Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 23 English Dub

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“Expect the best for my daughter moo. Who told you it was time to rest rest hold on you mean you haven t heard the titan kid and those bigshot of his have been summoned to the capital which means they ll be passing through here. Today is that so well then maybe this time. They ll just dissect him and get it over with i just hope.

He doesn t stir up any trouble. I say let him pass through and seal. The gates shut behind him infidel to even suggest sealing the gate. Never take the sanctity of our walls.

Mario rose xena. Don t even think of defiling. The three goddesses. We tempt the spectre of lunatics all worship the walls.

If there s some kind of gods creeps. Me out to him cult can t believe they re still around let s go look who s finally awake you look so terrifying. When you re asleep. I didn t dare disturb you probably should have sorry you ve been pretty lacks in your duties.

Recently look marlowe you ve upset her she s antisocial not upset knock it off you guys she fought in the battle of trust before coming here. Which makes her the only one of us who s ever seen any real action. She s just been through hell. Probably takes time to readjust ah.

So you have a crush on the new girl huh. What could you possibly see in her. I don t know hitch maybe. It s that she got into the mps based on skill.

Unlike some i could mention oh i don t know what you re implying. Why don t you clear up bye. That s enough you two great thanks guys. I called you all here cuz.

I ve got actual work for you today not just the same old crap. It s got something to do with the scouts being summoned to the capital sometime. Today they ll be passing through town. Along the main street hq has already provided a security detail.

So we re only being asked to assist. Until. The convoy is clear odm use in city limits has been authorized you ll follow beside the convoy as additional security. There s a barge waiting to take you to the starting point dismissed.

Sir a question if i may hmm go ahead..

What exactly are we supposed to be protecting this convoy from sir hmm. It s just that i ve never heard of anyone defying the government. They re just glad to be safe. There are petty criminals sure.

But i find it hard to imagine any actual organization existing within the wall that would attempt to strike. I mean what possible motive would they have man aren t you serious you can be insurance everything you need to know is right in here. Many officers are busy enough as it is prove that you could handle this one yourselves. Oh and you better not screw it up got it hey sorry about that back to business.

Damn this stinks got that right the amount of slacking that goes on in this outfit is even more than i imagined i mean. That is why i chose to join. But still i might have thought twice. If i known that meant the rookies got stuck doing all the work all the time seriously they re all irresponsible self absorbed imbeciles all of them.

So what s that make you marlo. You chose to join the military police you re a slacker just like the rest of us you re wrong boris. I m nothing like the rest of you degenerates. I joined up because the military police is in dire need of repair wow that was great marlo.

I never pegged you for the crusader type just how do you plan to fix. It by working my way to the top of course and then once i m in charge. I can install a new system to make sure all those who are dishonest pay for their transgressions. It s as simple as that the mps just need a little discipline and nothing more i ll shape them back into the people they re supposed to be so you know good luck with all that what s the point huh.

I think if a do gooder like you was actually put in charge of this regiment. You d quickly find yourself working alone really that s the first thing you open your mouth to say don t get me wrong. I don t doubt your sincerity. I know conviction when i see it you re not the first person.

I ve met who thought they could take over the world and change things for the better it takes a lot of courage to go against the flow. I respect that of course it could be that you re all just a bunch of fools they might be but don t go lumping me in with them is that understood enough chitchat. Let s go the escort wagons are scheduled to pass through the outer gate. Hey watch.

It bud. What s going on that s our gear shipping. It to the interior isn t it a bit strange having the merchants guild conduct. The transport.

What are they up to those bastards illegally selling government property. Hey. This isn t our assignment. Look at him.

Crusader man s the genuine article..

Well. I suppose we have time to spare. I bet. This will be entertained.

I d say we ve earned ourselves a drink. What do you think you re looking at how rookie you you can t sell government equipment. It s against the law is that so those supplies are the property of the hard. Working citizens.

Who paid for them. With their taxes. And that. Means.

Ha ha ha. Ha. Can you believe this business. A rookie blackmailing.

His superior officers. I m thinking you ve got a bright future ahead of you kid go spend it on a girl right she ll help you online. Wait hey what you did was against the law hey wait you re under arrest for a treasonable offense against an officer plate disregard for the rule of law is standard procedure. So is he s had enough don t you think sir so sorry about that fellas.

I hope our idiot hasn t caused you too much trouble. We ll be sure to drive the lesson home don t you worry unless of course. You d rather have a much bigger problem on your hands. Just this once so about that drink go ahead aren t you going to make the dishonest pay for their transgressions.

I m not entirely opposed to helping you out with that is it me or do these serving gals get prettier with every sip sabbath hey little lady you working hard or hardly working you boys are all the same those people you know he had the fools you mentioned. But they have done it i wanted to be brave to go against the flow. But when it comes down to it i just another piece of scum being swept away by the current not sure what to say about that maybe that s just a part of what it means to be ordinary simply going with the flow is that so bad to some people that makes you weak. But an ordinary person is all i want to be hello so here a full fledged mp.

Now so what s with the outfit. Why i m in the rain gear. You mean. It s a makeshift disguise needed to conceal my otn rick.

See what s this about annie. We have a plan for aaron to escape and we re hoping that you ll help us wait escape. We re stuck behind these walls. Where can you possibly hide that they won t find you will only need to hide him for a short.

While this isn t a mutiny..

We have every intention of returning you this is a few loyal scouts staging a small act of protest. It s a stall tactic we need time to gather enough evidence to overrun. The council s ruling about aaron that s all we want you re serious about this i m sorry sorry armin. I m gonna have to decline my lips are sealed.

Though best of luck hold on eddie please they re going to kill aaron. They ll kill him for no better reason than that they fear what they don t understand they don t see that their fear is pushing humanity to the brink of extinction maybe it s too late to change their minds. But what we can we have no choice. But to bet everything on that chance i m sorry the last thing.

We want is to cost you dream. But well the only way to sneak him through the wall cena checkpoints is with the help of someone in the military police. It s our only hope. But why me do i really look like that good of a person to you a good person.

I don t know actually i ve never placed much value on those sorts of labels. The way. I see it good is merely a word applied to people who are convenient to our needs in some way. It s purely subjective any way you try to look at it labeling people to humanizes them regardless.

If you still choose to say no to this request. Then at least in my eyes. That makes you a bad person. All right let s go we made it i can t believe it was so easy don t know what s right please hard at work.

Someone was surprised they bothered to show up at all let s just keep moving hopefully they haven t noticed my standing. Yet either. It s not gonna hold up and a close scrutiny after all sean and i look nothing like it s close enough you both have that same angry scowl and the same bolder size chip on your shoulder yeah. But i don t have his horse face hey so if i had refused to help you guys out then what was your plan be for getting over the wall.

I would have used our odm gear parts right through the checkpoint. That s stupid. Why didn t you just avoid all this trouble in the first place you could have escaped before reaching stowe house right. I mean why wait till.

Now i felt that this town s complex layout would allow us to squeeze a bit more time out of our body double ploy of course. A head on a soul to sell advised. So as long as the convoy acts like it s following orders then everyone keeps their defenses down. I see it s a very good plan.

There it is here yeah we ll pass through here. It s what remains of an underground city. They were planning to build way back when and if i m right it should lead us to the vicinity of the outer gates. We swore garnet that s amazing annie what s the matter you re not afraid of dark cramped spaces or anything are you so what so what if i am i wouldn t expect a suicidal maniac like you to understand you don t know what it is to be an ordinary girl crippled with fear let s move no kai refuse.

I m too afraid above ground..

I ll help otherwise the deal s off quit being stubborn dammit just get the hell down here move. We re running out of time. I think someone will hear you i m sure it s fine melissa. It seems that for whatever reason.

This place has been completely deserted that hurts me it really does the way you re looking at me. Now if i didn t know better. I d say you didn t trust. Annie.

Tell me what were you doing with marcos odm gear. It had all the same dents and scrapes see i helped him with maintenance. So i know you used it yes i found it found it and took it and the two titans. We had in custody.

It was you that killed them no one knows but if you suspected all of this a month ago. Why did you wait this long to say anything because even now it s difficult. I just didn t want i didn t want to believe that i was right so i stayed quiet. But then i wouldn t have filled the fact that you didn t kill me better mayor.

That s the moment that set us on the path to our current situation. Yes. We re here cuz. I let you live of course play never dreamed you d end up cornering.

Me like this why why didn t i do anything any please. It s taken this joke far enough yes talent. This is some kind of horrible prank. It s not too late come on we ll understand come down let s talk you can prove to us that were mistaken by walking down these stairs bravo wrong juju do we both know i can t like i told you i don t have the constitution danny stop.

We re talking about a matter of life it didn t work with the city. We can reason this out like human banks enough. I m not listening to another word of this no point do you understand me titan. You know arman.

It s nice that i could be a good person for you for now at least. It looks like you won your bet. But i m going to gamble too and here s my wait ergo. It s too late the identity of the female titan has been discovered all along it was annie lay and heart.

However even when faced with irrefutable truth. Aaron can neither bring himself to transform nor fight his ” ..

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