Arlo Pro Base Station Unboxing and Setup with Camera

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“This is andrew for dnews central and on the desk this afternoon. We have some some gear from our low. What we have here is the hollow base station pro. We have the is just a really a standard arlo add on camera.

I m already an honor user. And what we re doing here is upgrading to the arlo pro base station from the standards base station. And we re just really going to add in an extra camera to my setup risa s front grading to the new base station. Well the main reason for me is that the do you like the pro base station.

Supports local storage through a usb connection that what feature wasn t available on the original arlo. I think it had originally planned to have it but for whatever. Reasons. Netgear weren t able to deliver on that so i just happened to notice that there s 20 off some are no gear in through amazon.

So i start that up this one here. I d actually bought a couple of weeks ago. I can t remember there was a good friday or a black friday deal or christmas or something out. But i got again i got a good deal on that let s price of this i think is about a hundred pounds so i got it for about 75 pounds and then the cameras.

I think again the list price is usually around 120 pounds. But they re perpetually on sale at about 80 pounds. Obviously going forwards. I can get the the pro cameras.

Which can be powered by a cable. These ones here at home battery. Only ok so let s open up the boxes and get started. So.

If you haven t used arlo. Before and arlo is a wireless system of if you like a video cameras and they use these little ones. I ll see them in a minute that s really connect up via a wi fi and have little magnetic mount so. It makes them really easy to put where you need it ok.

So. Here s the new base station to get the scissors. Our tubular saab. So this new base station.

Is actually a little bit smaller than the original and the the arlo branding is much more prominent the original has just netgear along the front around the back. We ve got the connectors so two usb ports. What a lan cable for case tops your network on off and power..


And there s also in this particular order. There s a siren that can alert you to near do wells you might be lurking in your back garden. We sticker just to tell people that video monitoring is in progress and some simple instructions power it up for dusty this will just now the power adapter looks like it comes with a couple of attachments you got the standard uk adapter. And it looks like there s a like a european or continental adapter will be useful for those so that s that okay stop and we ve got we re gonna pack of instructions so let s get these out and hopefully.

It s gonna be straightforward ready to get this set up and transfer me across has said. I do have an existing auto setup with two cameras. So this will be we ll be adding in a third. So.

Let s just give this important look at the quick racing and the base station quick snow how many base station quick start so our latins obviously a foreign language on sanford. One side and that s all so far leverage okay. So let s see so connect the base station. Shibushi.

Using ethernet collect the power up press on off let it go sync camera stairs job. Done i suspect. We ll know more to this because at some point you re going to want to get it case. It s your net garrick held.

And okay let s see what s in the other book. No this looks like we don t need this huh okay. So let s give it a go and see how we get on well actually tell you know yes well we ll keep going with this bit. So i m just gonna connect this in to off so it doesn t get confused plugin.

I since they on lan port huck this in to a handy port lan. Port. Which you can t see me doing okay so i ve plugged in the network cable. We ve plugged in the power.

Let s just press the button. I ll turn it on now says you after we wait a moment just to get everything connected up. And what will be presumably looking for is probably a green light or i was like here to show that we ve connected successfully to the internet and then what we ll do is well get the camera out get it to set up and get the toulon connected and talking to each. Other okay well that took a little moment or two what we ve got is about two green lights on t.

The network connection or the internet. One that s flashing away and then we ve got an orange light next to the camera. So that shows we ve got connectivity. But what we haven t got is a camera connected.

So let s take a look at this one. So. The cameras are saved use wi fi and they ve run off batteries..


There s no need a foreign power cable over and usual instructions. Which before we won t need here s the full camera itself. They re quite neat. Let s say.

I ve got two of these already and they work well battery life varies. A bit and usually get a couple months. And this is the little magnetic out which is quite neat so you can see you ve attached to a wall with a screw hook or something to it and then it uses a magnet. So it s a pretty strong magnet.

So it s not going anywhere in a hurry. Little screen protector or lens protector. And it will take that off once we get it outside so it takes four am. I think they re cool don t figure this out.

So i figure you have to do two things at once you have to hold this thing across. I don t that s it s just so i ll cease being storage for a while just took a bit of nerve to lift it up and kind of break the seal. So we ve got so let s say. These batteries it takes.

The cr 1 2. 3 s. 1 2. 3 eggs.

I think you can see you there. And it takes for me say you do get through you do get through them. Yeah. I know people have got some wall plugs as well.

I know some people have invested in rechargeable battery packs. So i might do that at some point. They are quite expensive. So you know there to be little italy little lithium iron ones so let s put these in the right way.

And then just top title slide. In so. Usually. The camera flashes a bit there we go and now what we need to do is to get these two to sync together.

Okay. So we ve got the devices here let s see if we can get to sync. So i press the button here..


It s going to flash yeah press. The button. Here try again first button here that s it i ve got the whole blue flashing light. And what happens you get a rapid blue light when it connect up that s good let s see that rapid light.

There. It is and there we have a solid amber light on the thing is it just there so that s those two paired up. Now let s see if we can get the setup visible on on the app on the phone. So let s give it a go okay.

So we re going to see if we can get this all configured up so that we can actually see the camera so starting up the arlo app. And we can see my existing base station. Here. It s called all and what we really want to do is to add in do you have the new hub.

The new pro i lo pro hub so go to devices you can kind of see the current user my world. There is there s me and maya back on but we want to add a new device. So we scroll through all the different are like things you do here s a base station. So we ve already plugged it all in we ve powered it up and it s found the base station id.

And how it does it miracle of god s me so we ve we ve we ve got the the base station. Here and we re going to give it a name so let s call it continuing with literary theme well science fiction area so how 9000. I think it was you okay so let s finish that we ve already added the camera. So we don t need to do that this time home so so oh as usual.

It s checking for updates. Now as it stands at the moment. I m pretty sure what will i ll be able to do detecting motion. So that s this cameron can imagine that s this camera here and as i m moving the further front of it and i imagine what i m gonna have to do is on the other one the design will detach the cameras from the old base station.

And then simply go through the pairing process over again press. The top of the button press. The button. There press.

The button on the camera. Elsewhere and then i ll i m just got a good be awed by it so it s already telling me there s a detection motion. It s quite easy a stick. So i m gonna let this to this update.

And i ll come back to you in a second well. I m glad that i didn t hang on with you guys to go through all the updates. Because it not only updated the base station..


It s also did a firmware update on the camera itself now everything s all synced back up again. And we can kind of see if you know a picture here. We ve actually got a picture of the if you like of my phone. The base station and things like that i ll try and give you a slightly more simple shot let s just see a look out the window at the moment.

It s going to connect through it now you can have a live feed. And most the time you don t want to do that because it consumes huge amounts of battery. But there s the picture out my view over the hills of belfast all the way across it s quite bright out there at the moment sir back to her the den. As they say okay well look.

I think that s pretty much it. And i suppose i should show you some of the features of the the arlo s just phosphor. Here. And you have can set up the the base stations for a kind of different different modes you ve got arms or whatever this motion detection.

It sends you a notification to the app just sound it off you can also set it up with a schedule. So that it becomes armed based on your like the time of day. And there s also geofencing mode. Wow.

Once your phone goes out of an area then it kind of arms. It automatically you can have additional mode refresher just go back to the let s go suit back. So. The original one.

I have a special smartthings mode. Which means that the system works better with the smart things samsung smartthings. So i ll have to add that into the the new base station. It s pretty easy just add it mode and give it a name and you go through all the different things that you want it to do within the devices you can see the various snapshots that the cameras has taken or you can see sorry still from the snapshots and the various cute asking here you can see snapshots from the videos that the cameras have taken recently normally the cameras record about a a 10 second snippet.

If you like when they detect motion and then within the library. You can actually see seven days. Worth of cameras doing things and activity and if you need to download anything i think you can do that through here download yep so generally i just lean book the leave line to rollover and then once the seven days are up it neck is service automatically delete them it s pretty handy and obviously if you are out and about when the camera detects motion you can either transfer to the live feed or you can just review the 10 second clip that it s already gone. I think that s probably it for now.

This wasn t intended to be exhaustive demonstration of arlo s capabilities. More just how easy it is to set up the cameras and to transfer over to a new base station. So i think we ll call it a day for now just emphasize these were personal purchases. These hunter.

I think was given to me here for review and so i mean i m a i m a a mini fan of the auto system very happy with it so i shall sign off now so this is andrew for geetha central with the arlo pro base station. Thanks very much ” ..

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