AT&T LG V20 Unboxing

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“Everybody and welcome to unboxing of an 18 t. Phone and look they don tn t have a super crap box. It it s just white. So it s not terrible.

And that s what we re unboxing the v20 so today is the day this gets uploaded because it gets uploaded today today is the 22nd. So i got it early so anyways. We have a quick start guide talking that other new features and there s our phone. It can wait if it can t pull the over symbols at all right so inside.

We have the safety book you know it s pretty thick. Oh. There s a lot of blank pages in the center. And the other side is something i don t speak and we have a big battery.

Very nice we need that yeah actually let me peel this off ooh. They got caught and that can stay on for a moment actually i m probably gonna leave front protector on the entire time okay..

No it has a sim in it. So mmm. Yeah. We ll just leave it in and the battery.

Oh yes. And i grabbed this. I went to 56 sd card from samsung. So put that in well good you can put an sd card.

In and out without taking out the battery. That s actually kind of nice and hmm okay so just snaps on and para button. I m gonna guess that s the back one yeah power buttons the back button. Yeah i haven t paid attention to lg for a while so while that boots look at the rest of the in the box.

Oh we got a new sorry. If you can hear my air air mmm furnace..

So we have a really really nice flat usbc cable. So c2a that s the yellow. Which isn t the first one. I ve seen that s a yellow.

So it s kind of interesting anyways look device is starting and here is our power adapter. So let s see if this is yes. It says. It s a fast charge.

But is this qualcomm quick charge or. Is this. Just. A so.

This is a. Nine volt..

18. Amp. Or 5. Volt.

18. Amp. There you go so. This is a fast charger.

But it s not qualcomm fast charger. So i will i will definitely have to compare this to my to qualcomm 30. Fast charging chargers because they re 12 volts where this is 9 volts and every time you i tap it i can feel vibe something inside vibrate anyways. So here is the phone it s still booting up it s starting android.

Things annoying and there we go so alright so i had to do an abrupt cut. There..

Because i didn t realize my wi fi addresses showed. My neighbor s address. So yeah. I went ahead and cut that out anyways.

I said phone. It was still booting now it s done i ve actually done filmed a second video. And i was editing the first so after you see this video go check out the next one thanks for watching. If you liked it hit that like button.

If you dislike to tell me why in the comments down below. And as always you will see me in the next video. I ” ..


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