ANTHEM: “SINGE” Legendary Interceptor Build (Patch 1.6.1) GM3 Gameplay & Build Guide

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“What is up towards the heat fabrics your boy and i m bringing you another another legendary interceptor build all right this build is a very unorthodox way of playing interceptor. It s not a glass cannon hoping that you kill everything before you die all right. This is for survivability while putting out enough damage to kill okay. As you can see from the beginning.

Its fire. Raw damage and survivability. All right so with that being said man. Let me introduce y all.

To my boys. Sins. Right. Here.

You running for the assault system. The ruthless stalker is an upgraded searching glaive thrown gadget seeks out target strikers ferry hitting the enemy increases weapon damage by 110 for 20 seconds all right this is key to this bill. Very very key all right i just got some good scriptures that go along with it but this in particular this gear right here its key to this build alright so for this gear. Specifically we got two hundred and twenty five percent weapon.

I mean gear damage we got 30 percent overall weapon damage for this bill. We got plus twenty percent harvest bonus and plus 20. R1 recharge all right. We also went out stuff coming back.

As fast as we possibly can all right you ll see a lot of recharge on this build. As well to put out more damage faster all right so now we re going down here to the weapons. Now mind you remember the 110 percent for 20 seconds. All right 110 percent.

We got the runners blaze right here upgraded. Hammerhead heart is hitting into assault classic nice at target while on a hit streak of five. We have two hundred and twenty five percent weapon damage specifically for this weapon. 120 miss percent weapon magazine.

Size 13 percent force for a little puts some type of stagger. You know not a lot clearly. But and we got plus 55 armor. All right now a weapon damage has to do with the flame.

That comes off the runners blaze. All right. It has nothing to do with the impact damage. Which is physical damage.

All right physical weapon. Is the flame that comes with the runners blaze. All right. And i ll get all into the math.

When this build is said and done all right down here..

I m running the stat stick has to be my favorite machine pistol. It s the best surprise all right it s an upgraded hailstorm the least accurate machine pistol. But also the fastest when a melee hit gained a hundred percent ammo back in the magazine. Okay.

It has 90 armor max. For overall javelin 28. Percent weapon ammo for the overall javelin. 25.

L1 recharge for the overrun javelin. Like i said. You want your stuff to come back as fast as possible all right. We have an additional 65 percent armor max on this all right come on down.

Here blades awarded. I know a lot of people is just like blades award. And it s cheap its weak. It s down to third.

I m telling you essential to the build is unorthodox play style. This intercept okay so upgrade. It twin blade dual bladed daggers that allow for fast attacks. Which can be chained together hitting an enemy grants.

10. Increased damage resistance with ten seconds stacks to five all right that s 50 damage resistance. Okay just as long as you kick an ass pretty much as long as you in the crowd beating on stuff you get 50 damage resistance all right we have two hundred and fifty percent weapon damage remember what that essential gear is all right the ruthless stalker like i said i ll tell y all. The mathematics.

When we get to it all right 250 weapon damage. You got plus 12 repair ammount. Which gives me more repair. When i pick up one of the repair packs.

Okay. Thirty thirty five percent support recharge. Like i said. You want your stuff to come back.

Fast. All right we got 13 percent overall damage going over here to the strike system. I m running that sudden death people all right it s an upgraded tempest strike combo affect aura all right hitting an enemy detonates of fire explosion. We have 250 percent gear damage an additional 12 repair amount 30 ammo drop rate and a hundred percent garrus leaving me with two of these bad boys right here all right going down one upwards to the components all right running that bloodlust anybody i got to intercept it more than likely runs to bloodlust all right you got to put this bad boy over here.

It s an inscribed component that increases melee weapon damage by 30. All right like i said melee weapon damage by 30 percent increases melee damage by a sunny 5 for 10 seconds. When killing an enemy by using a melee all right so that s two separate damages right there people think about it melee weapon. The blades that s an additional 30 okay as an additional 30.

But it increases the melee by itself by 75 for 10 seconds..

When killing an enemy when using a melee all right so we got plus 95 percent. Armored max and we got plus 38 all damage okay 38. Alt damage going down here to the semiotic search all right so we got increases javelin armor by a large amount increases all damage by 50 for 10 seconds. When picking up a repair pack.

Okay. That s an additional 50 to everything picked up once you pick up that repair pack 50 to everything. Ok. People.

Everything we got plus 55 percent melee damage right here we got plus 18 percent machine pistol damage. I don t always use the machine pistol it s very rare i use the machine pistol. But when i do i puts in work so i m say about alright. So he got way out of bowl.

Right here. We got a legendary innocently component way to boat. Obviously increases aura pulse damage alright or a pulse drift about 40 percent. Defeating an enemy with a melee restore.

Is 40 of your armor. Way. I do is kill kill and get armor kill and get armor kill and get armor. People.

I m telling you all right. So you got plus. 12 weapon. Magazine.

Size plus. 13 shield refresh. People all right. Plus 13.

Percent. Shield refresh. And we are going down to the south and blows all right something blows. It increases.

Javelin shields by a large amount increases damage resistance by 75 for five seconds windshields run out okay people. When shields run out now for everybody who see me play this interceptor in the stream. The other day this is why my armor never dropped okay once my shield because my shield comes back pretty fast alright. My shield comes back in about five six seconds alright comes back quickly but every time i shield pops.

I get that for 5 seconds alright now combine that with my blades awarded 50. I m over a hundred percent damage resistance. All around all right all around so you combine that with the constant repair dropping repair drop going down and all that other stuff you are damn near invincible. Unless you run up against four or five snipers and they all hit you at once you are damn near invincible.

Okay just play smart cuz..

No build is undescribable just play real smart. With this bill alright. People. So he got 32 or a combo effect and 25 may lay damage.

Okay. People. Melee damage go down. Here to the feedback loop all right as an additional storage for enhanced assault rifle ammunition increases damage by 30 of the base damage okay increases there s resistance by 50 for 10 seconds.

When firing the last shot in the magazine. See this is what i m talking about survivability people survivability is what you want all right. I know i got a lot of rounds in my magazine. But between my magazine finally running out my blades and my softened blows.

You ll survive alright you will survive all right we got plus 40 combo aura effect all right we got plus 25. Alt damage. Where the resolve increases interceptive melee damage by 10 it increases melee damage by 40 for 10 seconds. Okay we got plus.

12 weapon magazine. Size and plus 25. All speed okay all speed is good. I know a lot of people would rather have all damage.

But i got some alt damage over here so i m good with. But all speed helps out a lot helps out a lot all right go on down. Here to the slash. Fear.

Alright people. With an upgraded target beacon locks onto a target. Reducing their resistances and jumping to another target. If defeated additionally immediately marks additional.

I don t know why he said it like that additionally immediately your marks additional enemies near that target. I don t know why i say like that. But it does alright. So we have plus 38 combo or effect and plus 30 repair drop rate.

An additional 25 repair drop rate and 25 repair. I mean r1 damage. People all right so that is the boy right here. Alright.

So like i was saying. I take. Y all. Through math 110.

All right check..

This 110. Right. Here right now with an additional 30 that s 140 weapon damage. Increase 140 percent for 20 seconds.

All right now let s take that down here you get check this you get three hundred and sixty five percent weapon damage. Which involves the flame that s three hundred and sixty five percent damage to your flame from the runners blaze all right so that s an ongoing ticking. That s ongoing damage all right all going you go here that s 390 people three hundred and ninety percent weapon damage for the blades all right how can you get more drastic than that they re they re they re hard hitting and they give you defense at the same time people come on now all right going down here to the or effect. You gotta utilize your or effect with this bill right this build is wrapped around utilizing aura.

Where you re at is enemies are burning alright singe. Think about it says. That s why i named them that where you re at is where the enemies are burning you get a hundred and fifty percent aura effect alright that increases the damage of your aura as you re going around burning shit up all right think about that and we have over a hundred and fifty percent in this build itself over 150 percent. Melee damage base melee damage alright over 150 percent.

Think about that think about that and speaking of that let s go down here. Where you at with your act blood loss manifest weapon increase right there weapon increase right there alright so that s an additional 30 to my blades alright an additional 30 that puts me at 420 blade damage people from the base blade damage and then you increase it by 75 for that melee by itself when you kill something that s an additional 75 percent. Souter already over a hundred and fifty percent melee damage in general people all right like i said unorthodox. But it s survival and it hits hard enough for you to destroy shit all right pay attention pay attention to the oh.

I m telling you put this build on all right just. Watch. Y all. Health gauge alright.

You ll be surprised about how long you survive. If you play it smart. Without having to run away from enemies alright check out the clip after it s a nice little clip. My left for y all.

Anyway. It s a boy twist. The heat. I hope y all.

Liked the boys cinge. I got. More bills. Coming for y all.

Catch. Y. all. Later man.

I m out. Peace. You. ” .


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