ASUS ROG Ranger 2-in-1 Backpack Quick Review

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“Guys. This is john john malan. Phn today. We re gonna take a closer look look on the rog ranger to me one backpack.

So why is this thing called two in one back. Well. Because this single package signal backpack is actually too bad. I ve never showed that simulate there but person yes.

You ve seen the inside of the og. Two in one backpack. So as you can see without hearing force fraud banner. I m not sure if this was remade by for europe you re a thing what it s not that soft.

But it s not that much but i m pretty sure that this one is waterproof and it would protect everything inside your bag the design of pr od ranger to invite backpack actually reminds me of the rog 500 or we have seen at computex and our designers. We have an all black collar with no red colonies are like the rog shuttles new backpack. We don t have all the red accents to that s why as you can see it looks sharp edgy and very very black. Because all the tall is that you can see in this one is bad.

But as you can see with our cue. The iron. Which is all go on the front of course to cut across this one piece of cnc there we go so it s actually kinda bulky. It s a big ass big us.

The parachute magnet..

You ve seen at pumpkin wall button or partly yes. It is that dick and inside seen it once inside back so we also have here some pockets or you know this is not actually for the locked up. But you can actually use this one for your laptop for the chocolate and of course. You know for your other things here.

We also gonna place my key one over there and then there we go you can actually put in a keyboard with numpad over here. Yes. If you have a game a keyboard with you always good actually place the keyboard over here. And you still have some space you can actually use some of the side pocket.

So this one is made for things like it so if you have like this pocket of the art. Would you ranger two in one batman are you re not a mouse mouse over here you re not cheap grace in game. 5. We re just a switch game fun right now.

But yes you could actually fit an xbox. I believe controller will be here so if you re the type of person that you want to play on your art would you love not with your xbox controller tell people skills prepare an xbox or throw them over a keyboard in some games. Putting me on i like playing our project cars or project cars with my xbox controller. Okay so as you can see on the other side.

You also got your handles. We can actually handle for that one as you can see we got your a really really top design for the rog ranger. 2. In 1.

By 5 for the rog fans..

Well. There s a little decided. I like about here is that the zipper pull the zippers are well i really good and we do have the rog logo over here there we go you can see that one of us. It s rog.

So why is it called the rog two in one backpack well because this bag is actually two backpacks in one package. So how do i uh well. See the two backpacks up really well to get see here. There s a zipper that you can unzip there we go oh there you go.

It s actually two backpacks in one package. This one is where you place your notebook okay so this is actually just well some pocket well some space. A hole over here that you can you know put in an umbrella. I don t know.

But this is the second bag and this is where you can see the paddock as you can see without your really nice padding a really thick padding this one is really comfortable to the back. And i ve used this one before and i m actually pretty happy with the comport ability of the rog. Ranger. 2 in 15.

And of course inside. You can see here. The zipper. I can actually place my iog notebook so 15 into 2.

Over here..

And yes. You can fit in a 17 inch notebook over here. I m not sure with the gx 800. If this one would pick on this bag.

But i m pretty sure that a 17 inch notebook would fit on the second bag of the order would you rate your two in one package. So of course the design of the second bag of the rog ranger. Two in one backpack is really nice okay. I ve seen this design before i believe on the rog motherboards.

We are the similar design. Except that this one is all bad and again the design dna of this bag is very similar to the rog products that we are seeing right now yes. It is kind of big and as you can see the angles are treating economic and it has a nice firing over here. I get actually used to get here.

So you can have an ergonomic. So it s very comfortable to use so it looks like a partition to me and also have here for the waist. There we go for the waist. Yes you can actually use this one.

For your waist or audit. Support was it not you know really a fan of these big box. Unless. I m a traveling into other countries this space of this one well.

It is it as equally species as the one on the shuttle to backpack..

I believe there are some ways wasted space on this one however again this is a two in one backpack. So you have you know the affordability you also have the mobility and also actually used to backlight. So if you re just bringing your notebook you can just use this backpack. However.

If you are planning to bring all your other your other pretty girls you can actually use this to backpack. Sorry. You just want you can actually just use this main bag. So with the front string expert panel.

So yes then it comes with this under student. So nothing to really worry nothing to worry about this one so yeah. I guess. That s it for you rog.

Two in one ranger ranger. Two in one backpack. So if you like this video. Don t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

Yet well nasa time to subscribe so once again. I am jump down lined up each and thanks for watching our hands on of the rog ranger doing one ” ..

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