ASUS ROG G752VL Gaming Laptop Unboxing & Benchmarking

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“Episode is brought to you by yves tech. Great service great technology and great value value go to yves tecton coz for these fantastic offers. I ve got new threads. Do you guys think the wonderful people at asus are giving me a new shirt that goes with their products and today.

We re going to be doing an unboxing and review of the new asus g. 75. 2. Vl gaming.

Laptop g. Sync. Enabled. Ok so this one in particular.

What i m going to tell you guys is that this particular notebook comes it comes with a different graphics card. It comes with a gtx. A 965 m. This one has got this one we re doing the unboxing is the middle ground.

It s got the gtx 970m inside of it and then there s also a 980 as well so you guys can get a different variety obviously the price will increase but you get a better graphics card. So that s really cool. But what i m going to say as i get into this box right now that if you purchase this particular laptop. Asus has been wonderful enough to give you a free gaming bag as well as a maths.


Which is apparently inside the actual laptop box so i ll show you guys that when i actually get to it so let s open this up and take a look see and mess with this at all so quite interested to see what i ll find and what big box well it s got everything in it oh look. I forgot to mention as well huh. You also get looks like oh yeah. That s right so also what they give you as a free gaming.

Headset. Cerberus free gaming headset as well. So that s quite cool and then here is the bag which i spoke about it looks really really nice kind of backpack kind of look with black and red and the republic of gamers insignia at the front of that sure let s put these aside. Yet.

It s and then ah it seems like that s all inside the box. But then you get this really really cool ahh gaming. Laptop. Box alright so they seem to go with a bit of a different color scheme and that what they usually do so.

This is looks like a nice faded out orange. But it s got red tints and then ah black. I m outside okay. So that s actually the box now it doesn t seem like anything else is really a prominent that i can talk about right now.

But what is very nice is that this is a very simple and easy to open box. I m just going to open it up like this because i want you guys to see that when you open it up. It s got a nice cool feel nice cool look in search of incredible usually that s something that you will actually see inside their laptop boxes. And it s very compact like everything is nicely packed away.


I mean the laptop is neatly packed away with cross covering and then you ve got this compartment. Which obviously has the ac yeah and there we go so you open it up. And there s the free. Ah yeah.

Here s a free gaming mouse that comes with it as well by asus. The seeker seeker. Yeah. Sicko says that s what it says unless.

I m reading it wrong tell me in the comments. If i m reading this wrong. But seeker gaming mouse as well that you get for free let s see if i can actually open this up. Sure you guys would actually be interested to see what it kind of looks.

Like okay. Let s hector. Went bubble. Wrap over rapid e s wow okay well that looks quite a nice crunch.

Guys think that s that s decently a very standard gaming mouse or gaming mouse and i would say there s no buttons on your so just say. It s just a standard optical mouse. Which is very nice okay so you get that for free. As well.


I m going to put that all aside let s take a closer look inside the box. And actually see what s inside when you open up the box you find the asus g76 5vl gaming laptop neatly tucked away with the cloth covering once you lift up the laptop you ll find the compartments for all the accessories on the right hand side is where your ac adapter is neatly tucked away on the inside. You will also find all the accessories. That you need.

Which is a user manual a warranty card and then a cable tie the rock g 7 v. 2. Has a 6th generation intel core i7 processor and an nvidia gtx 960 5 m graphics gpu with 2 gigabytes gddr5 vram. It also has 4 ddr4 slots that can support up to 64 gigabytes memory.

It seems they are going for a new design that features a sexy armor titanium and plasma copper color. Scheme it also has a 173 inch 16 by 9 ips fhd non glare lcd panel it has a brand new cooling design with the g7. 5 having dedicated cooling modules for the cpu and gpu to effectively cool each component when it comes to the keyboard we have a backlit anti ghosting keyboard with 30 key rollover and a 25. Millimeter.

Key travel. This makes typing and entering commands much more responsive and effective especially when playing games. The rob g7. 5.

Utilizes. The latest nvm express nvme ssd technology. To give you blazing fast data read. And write speeds.


Asus developed sonic studio and sonic raider for the rob g7. 5. This provides high quality gaming audio as well as improved streaming and audio recording for perfect voice pickup and noise reduction on board. We have intel thunderbolt technology.

Which gives you single cable data. Add signal transmission rates of up to 20 gigabytes per. Second this is twice the bandwidth of the usual usb 31. The rob.

G7. 5 gives you both the intel thunderbolt as well as the usb 31 type c. Ports and finally here s the benchmark scores for you guys. And that s it for this video today guys if you enjoyed the video.

Please leave a like and a comment down below thanks a lot for watching. And i ve been your host. ” ..


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