AT&T HTC ONE M8 introduction

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“Is roger with i gadget geek today we re going to be taking a look look at the brand new at t. Htc. One m8 now you can pick this at any corporate at t store. As well as on their website.

Now the no annual contract price basically you re buying the phone outright cost you six hundred sixty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. If you want to sign a two year contract you can pick this phone up for ninety nine dollars or you can take advantage of their financing. The basically zero interest financing. The next.

Twelve plan which is twenty installments will run you 33 50. The next 18. Which is 24 month installment will run you 2792 now just some of the basic features about this phone basically you have a nice 5 inch display at a full 1080p you have 32 gigs of internal storage. Now you can expand that with a microsd card slot up to 128 gigs.

You get two gigs of ram. You get a two point. Three gigahertz quad core snapdragon. Processor it s the snapdragon 801.

Chipset now weighs about 56. 4. Ounces. So it is a heavier phone.

But that is due to the fact that it is all aluminum you get you know they say it has a 2600 milliamp hour battery you can get up to 20 hours of talk time you know that varies. The battery usage. I personally use this all day and by the end of the day. I have somewhere between 40 and 50 percent.

So me personally i have no problem with the battery whatsoever now this does have something kind of interesting. It has htc dual camera with autofocus and dual led flash it has a 4x digital zoom. It records video at 1080p full hd. It has a 5 megapixel why the angle for facing camera well here s the box.


So let s go ahead and dive on in will kind of take a look at what all you get of course you get a pamphlet this tells you about the actual dot view case and it s pretty interesting you get some more information here on htc. One of course. The phone itself inside of here. You get a usb to micro usb sync.

Cable. You get your wall wart and a nice set of headphones. I still like the fact that htc continues to include a set of headphones a lot of other cell phone manufacturers have stopped including headphones with the brand new phones htc though still includes them now this no longer has the beat software. But it still does have the tool forward facing speakers now on the very back as you can see i kind of have the gunmetal you have the htc logo.

You have 12 the two rear cameras you have your 12 flashes. And you also have a secondary mic right here and the nfc also works without a problem on this all aluminum phone. So you can see you have some breaks here. And that s what allows this antenna to work so well now here on the left hand side.

You have one door here. And that s your actual sim door now on the very bottom you have of course your sink in charge. Port. Your headphone.

Jack and theres. The mic is actually built into the speaker. Your led flash indicator is built into the top speaker. You have your four facing five megapixel camera.

And then of course your light and proximity sensors. Now on the right hand side. You have a volume up and down. Rocker.

A second door. And this is what houses your microsd card up to 128 gigs. Now in the very top you kind of have a nice little plastic band here and the power button also houses the ir blaster. So let s go ahead and willpower this up and we ll kind of dive writing all right.


I ve repositioned. My camera to kind of give you guys a close up view of the htc one m8. So you can see on the lock screen. You have some quick quick shortcuts.

Now those are representative whatever for apps. You have right down. Here and your taskbar now of course this does come pre installed with a lot of the google apps. We ve come to see and expect as well as the at t apps so you get your home screens here that you can adjust.

But if you go all the way to the left you actually have that new blinkfeed. Which is part of htc sense. 60. Now if you pull down your notification menu.

We ve seen this with kitkat you actually have all your tiles. Here and you can actually go in here and rearrange those tiles in whatever order you would like which i think is a nice you know nice addition that you re able to modify those things so you can customize your phone. A little bit right out of the box like a lot of us like to do you have your dialer right here. So you have your main phone.

One of the neat features about the dialer you can go in here to menu and you can go large dialer pad as you can see it makes those numbers much larger. So if you don t want the big numbers you can go back to standard dialer. So it gives you a little bit of options. There as far as size of course.

You have your history your phone your con your favorite contacts all your contacts. All of that good information right. There. Now you also have the isis wallet.

Which allows you basically. It s kind of like the google wall allows you to use your phone to keep track of all your credit cards and stuff like that now you press that button there you go to your app drawer and you have all your apps. Here you can actually have those apps in folders within the app drawer so that s kind of a nice feature you have a lot of applications that you can actually adhered to the home screen. You have a lot of tweaks and everything basically you zoom out pinch together and you can disable your blinkfeed.


If you don t want blinkfeed you can remove it and then basically you want to press and hold it and take it right over to the trash can and you can remove blinkfeed disable. It if you don t want to use it and then you can of course add shortcuts and you come here to apps and apps or widgets. And you have all of the widgets. We ve come to see especially from htc.

They have that real nice contact widget. You have your calendars all types of widgets that we ve seen from htc sense. And they definitely didn t leave you out in the cold with htc sense. 60.

Now if we go in here to settings. One of the cool features you get with of course htc sense is the fact that you can come in here. And personalize. It you have themes.

So you can change some of the default colors of your band. So we go right here we ll hit apply yes we want to apply the wallpaper. As you see we ve kind of changed. The whole look and feel of our foam.

The top bar. Here stays black and charcoal so really nice out of the box with htc. You do get some of that custom that we ve come to see and expect now of course. The camera once we dive right into the camera.

You have a lot of really neat features into this the software of the camera. So you can come right into here and of course you have camera video zoom mode pan 360 dual capture which in other words. I ll take a picture with the back camera and the forward facing camera at the same time you have of course your selfie and even within camera. You have a lot of different settings.

So we ll go right in here in the settings as you can see you have all of the settings right here that we can tweak and change will go right here to the camera settings so you can see we have the makeup level image adjustment. We can crop it to where it s taking a wide angle photo as opposed to a standard for dot. 3. Which is a nice addition and then you can actually come in here self timer your storage.


You can choose if you have an sd card installed you can actually choose that sd card as your default storage you can turn continuous shooting on then camera options here we have touched to capture shutter sound volume button option. We can do volume capture or zoom. So that s really nice to give you a lot of really good features within that camera and in fact you re able to actually take photos and retouch up the focus on that on those photos with that dual camera. So the camera.

While it is not a very kind megapixel camera. It does take in my opinion. Some very good photos for the fact that it s only a 5 megapixel camera. So if you re not doing a lot of zooming into the photos after you take them.

Most people are not going to tell a big difference between the cameras. So that s been my kind of introductory video to the htc one m8 now stay tuned. I m going to have some more videos like we ve got here as you can see there s a custom skin from sticker boy net in a two tone. Red and black on my custom htc one m8 and it is running the latest version of the viper rom.

I ll have a full review of this viper one rom here in probably the coming week. Now also stay tuned. I m going to have a bunch of case review you have got some cases from spigen. We ve got some cases from you ag and of course.

We can t forget everyone s favorite android cases some cases from cruzerlite now that has been my full review of the htc one m8. Remember you can pick that up at any corporate at t store for a hundred dollars with a two year contract. And with that you get fifty dollars off a fitbit flex and fifty dollar google play credit. Now you also can get those credits.

If you take advantage of the at t. Next. Installment plan. Now this has been roger with i ” .


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