ASUS G752VM Gaming Laptop Review

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” s up guys. I m random frank p today we re going to be reviewing reviewing the asus g 752 v. Gaming laptop from ibuypower remember a few weeks ago the unboxing of this with today i ll be giving you guys a full rundown and this is actually my first actual gaming laptop. That i ve ever owned.

They sent it over to me to check it out so i ll give you the full rundown. It was a good the bad and ugly all that good stuff in case. You re in the market to pick up a new gaming laptop. We ll check it out for you guys today.

And make sure you stay tuned to the end because we re really giving away some gear. We re talking some keyboards and t shirts and stuff like that want to be entered to win to stay tuned to the end. But for now. Let s check out this asus laptop.

So my first reaction to this was just very aggressive. And i think aggressive and gamer ii was the look that asus was going for when making this the kind of appeal to that audience the laptop features a copper and titanium color theme here with some brushed aluminum finishes throughout like on the top panel and all together it mixes pretty well doesn t look too bad on the right. Side you have your ethernet port hdmi displayport two usb 30. S.

In a usb type c. With your basic auxiliary inputs then on the left side you have two additional usb and an sd memory card slot. But one thing that was very odd to me was as high as a dvd optical drive built in that s like a relic at this point. When it comes to modern laptops.

I m kind of left me scratching. My head on the back you have your grill for your heat exhaust here and i would say throughout my gaming. I didn t notice. This was getting you know really warm or overheating at all so that s a great job of dissipating that at the back.

While keeping the system overall nice and cool so it on your lap or something. Like that you re not going to have a problem. The copper hinge..


Here is very smooth and the screen never felt like it was flimsy or loose. So i was a fan of that now we ll get into the goods and. Talk specs versus. Features a 173 inch.

1080p display. So it s not 4k. But it does have an anti glare material built in on the matte screen. And i was shining lights directly at it you could barely tell and i think gamers can definitely appreciate that we also have an i7 6700 hq cpus the skylake model 16 gigs of ram a terabyte of storage in a gtx 1060 graphics card with a gigs of vram but the system is vr ready so you can have no problems playing those games.

All the games. I played to handle very well i ll show you guys more on that in a minute now on the ibuypower website. They do have updated models with new respects so if this isn t good enough where you can definitely check those out. They also make some revisions to the body of the laptop as well and then we ll get into the keyboard on this laptop.

And as you can see we do have some basic red backlighting. No rgb lighting. That s fine with me. It s going to fit the asus theme.

But these shifflett keys were very pleasant to type on they were in mushy and they weren t loud and clack e. It was a nice in between i found them very pleasant. I m used to typing on shepard keys. So these were just very low profile and nice.

I was very surprised definitely a solid keyboard on the top left side you have five macro keys. I can bring up certain games or programs. Plus. A little like webcam button.

Which will launch an application like xsplit. If you want a live stream. And the trackpad here was kind of disappointing..


I did notice some resistance. So my finger wasn t gliding all that well on it but for using a mice. It should be okay. I don t know it wasn t really a big fan of the left and right clicks either it s so kind of mushy.

But for a basic web browsing. I think you would be okay and one more thing up on the numpad you have a little rog logo. Here this is going to bring up their global gaming center. We can go in mess around with the voltage and frequencies for the gpu and cpu.

If you kind of want to get a little bit more out of your system. There s also things you can set different profiles and stuff. Like that change from the laptop settings like the lights macros and stuff like that overall. It s the gauge kind of a system kind of setting sing or give you quick easy access to it alright cool.

Frank. We talked about the gaming for the bulk of my testing. I played games like battlefield. 1.

It s a newer modern title. It s very vast and lush world with a lot going on and with everything turned up to the ultra or highest settings. We got a solid 69 frames per second assembly pretty good and it is helped out by being a 1080p display that was on these standard voltage settings in the game center when i bumped everything up to extreme we did get a three extra fps. We were playing battlefield 1.

At 72 frames or something like gta. Which is the game that i do play a lot and is still very popular one to see how that set up for. Gta we got a nice 16. Fps as you know that game is very intensive in the settings.

There all the graphical settings. It s very long there s tons of different things. But this is with everything in the settings turned up to the highest and fullest capability..


So say instead of putting everything on very high you just did high and most other things like 75. You d probably get around 80 frames and up so i for one definitely thought that was pretty good and like i said you can go into the game settings and kind of tweak it if you don t like the extreme. You can go into manual and change. The voltage of things like the graphics card in the cpu probably get late to three extra frames.

But hey. It s something and while most might still complain that it s only a 1080p display. I ll say the screen here for being seventeen point three inches has great pixel density. I m used to staring at my ultra eyes all day my transitions over to this i didn t notice that they different unless of course you re like breathing on top of your laptop.

It s really going to be just fine in the end. This is a very solid laptop literally. It s a beast. And i mentioned earlier.

This was my first gaming laptop. So going into it i wasn t too sure what to expect but i mean overall. I was very surprised i mean like i said they do have those newer upgraded models out there for new respects you can go and check those out. But for everything i threw at it it handled it just fine and since it is a 1080p screen kind of a double edged sword.

But it wasn t that hard to you know push a lot of the games. And we handled some of the newer modern titles at over 60 fps with no problems at all. But if i had to give i would say my two biggest negatives are one it is just it s a tank. I mean it is a very large laptop and you have to be very nice 173 inch screens.

That s what you re adding you know some more bulk to this thing. But it is just very heavy and thick. I need to fit a 1060 inside so it s not easy to keep this slim. When you compare it to 1d competitors out there in the razer blade laptop.

That things literally like a third of the thickness. And it has the same specs for the most parts got a 1060 and it is much thinner in a lot lot lighter the second column. I talked about earlier is going to be that trackpad..


I mean. There was some slight resistance. It wasn t really like a nice smooth gliding experience. No to the left and right clicks were kind of mushy in the end is that a big deal since if you re going to be gaming on this you re going to using a mouse anyways.

I did want to point that out i think everything else other than its you know massive massive tank of a body. It was pretty solid and if you want to check it out and check out their newer models. Which is always good you can upgrade to more of the modern specs out. There i have the link to i by powers website.

So you can check that mount and you know price others accordingly to see what fits your budget. If you re in the in the market for a new gaming laptop. So hope this video helped you out guys. And like i mentioned earlier in beginning of episode.

I partnered up with i buy power giveaway. Some things talking to know some chilled air here we got power t shirts and some keyboards courtesy from them. So i ll put the giveaway link in the description down below as well as the links this laptop in the description. You can check all that stuff out well guys look going to do it you like this video definitely give it a big thumbs up to show your support feel free to follow me on twitter.

At random. Frank p. And last. If you haven t already hit that subscribe button.

Long. Random. Frank p. Hope you enjoyed ” .


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