Authentic VS Knock Off OtterBox Defender IPhone 7 Maxwell s World

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“Hello youtube here we are with a little bit of a comparison video in front front of us here. We have a pink and green otterbox defender this one here for the iphone 7 this one was one that i picked up from online off of an auction website taking a tour around the packaging. It looks identical to retail packaging. Even has otterbox calm rugged protection.

Just like what i you know found on the other cases. However. I don t know if the other one said assembled in mexico and the stickers otterbox and the iphone 7 stickers were stuck on the packaging. That s remained to be seen there maybe they rebranded it for you know english over french or to be sold in other countries.

So of course. Let s tear on end it and well see how well this here case compares to an authentic iphone 7 otterbox so if you remember from the unboxing of the other cases it came with the paperwork to all first of all i notice that there s a little bit of a difference between this case. And well the authentic case that i purchased in store. The belt clips how they look the same they both have the silver rivet in them.

As well as the clip design is the same so we ll unclip the cases from the belt clip. Our word appearance. How they look similar..


They both have the beveled edges as well as the center hole cut out and the camera hole looks like it s in the same location. When you hold them side by each and do a comparison down. They all have the volume buttons the same you know the lines in all the same locations has the up and down volume button the master silent switch. The charge ports and the speaker holes now the first thing.

I noticed on the outward appearance comparing the authentic otterbox to the one on line is it doesn t say otterbox on it and another thing. I notice the in here. It does have a design. And it says certified otterbox protection.

Where this one here there is no design and it doesn t say certified otterbox protection. So of course that s a tear on into it and see if it is the same basic construction. Same basic compounds and everything it looks like it is very very similar. I m actually if this is a copy of an otterbox.

I m actually kind of impressed most of these copies are of very poor quality. Where this one here seems to be fairly decent right here right here on the blue skinned. It says made in china..


Where this one here. There is nothing there is a dot on this one here where the blue. One doesn t have a dot in terms of rigidity test. This one might be a little stiffer.

The pink one where the blue one is a little bit softer so moving on to the plastic housing taking a tour around it it says wr box calm on the blue case where the green. One here. I doesn t have that and it says otterbox defender on the blue one where the green. One doesn t have it and of course you know the design on the inside.

So let s pop. The green one open and see what it s like on the inside. So we got the green. One popped open it came open a boat as well as the factory auto boxes do a little bit on the tight side.

But you know i d rather be tight than well leaves right so comparing me back to the front s of both of them they look identical. When you compare the cases. However of course like i said this one here doesn t have the design on it and comparing the front of both of them again..


They look identical. Except deal this one has the otterbox writing and other stuff on it where this one doesn t now i d like to say i knew when i was buying this here case from online. Obviously the price reflected the fact that it was purchased online and obviously the price would reflect that if you re getting it for that price. It s probably not an authentic otterbox now.

I m not well versed in the all that is otterbox universe. But at the same time. I ve never seen an otterbox that was pink and green every one that i ve seen in a retail location has been more like you know blues gray s blacks stuff like that that doesn t mean that they won t make you know bright vibrant colors like this all i all i know is what i see in retail locations that i have scouted on out on a scale of one to ten of course. You know ken being the best.

I probably give this case probably a good 9 and a half on outward appearance. It looks identical to an authentic otterbox except without the otterbox writing. It has everything in where she needs to go all the holes in where it needs to go as for the fitment of the phone. It looks like everything will line up based on the fact that well.

It is a copy obviously. But they ve done a very very well good job at chloe and otterbox. It has no you know slag around the edges..


No miss cuts no blemishes on the case itself the only thing that tells you that it s not an authentic otterbox is the fact that it doesn t have the writing and the designs not a hundred percent sure where the retail packaging come from it might have been a package from somebody. Else s case that they stopped penal this one into ship itano s. But right now i am impressed with this case. I would purchase another one from the auction website from the same supplier that i got this one from based on the first appearance of you know this year case of course guys.

If you are buying online be aware of what s out there be aware the cheaper you buy or pay for an item. Chances are the less authentic. It is or quality. It will be i ve had luck both ways buying from overseas from cheap suppliers and you know luck from buying authentic and the same time.

I ve had you know bad luck from buying authentic as well as buying from cheap overseas essentially the less you pay sometimes you know the less you get. But pretty much guys. This has been a little bit of a comparison of an authentic otterbox versus one that you buy off of an online website and as always thanks for watching maxwell s world comments subscribe and enjoy ” ..


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