Apple iPad Mini 2 Unboxing

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“To the unboxing of the ipad mini 2 16. Gigabyte space gray version and i i will be using my 3 dollar and 87 cents. While mart. The ozark tanto to open this i went through several reviews looking at ipad mini ipad mini 3 ipad mini 4 ipad.

Air air all of them essentially all of them trying to determine. Which one i wanted i used to have an ipad 2. Several years ago. Didn t use it that much and sold it.

But decided i would like and i a tablet style device. So walmart for 199 had ipad mini 2 16. Gigabytes and the ipad 32 gigabytes..


Many were 319 and i could not justify spending a hundred and twenty dollars more for 16 gigabytes. More now i decided that one day down the line. If i really wanted to invest in an ipad. I ll probably get an ipad air 2 or whatever s next.

Not the ipad pro and and invest in you know several gigabytes and whatnot there so let s get into it lovely suction by apple as i like to say there it is of course the ipad mini 2 in mini 3 are basically the same the ipad mini 3 has touch id much like on the iphone 6 or iphone 5s success whatever but not on the ipad mini 2 that is the only difference all the internals are still the same this was originally known as the ipad mini with retina display. So wow as you can see me in the background. There i m in love with this thing already. I ve never really actually played with an ipad mini other than obviously in a store.

And it s tethered when it s in the store. So i haven t had the actual feel of having having it in my hands. Now we ll look in the box..


Here which we have a power adapter well first of all we have some literature. Lightning cable can never have enough of those and the thickness the 10 watt ya tim watt power adapter which is needed for charging the ipad designed by apple in california now. I originally tried to go to best buy to get them to price match. Because i could use my best buy rewards card and get points well they rat.

A stock. So i went to walmart. Which is just down the road here we have just a single sheet of paper telling this what the ipad ipads physical features are and where we can learn more about the ipad and regulatory information and of course apple stickers. So i ll put that back just like i found it put that in there put all that to the side and then bring over the main focus here like this right out.

Gorgeous 79. Inch. Screen go ahead and power it up and one thing that this does have is the sleepweight..


I mean the orientation lock or the mute lock switch. The newer ipads do not have those i actually preferred this switch. When i had the ipad 2 so maybe maybe i ll confer it here we ll see we go through the setup process here english united states and i m gonna go ahead and connect you to my 5 gigahertz. I m gonna go see.

If i can t remember my password. Yes. Typing on here is going to be interesting. So i ve connected created a passcode and i m gonna set this up as a new ipad that s interesting.

I also saw setup from android device that is interesting as well so here i will go ahead and type in my email i find the symbol and my password for my apple user id i agree to all that so there you have it that s basically the unboxing and initial setup of the ipad mini 2. I m looking forward to using this i m looking forward to i don t know playing with it around the house. I think i need to get a smart cover..


I think spec makes an interesting case. I ll have to look at those that covers the front and back that s pretty easily then i m pretty protective. So i might look into those. I think those are 34 or something.

Like that i m not about spending a lot of money for for a case. But but we ll see ” ..

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