Anthem: Most Overpowered Ranger Weapon Build! (Max Power Level)

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“What s up everybody jumping. Yeah. Today i want to show you guys an amazing amazing weapon build for the ranger. This is actually going to be a blast build the most part and i m gonna be using in my opinion.

One of the best weapons in the entire game. And this build can actually work really well on all the other javelins you just have to figure out ways to make it work for you for that javelin. I m gonna tell you all the ways to buff. This weapon.

If you haven t and it is just amazing. It s really really good especially on gm 2. I think because i m gm too you will just blast through everything with this it is insane and on gm. 3.

It is effective it can hold up and it will actually do some really great damage. I m gonna have some gameplay. It s gonna be on gm. 3.

So you can actually see how it does perform on gm. 3. So let s go on and talk about it the weapon that i m referring to is the divine vengeance. This thing is a beast.

It fires a four round bur sound the bullet damage is not bad it does like 5000 a headshot if you get nothing but headshots that s going to be 20000. But the main damage is gonna come from the effect and that is the fire explosion every three weak point hits. You will cause that explosion you can just get that to trigger on a limited amount of times. If you just keep hitting headshots.

So that is one of the reasons. I think this weapon is so good is that if you are heading headshots you re just getting an explosion explosion explosion especially it gets certain boss enemies they re really easy to actually get the weak point. And you can just do a ton of explosions and the explosions have aoe and they will do crazy damage and they scale because it is an effect so if you have a really high power level. This weapon will actually become stronger now with this build.

I m going to show you can mimic this with master works just know that the explosion is going to be a lot weaker. If you are a master work compared to being legendary. But it is still a fantastic weapon. I mainly like this though whenever i m doing strongholds in gm 2.

I normally will run strongholds on gm 2. I cannot be bothered with gm. 3. And i think that this weapon is amazing for doing that i can speed run through it so quick.

The aoe explosions are so strong. I will one shot practically everything it is crazy now the gameplay. I wanna be showing will be gm3 so keep that in mind. But it is viable for gm3.

But i will definitely say that i think that it is primarily viable. If you are actually at the legendary status for your class. So let s talk about different ways to actually buff this weapon now the first way i m gonna show is gonna actually come from my second weapon. If you can boost elemental damage or fire damage that will boost the damage of the fire explosion so this secondary weapon.

I have on has elemental damage on it and it also has general damage on it that is another way that you can boost the damage of the effect. The other way that you can actually boost it is wit blast damage so the ranger is almost perfect for this because the ranger has a really good blast component. And that is going to be victor s resolved this is going to increase blast damage by 50. But it s gonna lower impact damage by minus 20.

Now normally what i would recommend doing is equipping. This. And there s also an impact one and in the end you ll get 30 impact damage and 30 blast damage. You don t want that with this particular build you just want the blast damage.

So do not use the impact damage one just go for the 50 blast damage. It will boost the gun and it is amazing now another way that you can actually really buff. This weapon is actually what your consumables you want to use the fire sigil consumable. You want to double stack.

It what i mean is that you can actually go ahead and put on the purple consumable for 30. The blue consumable for 20 you could put on the green one for 10. But i normally would probably recommend putting something else on combo damage or even the assault rifle sigil mainly to get more ammo if you re having problems with amal with this weapon. That is a fantastic way of getting more ammo but that will not actually boost the damage weapon damage assault rifle damage things like that will not boost the actual explosion damage only blast elemental fire.

Which is elemental. But they are classified as two different things and then finally general damage will actually buff that fire explosion now let me quickly show you the rest of this build..

The first thing. I m using here is a frag grenade this has general damage on it that s great this would be better. If i actually had some elemental damage on it as well. But i don t so to whatever.

But it also has 100 charges. I mainly will use this to help me get my ultimate and detonate combos. Because this is also somewhat of a combo build. I will actually use it to do a lot of combos and i will spam.

My ultimate a lot that s one thing that the ranger is really good at if you re using the frag grenade next up for the assault launcher. I m actually using tactical onslaught. Which is the acid acid with this is amazing. Because if you can apply acid the explosion will be buffed and it will do a lot more damage so i really do like using acid.

With this i m using one that has 29 percent general damage. It has a hundred percent charges once again this would be even better if it had elemental damage on it. But it doesn t so that is a real bummer next up i am not using support gear because i m trying to. Buff this as much as possible once patch 14.

Comes out you re gonna be forced to pretty much do support gear. And that will potentially nerf this version of the build. I have right now i hope they will address the scaling in the future. But we will see on how that goes before the components.

I m using tip of the spear. I am doing combos. This is a way to get my health back so definitely want to use that this one. I have actually has asset effect on it.

Which is nice. I have a universal mod on this is soft and blows. It s a really nice universal mod. I wish i could have gotten another one though that will increase general damage by 50 for picking up ammo packs or health packs.

I don t know which one it is i wish i would have got that one. But this one has 30 damage on it which is really good because once again. We want general damage if we can get it. But another way to dramatically buf.

This build is to get a legendary component or even a masterwork universal component. That will come with blast damage or elemental damage on it general damage is nice. But you get a much bigger buff from blast damage or from elemental for this weapon next up. We re using generals favour.

This is just going to increase our assault launcher recharge after that we have the badge of devastation. This is actually really good just because of the effect. I do like it because we re actually using a weapon anytime. We get a large hit streak that means.

10. And really what that means is that you just need to hit 10 bullets of your gun on enemy. It will actually give you some of your ultimate charge back it s not very much. But you can see it when it occurs.

And it is nice it will help you get your ultimate back a lot faster. The main reason. I like this one though is because it has 43 percent luck on it. And that is always good this one took me forever to get.

And this is such a crucial thing at least for the ranger version of this build and that is elemental ops. I do not like the ascriptions on this. But this will increase fire damage by 20. It also gives you heat capacity fire resistance.

And it will also allow you to apply your elemental effects. 20 better. I guess. But the fire damage is what we re going for here.

Because this weapon will be buffed by elemental damage or fire damage in that case. And this will give us fire damage and i ve already talked about victor s resolved which will give us blast damage so these are the components you want now if i had to replace one. I would probably replace generals favor. I could potentially replace tip of the spear and also the badge of devastation.

I could replace all of them with different universal ones. If i had those universals with blast damage on it or elemental damage because that would actually make me a super glass cannon..

But that would dramatically up the damage of this weapon. So that is something to look out for like i said if you don t have the legendaries which i understand if you don t then you can always make this a masterwork version. It s a lot easier to craft that or to actually get what you need for that and trust me. It is very good just know that it s probably not going to be super viable on gm3.

If it s masterwork where gm it will be a cakewalk and you will do some crazy crazy damage now there is something i want to talk about if you want to skip my little rant here go ahead. I will put a timestamp in the description. Just click on that i will also leave a comment click on that timecode and it will take you right to the gameplay. If you want to see what this weapon setup can do on gm.

3. It is really good but something i have to talk about is the scaling system now patch 14. Is coming out and once that comes out. I m actually really happy about it.

There s a lot of good things in it. There s some bad like the chest. That s just awful for sure. But they have said that they re not actually going to address the scaling issue right now they will be fixing the whole.

I m going to remove my support gear. And it s going to mess with the division and not the game. It s just the way that they calculate power and the way they do it is just stupid. I don t want to get into it.

But if you don t know about it it s stupid so just look it up. But the point is is that there s a big problem with scaling. But this is something i have noticed like no one s talking about and it kind of shocks. Me that is the weapons and the gear needs to scale just like the combos just like the melees just like the ultimate and the effects cuz arrow.

Those scale. And those are all fine right. Now. If you re playing gm 2 or gm.

3. You will notice a huge difference in your damage. The higher power level you are but when you re using like a really good weapon. I m talking about a weapon.

That s legendary. I m talking about a weapon that has a goggle on it. But this weapon doesn t have an effect on it you will notice that weapon socks like in comparison to the things. I just mentioned the weapons are trash.

That s just the reality of it now. If you re playing gm 1. It s not a problem. If you re playing gm it s a problem.

But it s not as big of a problem. But if you re playing gm 3. It is a huge problem. It s gonna take you forever to kill an enemy.

Where even a god role weapon. Because the weapons are just not doing enough damage. If they don t have an effect on it like the define vengeance or the thunder bullet. It just takes you forever and the gear is the same there s a lot of gear in this game.

Too that will require you to kill an enemy to trigger its effect and those are absolutely the worst because i can hit something with my frag grenade for example and i will tickle it on gm 2 and gm 3. It will do nothing basically to that. Enemy and i m hitting it for like. 20000 damage and it does nothing because the enemy has like 200000.

Health. Our millions of. Health if you re talking about certain. Enemies that are legendary or elite 20000.

Damage does nothing to it and that is a huge problem. Now. If i set it up for a combo. Then it does big damage in fact.

It will just flat out kill them. But that s the combo..

Doing the damage that is not the gear doing the damage and this is a real problem. I think for storms because storms don t really have the strongest combos in the game. If you re like a max power storm. The combos are okay i guess.

But it s gonna take you multiple combos to actually kill an enemy compared to like a ranger. Which will just one convoy. If you have the right setup for colossus you can practically one combo everything with the colossus and the interceptor has melee which scales it has effects with the melee which scales the storms biggest damage you can get honestly right now is the ultimate the ultimate can do the damage everything else pretty. Weak but that is mainly because prior to 13.

When they kind of introduces this whole new scaling system the storm was actually prior pretty good like if you had like a really god rule piece of gear. You could actually like go and do crazy damage to enemies you have a oe you re just taking them out no problem now. It s like oh man you re doing like twenty thirty thousand damage. Which or ability.

That s just not enough that s not going to cut it for gm 3 especially. But it doesn t really even cut it for gm 2. So you have to rely on things that do scale like combos but like i said the storms combos are just really not that good compared to the ranger and colossus and things like that i definitely think that they have have to allow the gear and the weapons to scale. Now you might say wait a minute well what about something like two divine visions or the thunderbolt because they also have effects that will scale.

If you buff their damage by a lot and you re talking about instead of the gun hitting for like ten thousand a weak point here. It s hitting for now fifty thousand a weak point. It okay. Let s say that s the case and on top of that it s gonna potentially get its effect well in every game.

There are best weapons and these weapons will probably continue to be the best weapons because they have huge damage that s fine. But i just want it so that if i m using like a really really good shotgun. I want that shotgun to be able to be used effectively on gm. 2 and gm.

3. Where right now it just isn t good. It s not good at all and i just think that s a big problem. I really hope that they will address this issue and of course.

The other big scaling problem is i definitely want them to not divide the number. I want them to just go off of the maximum power. That s it that would be great. But i wanted to say that because i ve been saying this for a long time now and i just haven t really heard anyone talking about that the weapons in the gear.

They also need to scale maybe not as much as what the melee did or what the ultimate did or the combo maybe not as much. But they do need to scale up because as of right now they are really weak for the higher difficulties alrighty guys now let s go and get into the gameplay like i said before this is gonna be on gm 3. But normally i really love this setup for gm 2 strongholds. It is a whole nother world.

It is so good at one shots everything in gm to wear on gm. 3. Doesn t. But it still does crazy damage for gm 3 alrighty.

Guys well here s gonna be the gameplay now the first thing i want to talk about it s just a couple things i didn t really get to talk about in the beginning. The first thing i want to bring up is the role that you kind of want to get if possible on the divine vengeance. If you remember i actually have weapon damage on this which is nice. But because bullets don t scale.

It s really not needed. I think you re better off if elemental damage our if you can get general damage. I think those are much better stats than actually just getting weapon damage as of right now because bullets. Don t scale.

They will up the overall damage of the gun. Which is nice. But in reality. I would just prefer to actually just get more explosion damage.

That s what i want the gun explodes it kills everything in an aoe. It s great now one of the stats. I definitely think that you do want to get if possible is actually recoil reduction. Now mine actually has recoil hip reduction.

It s like 58 percent and this thing does not kick at all if i hit fire it so you re going to notice. All i m doing is hit firing in that s really gonna help your aim. If you can get recoil reduction. Because this thing does kick and that can mess you up when you re trying to get headshots now.

I would have preferred it if i would have got reco aim. Which is when you aim down sights compared to hip..

But i do like it i actually do like him firing this weapon. I think that s completely fine. But that is one of the stats. I would definitely say you kind of want to get if possible because it s going to help your aim and it s gonna make it more consistent for getting those explosions non stop now when it comes to this weapon.

Another thing. I want to bring up is that there are a couple enemies that this weapon does struggle against the first enemy would be the storms. Any storm enemy you encounter if they have the shield you cannot actually headshot them through the shield. Now some enemies you can t like in fact.

Most of the shielded enemies. You can like all the scars. You can in fact even like the enforcers. All you have to do with them is just aim at their big shield and that will just constantly trigger the explosion.

It s incredibly overpowered. It s great. If there s a mob around them you ll kill everything that is awesome. But when it comes to like scouts.

And when it comes to hunters. Which they actually have like your normal shields. You will actually be able to headshot them and they will explode even if they have the shield now against storms. It really doesn t work that way you actually have to take the shield down first and the storms have a lot of shield.

So keep that in mind. That s a big problem for this gun. The other enemy. Which is a big problem as well is actually the dominion brutes.

It s the same issue. Where you can headshot them when they have their shield up once their shield is down. Though they are pretty easy to headshot they have armor they generally die really quickly. But you got to get that shield down first and one of the big problems with the storms and the brutes if they are actually a storm version.

If you re trying to use lightning like on the ranger. I normally try to melee them. But if they are the storm version. They are resistant to lightning damage.

So i m kind of screwed in that case and that is a big big bummer when that happened now the other enemy that you have to watch out for because this weapon is horrible against this enemy is the digester from the scorpions. Just because you cannot weakpoint hit them at all now the other scorpions like the workers and even the soldiers you can t actually get headshots on them and blow them up. But the digesters i have to pretty much rely on doing combos on them. Because i am not gonna headshot them.

And it s gonna take me forever to kill them my body shotting them with a weapon on gm 2 or. 3. It s just is awful. So those are the enemies that this weapon is really not that good against.

But everything else. It is amazing against it will just absolutely wreck them now when it comes to other javelins. I do think that this weapon is really good on all the javelins. I think that the storm probably has the most potential besides the ranger just because the storm gets blast damage the storm gets elemental damage and also fire damage from the components.

The colossus will get fire damage. And some blast damage and the interceptor just gets a lot of general damage and all that is good so this weapon is going on every javelin. But i do feel like it is absolutely the best on the ranger. Just due to the high amount of blast damage.

You can get plus you get the fire damage. And that just really makes this extremely powerful on the ranger now when it comes to the actual damage numbers. I m getting if you re actually watching against the red. Bars i m generally hitting them for about 100000.

With the acid on against the armored targets. Fire does more damage to. Armor i m hitting them for 125000. My friends ami is d buffing them with the colossus and when he does that i can hit crazy damage.

And yeah. It s a lot of fun especially geom you can just steamroll that no problem one shot everything in the strongholds. It is amazing already guys that s gonna do it for the video. I really hope you have enjoyed it and this has helped if it has we please like the video for me be sure to subscribe for future anthem videos.

And i m willing to hope that everyone has a very nice day ” ..

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