Apple iPhone 6s Unboxing and Review

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“Guys welcome to tech nobility your source for no nonsense tech. My name is barrage barrage and we get the iphone apple iphone 6s which we re going to review now we re gonna get straight to the point here and review the success because that s what you guys want to see you guys don t want to hear me talk too much. But i am going to introduce myself on barrage of techno bility. Again your source for oh nonsense tech.

If you haven t go ahead and at the subscribe button below also don t forget to subscribe to the channel and if you want you can check out our 6s. Plus review. I ll leave the link in the description below alright you can see here we have the iphone 6s this is the 128 gigabyte model alright you can see the box iphone 6s it s already been unwrapped but we are going to unbox it believe it or not this is the first time we are opening this device again you can see the box. Very minimal.

Very simplistic alright let s go ahead and just pull up the phone here and look inside the box. And you have the headphones. You have the wall port. You have the lightning cable alright.

So that s pretty much it and the manual all that stuff is right there ok so we re going to move that aside now and we re going to get to what you guys want to see. Which is actual phone. So let s go and turn it on for the first time alright. So here s the iphone 6s and all of its glory.

This is the 128 space gray model they also have the iphone 6s and rose gold gold as well as white slash silver because obviously it s more of the silverish color or you can see on the. Bottom you have the speaker. Grille the lightning port 35. Millimeter.

Headphone jack volume rockers on this side with the vibrate nothing up top you have the power button sim card tray on the side on the front of course you have the retina display rendering 326 pixels per inch. No this is not a 1080p display. However the 6s plus is we ll get into that later if you want to watch the individual review. You can check that out for the 6s plus of course you have the touch id sensor.

What s now a 5 megapixel front facing camera phenomenal. I m very happy about that and i ll show you why in a moment rear camera. Which is 12 megapixel you have the iphone s logo on the bottom again very. Thin.

Device. 73 millimeters slightly thicker. Than. Last.

Excuse. Me. 71. Millimeters slightly thicker than last year s 69.

And the reason. Why is because obviously a lot of people were having issues with bendgate and the screen popping out as well..

So what they did was they made it slightly thicker to avoid that from occurring all right so. Here you see the device in all of its glory. A nine processor two gigs of ram finally right two gigs of ram. A lot of android users will know what i m referring to when i say that you got 16 64.

And 128 gigabyte variants just a phenomenally fast phone the iphone 6s so we re going to go ahead and remove this sticker right here. I know how much a lot of you guys like that okay put that aside again you can see the screen absolutely beautiful viewing angles. Great in direct sunlight in other words a great lux rating. And just the gorgeous device feels good in the hand now i m going to go ahead and just put it next to the iphone 6s plus.

Here to show you guys the size difference so you can see. The. Size. Difference.

6s plus is also slightly thicker. 73 versus. 71 but it s definitely a bigger. Phone.

Whereas this has a 47. Inch display alright so let s go ahead and get started here with the software. So what are the new features with the 6s plus. Well you have live photos in the gallery.

Upgraded siri upgraded camera. Which we ll get into. But what everyone s talking about is 3d touch now you guys can see how this works right here. If i was to put pressure on an icon for example it gives me these shortcuts so i just push the camera.

It says take selfie record video slo mo take photo. So if i was to click on take photo while la takes me into the photo gallery alright. We ll get into the camera in a moment. Okay you can see live photos.

And i ll show you what that means alright and also as well with the gallery. If i put pressure on it you could see most recent favorite search messages as well show. You recent messages search messages you know contacts that you consistently contact etc. As well as mail safari.

So it works across the board and third party. Developers are going to develop for this system to make their apps basically work with this and and there s a lot of ways that it can be useful for a lot of various users and a lot of people might be saying well. I don t see the use in that or it s already been done actually believe it or not it hasn t. Yes.

Samsung has something similar with the implementation of the s. Pen pressure feature as well as the touch pressure feature..

But this is a little bit different in that third party developers could develop for it and it works across the board. You could see with notes or reminders with wallet. I believe not with wallet settings. No so you know.

With updates. Apple will update. This feature. As well again.

The screen is pressure sensitive. That means. The lcd is also different now so. The part is likely going to be a lot more expensive.

All right let s go ahead and look at another let s look at another way that the 3d touch is utilized here. So if i also go into gallery live photos. You can see how that works. So if i long press on it almost gives me like a little you know short sketch of the photo that i took and you can share it from that you can share it if i was to just swipe up you can copy it favorite delete.

So you can see how that works this also works with videos up here to shoot a video and you do that long pressing thing you get the little short clip of that specific video and of course you could share the image here you can edit it with the editing option. They have a ton of different editing options here of course. The gallery in itself you could set up in any way. You d like shared pictures albums.

Etc. So a lot changed. A minimal is it minimal. It s probably a little bit more than minimal.

I mean. It s more than you would normally get with an s iteration for example the iphone 5 to the 5s really didn t have that many different features except for maybe. The touch id sensor and improve camera. Whereas with this it really is a whole new system.

So the six and the regular 6 and 6 plus aren t going to utilize this 3d touch so it just for this feature alone for a lot of users and consumers. It might be worth the upgrade of course you have spotlight here and of course. The search and spotlight on the left as well which they ve brought back you can see all the various apps. That you get with the 64 and 128 gigabyte models you get numbers pages.

Keynote garageband imovie. So that s only exclusive to the 64 and 128 gigabyte models everything is just super blazing fast in terms of speed in terms of processing applications in terms of you know just opening and closing. It applications you can see opening out of photos out of the camera out of the app store and then you can of course multitask and swipe out of everything close out of all these apps. Boom boom.

Boom. You re done so very quick control a control center right here very quick..

Very fast very fluid. No complaints in terms of speed now one one area where i think apple could have improved is i think they could have given users more of the more of an ability to customize the control center. I think that s an issue that i ve had ever since they released the control center with ios. 7.

Is it you know we should be able to customize these toggles. But with some jailbreak. I ve heard it s possible. So who knows maybe in the future they ll implement it all right so you guys see how 3d touch works.

Very simple very intuitive. A feature that i like so let s go ahead and look at the camera. Now and you can see in terms of camera quality absolutely phenomenal with this 12 megapixel camera also you have 4k video recording now you can see square panorama. All the different options of course you have filters as well so we ll go ahead and post.

A separate video showcasing video quality as well as picture quality. You can see. The front facing five megapixel camera definitely improved in this regard as well super fast to take pictures. So.

The camera is definitely improved. Guys you have to take my word for that i m not going to do too much of a detail in depth here on the camera. But just in terms of photo quality. It s brilliant sheer brilliance on the part of apple have to give them credit here definitely competes with any high end camera phone on the market today.

If not best stem or beats. Them you can see with the flash. How bright. It is just the color saturation the contrast everything pops out at you it s absolutely phenomenal.

What they ve done with this camera and of course. That s what you were to expect with an iphone camera right i mean every year. It just seems to get better and better and better alright let s go ahead and look at all of their iphone apps clock maps etc weather alright so we ll just open and close out of these real quick just to show you guys what they look like and how fast they are to open and close just super fast super intuitive. This is what ios is all about they don t really you know it s the bells and whistles right.

I mean. That s what you get with a lot of other oss and mobile platforms. That you don t get here with the iphone. Very simplistic and easy to use so any user can pick one up and pretty much figure it out right away so again just in terms of overall features.

Really new features that they ve added or 3d touch which i m having a lot of fun with guys. I ve been playing with it for a while now or at least as long. As i ve had the phone today as well as the live photos and the upgraded camera. There s other minor differences as well the device in itself feels good in the hand.

It s got a sturdy feel of course you re probably going to want to get a case for it because you don t want to carry around the eight nine hundred thousand dollar device unprotected just even a minor scratch would get on my nerves so in that regard. You may want to get yourself a case and again just in comparison to the 6s plus..

Because we re not going to do a separate video this year. Comparing them just really isn t much of a point. You can see the difference again larger screen five point five versus four point seven of course on the 6s plus. You have the ability to auto rotate.

The screen. So you can use it like an ipad basically which you don t have on the six both of them have the ability to double tap on the home button and make it easier to access menus up top. If you have small hands or you can t reach all the way up top with one hand. So that s always been there.

It s been there since the 6 and the 6 plus. So again in relation to the 6s plus. It s not much of a different difference guys. I mean really is just about size screen quality 1080p of course because it s a bigger device versus the retina display 326 pixels 401.

Pixels camera quality is pretty much identical speed is pretty much identical so not much of a difference. There so i really don t see the point of doing a separate comparison between these two monsters so here it is guys apple s latest flagship device the iphone 6s it s a device that i think is worthy of an upgrade if you re coming from a 5s is it worthy of an upgrade from the iphone 6. I don t think so i mean it has some really cool features some niches that people might like you know some bells and whistles here with a 3d touch course upgraded camera. But does that mean that the camera on the iphone.

6 isn t good enough i think it is and i think for those of you who have the iphone 6 you re better off just waiting for the iphone 7 if you really are until the latest and greatest then yeah. I would probably say the 6s might be the best phone for you and of course maybe. If you re coming from an android device. As well that might be the case so again i m not going to go through the entirety of the software.

I just want to show you guys the new features some of the new features the design of the phone. How it looks how to see gill s and i will do a follow up video showcasing battery life and all that good stuff as well so stay tuned for that guys also stay tuned for comparisons between the galaxy s6 s6 edge note. 5. And a flurry of other devices that we re going to compare this device as well as the 6s plus 2.

And again if you guys have any mobile repair cell phone repair issues. I repair all phones go ahead and contact me. I ll leave the contact in the description. Below.

I also want to thank my friend shaw hey for supporting us with this iphone. 6s alright. If you guys have any questions or concerns leave them in the comments section below alright. My name is baird you guys have watched techni bility your source for no nonsense tech.

Thank you guys for watching have a good ” ..

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