don t you care about the prize. Yeah about the journey.

It really you care about the journey. All right. Oh. I got a key let s go oh items sis whoa.

It was like a glass thing don t hate on my life achievements. Our age is proud of you thank you so much i appreciate it oh here we go we made it oh. There s no hard. Yeah.

I m not doing this. Oh. My how the heck do we disable these things i guess we don t okay. We re just taking over the mouse cuz apparently.


She knows how to use okie doke. Too much thinking. Oh she didn t know she did oh. It s even longer than i thought i got one then this way and then now we go through this story huge greatly and now you are here i want to punch him in the face.

Yeah. Really he has some attitude needs an adjustment break the cores to shut the phantom engine. How would it write a. But i don t writing a bike look at that leg game.

Though the pedaling phantoms in those seats are guarding the engine cores we got to take him out feel bad. Though he was just doing his best. Oh wait that s the land of jimana that goop is going into. It can t be oh my goodness we gotta hit them with that like consecutive blow alright.

So you get up here and knock these boys out hurry up they re gonna respawn wait a second come up here right now okay i just leveled up something get that boy in the side. I don t have any bonuses. Sam did you literally go for the same ones that i won for oh. My gosh sorry.

I m kind of which ones. I got it really at the bottom of really he hurts my feelings. I don t understand oh my sources said that once the cars were destroyed the phantom engine would shut down track. Darn straight there s trying marching to my land.

I don t. This is why pecks my patron battle in this place. Oh man that is intense well they re gonna do some talkin. Hey.

When you skip through it it skips for me we get five prizes oh no it really. It s wrong you re gonna get i did. The bottom right okay. I ll be the bottom was torturous peak right one.

I got a fortress beacon hot mines cooler. We defeated the phantom badlands. Oh. It was at the badlands.

No way. I thought was the fortress guys. Thank you so much hey you know what hey mom is not accepting. I am mom mom be my friend i m john as well what dude i guess their mommy and dad their mom and dad.

What the heck they accepted my buddy request. Mom is now your buddy. Oh. My goodness i feel so fulfilled in life.

I would be both of your friend baxter. I said will you be my mom. Though hold up let me bring dad yo dad s a member wow. She s so much cooler because he s member and dad s carrying the whole family here.

He s the breadwinner yeah. It s not bad dad anyways guys. That s such a like how they re like anyways guys. I think that s just about to wrap it up for this little adventure gameplay video.

Thank you all so much for watching be sure to give this video a rating out of 10. And yeah. I guess. That s about it any last words kids subscribe to a party.

Please don t do that at real jimmy brown. Bye folks it s been a time ” ..

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