Asus K Series Laptop Review – Model K50IN-SX001C

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“Everyone this is david from geek annoyed. Scott uk. And this is my review of of the asus k series laptop. This is the k.

50 i n. Sx. 0 see now this is a 156 inch screen laptop with a core 2 duo processor running at 2 gigahertz to give you a quick walk around the laptop on this side of the laptop. Here we have the power connector for charging the battery or running off the mains.

We have an ethernet socket for wiring into a local area network. Then we have a d sub connector vga output for connecting to an external monitor. 2. Usb sockets and then a microphone an earphone jack around the front of the unit.

We ve got a slot here for memory cards this accepts sd and mmc memory cards and then around this side of the laptop. We ve got two more usb sockets and an 8 speed optical drive. Now that asus k..


50. I n. Comes with a 320 gigabyte. Hard drive.

4. Gigabytes of ram. That eight speed optical drive. Wireless.

802. 11. B. G.

And n. And a 6 l. 4400..


Milliamp hour battery. Which is good for around 3 hours of use now let s take a look inside the laptop and you ll see that this reveals a really nice full size keyboard. The keyboard also has a numeric keypad to the right of it and it is a lovely keyboard to type on the keys are very responsive in use and i m sure you ll be very pleased with how it performs. There s also a very responsive trackpad here as well it s gots a slight dimpled effect to the trackpad area and two nice buttons in the place that they should be a lot of people s complaints of smaller laptops.

Especially the netbooks is that they always compromise on this trackpad and button. Area we with this 156. Inch. Full size laptop asus has done a wonderful job with the trackpad.

You also get some nice speakers courtesy of altec lansing. Gorgeous sound output. I m sure you ll be very pleased with how the sound performs moving on to the screen of the asus k15 as i mentioned at the beginning of my. Review this is a 156 inch widescreen display.

It actually runs at 1366 by 768 now that s not the highest resolution. You could pack into a screen of this size. But it s certainly very usable..


It s a gorgeous screen a slight gloss. Finish but extremely bright and evenly. Lit it also sports a 13. Megapixel camera at the top of the screen.

So perfect for video conferencing. It s a very pleasing design this laptop. It performs very well and in my tests. I have been getting near to the 3 hours of battery life and up just under 600 pounds.

It represents a good value purchase. If you re looking for a larger screen full size laptop without spending too much money. I m sure you ll be very happy. With the aces k.

50. There s certainly a lot of choice on the market today. But asus really do deliver in packing in a lot of features into their laptops as well..


As that intel core 2. Duo processor. You do get the 320 gigabyte hard drive 4 gigabytes of ram and the 8 speed optical drive bluetooth wireless 802 11 b g and n and a very good graphics card in the form of a geforce g10 2m cuda with 512 megabytes of ram operating system you get windows vista home premium pre installed and a whole host of other software goodies that asus throwing for free well thanks. Very.

Much for listening. This has been my review of the aces k. 50. I in laptop come back soon.

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