ASUS TP200 Review – A Budget 2-in-1 Laptop (2015)

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“How s it going guys. This is dave 2d in this is my review of of the asus tp 200. So i ve done quite a few reviews of hybrid like the whole to one thing and for the most part they re pretty expensive. Some of them are even over 1500.

But this one s a relatively inexpensive option that s offered by asus here s my review. It s a simple box when you open it up you get the device itself the charger and some pamphlets. The top surface of the device is aluminum. It s a really dark blue not quite black and it has a brushed finish like they ve done on several of their devices.

Here. It s actually kind of cool that they re giving the same high end finish on an entry level device like this the bottom is plastic. It s got four rubber feet. Two speakers and the internals are not upgradable everything is soldered on on the inside the specs on the unit.

I have it s got a quad. Core. Intel. N.

3700 so this is their. Pentium. Chip running at. 16 gigahertz and 116 inch ips touchscreen four gigs of ram onboard graphics.

128 gigs of expandable storage all for around 450 the build quality overall seems really solid. But the hinge swivels around a little easier than i expected it s not loose or anything it s just a really smooth rotating hinge now the company says that it tests the hinge 20000. Times before they ship each device. So we re probably good maybe they just designed them like this so that you can flip it in one hand.

I don t know okay going around. We have a power connection..

A volume rocker power switch. Micro sd mini. Hdmi a regular. Usb.

3. Port and one of the new usb 31. Ports. So this is a port that can push up to five gigabits per second.

It s super fast and on the other. Side we have a combo microphone headphone jack and a usb 20. Port when you open up the tp 200. It s got a plastic finish that has like a brushed grain finish the keyboard is nice to type on it s small but it doesn t feel cramped.

When you re typing on it the keys have good travel at one point six millimeters. But i wish they re a little more springy and not so squishy. The arrow keys are well positioned. They re just a little small than normal overall.

It s a great keyboard. But it s missing backlighting and back wedding is one of those things that you kind of take for granted. When you have it on a device. And when it s not there you really miss it the trackpad down.

Here is really large for the size of the device. It s a full size trackpad. And it s okay. I mean the texture is good clicking is good.

But like almost every other windows trackpad. It still has the occasional stutter when you re..

Tracking but it s okay the. Screen it s an 116 inch ips touchscreen running at 1366 by 768. It s not super high res. But i think going with the lower res screen like this was the right choice given the power of the video card.

So going higher reds might have looked better. But graphical performance would have been noticeably worse. The colors look kind of greenish to me and running a spider shows that the color range is pretty limited. We re coming in at 69 srgb and 51 adobe rgb.

So if your work needs good color accuracy. This isn t that device the viewing angles aren t great i ve definitely seen worse at this price point. But they re still not very good. The screen does get really bright.

Though as bright as a macbook retina pro screen when you use it in tablet mode. The keyboard deactivates automatically so you can t accidentally press keys and stuff. It s really comfortable to use my issue with a lot of two in one hybrid devices or flip devices is that they re often cumbersome to hold they re just really heavy in tala. Mode and the tp 200 is pretty light it s 26.

Pans and because it s an 11 point 6 inch screen instead of like the 13 inch screen. It s just really ergonomic so if you think about it a tablet with a 13 inch screen. I mean. It s really cool on paper.

But it s really big like even the ipad pro isn t even that big so this has a smaller footprint. It s comfortable to use in tablet mode. The webcam up top isn t very good. But if you need one it s there here s what it looks like the speakers are surprisingly good they re reasonably loud and they re pretty clear.

Here s what they sound like now the whole device is fanless. So it s completely quiet when it s not in use..

And it gets a little warm on the left side when you push it hard. But it s not uncomfortable to use all right performance. The storage uses. Emmc flash chips so it s sufficient for normal computer use.

But for solid state storage. These chips are relatively slow. The tp 200 comes in two variants. A dual core chip.

Which is slower and slightly. Cheaper and a quad core chip. Which we have here the quad core is pretty solid for any kind of basic task i threw at it so like youtube web browsing emails movies like all of these things run really smoothly on windows 10 photoshop runs a little slow on it especially. When you have a lot of layers going on but for normal computing use it s going to handle it well.

But where the processor shows its limitations is when you re playing games so slightly demanding games like dota. 2. They don t run very smooth on it we re talking like 20 frames per second or slower. And even really like games like counter strike.

We re still only getting 25 maybe 30 frames per second. Now you have to keep in mind. It is a laptop. It is a tablet and it s 450 dollars so even though i wish it was faster.

I m pretty happy with the performance because it s an entry level two in one device the battery life is okay. It s not great. It s a small battery. At 38 watt hours and the advertised and eight hour battery life.

But with regular use just browse on the web. Watch some youtube stuff and doing some emails..

I was hitting 5 hours. With screen at 80 percent brightness watching movies with screen also at around 80. I was able to get 5 and 1 2. Hours a little bit more i mean these numbers aren t bad.

But on a two in one device battery life can be really important for some users. And i was hoping to get closer to the advertised 8 hours ok for 450 dollars. I would consider this a good purchase. If you re going to make use of the two in one functionality as a laptop pretty good solid keyboard and as a tablet also very solid because of the reasonable weight.

But there are things i don t like about it the battery life. I wish. It was a little bit better. But more importantly the performance of the cpu.

It s very mediocre and at this price point. I can t really complain. But that s why i mentioned the importance of tune. 1.

Because if you re going to use it just as a laptop. There are other devices at this price point that i would commend that aren t convert while they re just straight up laptops. But if you are going to make use of the two one option. I think this is a good option.

That s the end of the review hope you guys liked it thumbs. If you liked it subs. If you loved it it s been nice i ll ” ..


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