Another iPhone 5s Unboxing {Boost Mobile}

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“Is up y all. Rj. Here with cv tech and today. I am.

Doing another another unboxing on another iphone. 5s now i know i made a unboxing the other on the total wildest version of the iphone 5s and i actually have some videos on youtube plus talked about it on google about me may be important my number out front boost mobile and going to total wireless because some issues. I was having we ve been able to upgrade with boost mobile. But that was straightened out and everything is all good so here is the new iphone 5s here on boost mobile.

So it s all good now this one here you see is the silver model with a white front of course. I did what the space gray version..

However everywhere that i went was out of stock. So i went ahead and bought the the silver model. Which was once i put a case on it ain t gonna matter anyhow so yeah so yeah this will not be a true unboxing seeing as how i ve already that s been activated and better some apps and stuff like that already told. But i want to just unbox this one here because it is on boost mobile and that s the carrier that i have and will have they don t put them do any more upgrades.

No time soon. So yeah go ahead here and unbox this version here pull the top off and of course. You see the phone right here. And it does look good i mean like i said.

I do prefer to space gray. A little bit more..

But the silver has more of new you can see more chrome around the edges. And on this looks really good as well squit and pull some stuff out here and open the back flap and you see there is your sim removal tool. There and some books inside of here and of course same stuff comes with this one here. Get your lightning cable your a wall adapter.

And you have your apple earbuds. Which is also a very nice touch so for right now we re going just pal this stuff back in here. Because it s not really needed right now and we ll go ahead and power on the new iphone from boost mobile. So let it power up here and do a stain.

It s already been activated like i said but i ll just take you around a little bit just kind of just kind of show you some active re downloaded for the phone a lot of them google apps. But you know that s how it is i guess a like i said i still going to i m still going to sit..

I just use the iphone. Because you know never had one before so i thought you know hang try it out yeah. So yeah up top here of course you see there it does say boost so go ahead here and unlock it and you ll see there is some of the apps. That i have downloaded there a few on this picture as well hangouts duo knows youtube s to do stuff.

Without my stuff. Like that and has the same internal store. 16 gigabytes was around you know eleven point three gigs available to user. And it is activated like i said on boost mobile and it is not right now currently at the most up to date software.

It s at nine point three point three. So i will be updating it to nine point three point five here as well shortly so yeah..

This just you know a brief unboxing here for the boost mobile version of the iphone 5s and so yeah. It s all good so. If you got any questions or comments about this one here leave it in the comment section below and i d really appreciate it also hit that thumbs up button. We appreciate that as well also that subscribe button be sure to press.

It and for further videos. Follow up videos camera test all that cool stuff so be sure to subscribe. I really appreciate it. Y all have a good n and we ll see y all.

” ..

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