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” s go it s season tim baby expect the unexpected. But i can t get get over that there s a dead guy. 9. Foot structure full of mccrone.

Wow is beautiful. I m scared are we gonna have to make that all of you welcome back to sweet weeks check out that macaron tower durian. It s the first time not cooking in a elimination challenge how you feeling right now. I m relieved.

And it feels a little strange at the same time i love to cook and i love to challenge myself. But it s okay to take a breath and i m so heavy. I m taking a breath today especially with a nightmare like that continuing in sweet week. We propose a challenge that has a whole different skill set than cakes here you re talking about very technical macaroons.

We re asking a lot sherry you feel good about that i do at home. I bake between three to six batches of macarons a week. Oh my family loves macaroni. I m sherry look look down the line of the ten people who are standing facing elimination with you tactics of intimidation are often very successful in games of war sherry good job tonight.

We eliminate one more of you then we enter into the top ten please all of you put on your black aprons. Hoping it on villar exactly you know coming off that last challenge being in the bottom three. I have to prove myself i can t ride on my early success for for too long because i know that at any point in time. I could be asked to leave the kitchen and go home tonight s we go from big desserts to incredible tiny ones.

The mighty macaroons and here to ride a little more insight. We have a very very special guest one of the most prolific pastry chefs anywhere in america. She is the mastermind behind sprinkles cupcakes candace nelson all of you please welcome. Candace nelson holy crap.

It s candace nelson candace introduced me to cupcake stand that s what really spring. My whole journey as a pastry cook nine years ago. I can t believe she s gonna taste my macaroons. I m both as terrified as i am excited after all they re having you back here first of all congratulations.

Thank you lt four stores a second new restaurant and this gorgeous tower. Thank you thank you thank you looks amazing thank you so much well i hope it will prove inspiring to you on your macaron making journey. Today. Macaron is a seemingly simple cookie.

But can be surprisingly complex. There s only a few ingredients that go into one. But there are so many things that can go wrong. One tiny speckle of water in that mix one tiny speck of egg yolk in those whites.

And it s floors rice. The technique must be flawless. Now i know you re feeling a little nervous about this hour. Brats.

You do not have to make us an entire tower of macaroons. You will have 60 minutes to bake one dozen that s 12 macaroons and put them neatly and beautifully into the boxes that we have provided for you we want to see at least two unique flavors perfectly situated in your boxes. It s our tenth season. And it s time to get down to our top ten prove to us tonight that you deserve it yes.

Chef candace would you like to do the honors. Please your time. Starts. Now.

Alright. Y all. Y. all.

Got it come on super macaroon. Is one of the toughest pastries for even. An experienced professional baker measure..


Things i ve tasted them before because my wife and kids are crazy after macaroons. But if i didn t say i was nervous. I would be lying let s get to town coming through. I am going to be making almost like a play on carrot cake.

The other one is going to be i m thinking lemon blueberry. Although i don t know too much about macaroons. My culinary goal is to create an after school cooking program for the students in brooklyn. So the more techniques that i learned the more i can really show that i ve not made macaroons before but i m gonna give it a good go candice.

We re so happy to have you tonight. Obviously macaroons super difficult super technical. What s your take up we re being too ambitious with our expectations for macaroons. I d say two flavors of macarons in 60 minutes is really ambitious.

But if they ve got their technique down. They should be able to deliver exactly that michael you got it we got time for talking. This is crazy christmas soon so kind of the importance of sifting. I mean.

This is crucial at this stage to set yourself up for success. Why it really is because what you re looking for in a macaron is that smooth glossy eggshell like texture on top and really. If you have any lumps in that confectioner sugar or that almond flour. You re gonna see it in the final result this little shifting thing.

This is the most frustrating thing i think i ve ever done in my life. I want to throw this through the wall charlie s already admitted to making these things to three times. A week said we re expecting fireworks my kids love macarons. It is my two year old favorite food.

This dish is special to my family. I m really hoping that sweet wheat get. Sweeter for me guys what 10 minutes gone 15 minutes remaining. I think i m gonna do a vanilla latte with an extra shot so i may use some espresso powder and we re gonna throw in a little bit of a red and white pepper minute like a christmas macaron jamie you in his own there made macarons.

I ve never been around i ve never eaten one. But i know this macaroon has meringue when i was a little my grandma i used to make little meringue cookies for christmas. I love christmas. What can i say i m a christmas freak.

So i want to make a red christmas colored macaroon with peppermint filling come on brie you got to get moving sweetie yeah so happy i m not down there free. How you feeling i m nervous. Besides the flavors. What you re doing i am doing a chocolate mint and then the chocolate orange.

Somebody s going home last night was a tough one for you and it was so tired bounce back if anything the toughness of last night it just inspires me to not be there again that s it my girl and they are so involved in details. Which is kind of my strength. I really want to redeem myself with this challenge so i m trying to stay positive in my head good luck. Thank you they re stiff enough it s soft you wanna just a little bit more.

I m gonna be doing a raspberry chocolate and then i m gonna be doing an expresso cream. I ve never made these so i m focused like a laser right now so free looks in control chocolate mint and chocolate orange. I m delighted to taste her work. I m looking forward to those flavors and you know what the sky s the limit let s see some beautiful design on those shelves if they have time for me.

It s important that the color speaks to the flavor you eat with your eyes. So you want to have a hint as to what you re eating from the color yeah 15 minutes into it i saw the panic like the others getting ahead of it i forgot the color. What is super doing colors colors are rules the pantry. I realized everybody took the colors that i wanted probably super.

I just have to make a decision because time is the enemy right now i m getting worried turbo and get to us funny others colors your lemon and cherry will give me orange come on i could not find the right colors. But i need to improvise and catch up because if i don t get into owen on time. It ll be disaster super you good now yeah. I m good now.

I m trying to mix some colors to get the orange silver looks like the power of sugar explosion. Young decides the fight. I m making orange..


One flavor and then other one is the rose flavor. Which is my ever popular rose favors obsessed rice. What what explain i love my wife. 25 years.

You ve been married and every single birthdays every single anniversary and every single valentine s day. I have not know as soon as i put the dye into my buttercream man turns out burgundy red means purple. I got a switchgear so i can t do the peppermint because it didn t come out red. So i ll just switch gears and thank for flavoring raspberry color is not exactly the way i want it but i think it s still gonna look good for this second one.

I m moving as fast as i move those one thing. I m really worried about is anyone over folding during their macro u0000 u0000 u0000 i definitely want i have a whole list of books that you know the next few months. I ll be listening to but if you re interested in this. It s definitely a cool feature out there so some other things on the side as we go down you can go to news.

Which is gonna be you know pretty uneventful that s just your notifications with the app. When you go down. You can actually go to stats. Which is going to sort of rank you and encourage you to listen more and or read.

More or whatever you want to call it so here right here they have different ranks for you so. If you listen to like one or two hours. This is first of all i want to mention this is not my main account. I opened another account just to show you guys all the different things that you can achieve before you actually get them so if you re a newbie you can listen like one hour.

And then as you listen to more you ll be you know a novice and then a pro and they keep upgrading you and you rank up sort of not that you gain anything out of it just sort of fun to track how much you actually listen when you go over to the badge collection you can listen to or you can see different badges that you get for listening at noon or listening. While you re driving or you know different things like that and they ll give you little awards for that you can go over and track the actual listening time so here since i got my new account here on this phone is 58. Minutes. Is what i ve been listening to and then over there you have audible titles.

So i ve listened to six different titles. If we go to the recommended tab down here you ll see all these different books and as i said amazon has a very strong algorithm and they re very good at tailoring things to the user so as you scroll down. You ll see a lot of different books. That are going to be interesting to you and the more books that you read or listen to the better.

This is going to be and the more accurate. It s gonna be and it s gonna help you find more stuff so right now. I only listen to one book on here. One new book that i actually went and bought and because of that they re all just business books that are showing up so i m listening to a grant cardone book.

And then these are all gonna be just different business books that are similar to that one essentially so let s go down to the store and you can see on the android app. It s actually sorted you can go and look at so let s say for example categories. When you look at categories. This is not going to be the same as the interface on the kindle but on here.

So let s just say we go down and want to see a business book. So when you go it ll say recommended for you in business. It ll say bestsellers it ll say new releases and then down. There they have other things that are coming out that you might want to pre order.

So if i just go in and i look at the bestsellers. I can view them all and when you view all you ll see not only the title of the book. But a sample on the side you can also see the. Ratings not something.

I like a lot because you can see 20000. People rated this book and they all gave. It you know it averages 5. Stars.

So you can say that s gonna be an interesting book they also tell you the length of the book. When it was released who narrates it and who actually wrote it so sometimes that s important because you ll see like right here. The author and the narrator. The same person.

I always prefer those books because whoever wrote the book if they re able to read it to me. It just has a different effect for me now when we open up a book. You ll see some of these will have right there..


So whisper sync for voice. Ready. So. Here.

It s gonna tell you how it works. So. When you go down. You can see that it integrates between the kindle book and the actual audio.

So you can buy the kindle book you can get the audio companion and you can switch between the two if you want to read and then maybe later you want to listen where you left off and you can pick up where you left off between the two so if you guys can see right here. This is actually within the kindle it s a little tricky to record your screen with the kindle. But if you go down. You ll be able to see all these different things i showed you the washington post.

But you can also go and for example. If you want to listen to like the new york times. You can actually listen to you know different news stories. And if you go so let s open it up the new york times.

You ll see all these different titles right here and you want to listen to any story you can actually tap on it and what it is is somebody that works for audible reads. The story. So here we are on the audiobooks. App.

From audiobooks. Calm. And when we re actually going through this app. You ll see right here is the first tab featured titles.

And he s gonna be any titles. That are new releases or anything like that and as you go down and you want to look at any one of them it s gonna show up and you can swipe left and right to find similar books in the same genre or maybe from the same author sometimes they re in a series. They ll show up and you can swipe back and forth. And find similar books in a very easy swipe you know sort of like an old itunes type of way now when you re looking at these books you ll notice is also the rating on the bottom since these are relatively new books.

A lot of them only have like 10 ratings or something like that but again you re gonna see the same information on the bottom. Where it tells you the author who read it it s gonna show when it was released so you can find out how new this book actually was and then of course. How long the book is now when you want it you can either add it to your wish list. Which is very cool so you can go and you know find books you might want to read next month or the month after when you have more credits available or you can actually download it right now and it ll say do you want to buy this and it s gonna ask you if you re sure you want to purchase this book.

So let s look at the other tabs now besides featured if you go over here. You ll see brow first of all. And it s a little bit cleaner than you might find inaudible so rather than that white list. You found inaudible here.

You actually have little icons and you can scroll down. And find something that s interesting to you so mystery and thriller is what you want you can open that up and then you ll get the subcategories and as you scroll down. They also have images and you can find you know maybe you want like a legal thriller and then within there they re gonna show up all the different titles and again you ll see how long it is who wrote it who read it and how many stars it got and how many reviews. There were so this is just a great way that you can actually find i find that this is a little bit cleaner of an interface than on audible when you re trying to browse and find new books as you go down you can see my books now this is just going to be the books that you have in your library.

Right now. So i have three right now. And the reason. I have three is actually because as we go over here the next thing.

I m gonna skip a couple and go down to member deals when you go and you can actually get different deals within the within the app based on the month. So right now this month. You re able to get two for one business lessons and i was listening to business books so i can go down. And i chose these two books and i got the both of them for one credit.

So remember you get two free credits. When you sign up for this and i use one of them to get these two books. So i have three total books. Now which in my opinion is a very good deal so moving along the next thing.

That s actually really cool as my notes now. I don t have any notes left on here yet. But you can do is actually bookmark a different anywhere in in your book that you re listening and you can leave a note along with it so when you actually go in right..


Here. You can go down to the corner. And when you want to add a bookmark at a certain time you can either add you can continue listen you can add and leave a note or you can view all the bookmarks and notes. So that s just a cool feature right there and since i have this up.

I ll mention the other features of the actual player right here so you ll notice unfortunately. Unlike. Amazon s audible. You don t have the little car player mode.

So that s one drawback in my opinion. However you do have many of the other same features. So you can play you can go forward or backwards 30 seconds. And then you can also go to your sleep timer.

The sleep. Timer is slightly different here where it only has intervals of 15 minutes. And it doesn t actually allow you to you know set the end of the chapter. Or the custom.

The custom sleep. Timers you can also go and change. The play speed again that is not quite as continuous. And it s only four different options for the playback speed.

So you can actually only play faster. You can t play slower. If you re trying to ever do that lastly if you clicked a little star right here this will allow you so i m not going to do it right now. But if you click the star right there it ll allow you to review the book and rate it so that other people can decide if they want to get the same book as we go down.

You ll see my achievements cheevus is going to be very similar to amazon so i m not actually gonna go into that one too much. But it ll essentially show you you know different things it ll say you know are you a good listener and weekender and stuff like that and you ll get one two three stars for each one depending on how much you do each of them now other than that i think that this is a very similar app in a lot of ways. However some of the things that i really like about this as i pointed out were the browse feature on here. I think is a little bit cleaner.

You have little icons and it makes it easier to browse easier for your eyes. Than reading a whole giant list like that you also have my notes. Which is very convenient right there. And you also have the member deals so three different options.

There that i think are a benefit of this over amazon so guys. Which app is actually better for you i think in my opinion right now. Because there are fewer titles in audiobooks com. I m going to have to stick with audible.

I really wanted to like audiobooks calm. A little bit more than. I did they re both very similar apps. But they just don t have enough unique features out there that audible doesn t have to really beat out audible.

And make it worth it for me to go over to audiobooks. Calm. So in my opinion audible is the winner. But depending on who you are you might want the different deals they have here where you can buy books slightly differently within the audiobooks comm app.

So guys i want to know which one you actually like better if you listen to audible or if you listen to audiobooks go down in the comment section right now and let me know why you choose one or over the other if you enjoyed this video. Please remember to go down and like and subscribe. So that more people can see this video and gain the same value out of it that you did i appreciate you all watching and sticking around for the length of this video. Thank you all for watching i ll see you next time thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video.

Please be sure to click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for my most recent. Upload click right up there you got three great options guys click on any one of those and i ll see you in the next video. ” ..


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