Best affordable chair on Amazon! Kadirya Executive Office chair

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“Is the khedira executive office chair from amazon. It s a high back bonded leather leather office chair. That features a tilt function as well as flip up arms in video. I m going to show you an unboxing assembly and demonstration of this awesome chair.

So let s get right into it right on top you ll find the two arm. Rests that come with the chair. My first impression is that it s a really cool design with a very nice feeling arm pad on top here. And i really like this gray color.

A lot even though the chair is listed as black the frame of it is this really cool charcoal gray color. Which i m a huge fan of it s almost the same color as my 4runner. They also include a pair of gloves as a free gift. Which my kids love to play with the next part you ll find is the gas operated lift mechanism that lowers and raises the chair and also connects the chair to the 5 star wheel base next is the package of the nylon quiet rolling caster wheels.

This here is the heavy duty nylon wheel base this offers great stability and mobility when paired with the caster wheels. Seems very sturdy and i really like that cool grey color. This is the mechanism that you ll connect to the underside of the seat that connects to the 5 star wheel base these have the levers that will tilt or lower and raise your chair next up is the seat cushion and and inside. You ll find the directions for assembly as well as the toolkit you ll need to assemble the chair.

The materials of the cushion seem very nice..

It s a very soft bonded leather and it feels super plush. So. I think that it s going to be very comfortable. There s even these little ventilated areas to keep your legs cool underneath.

You ll find the screw holes that you ll attach the lift mechanism to and on the side here. You ll see the holes that attach to the armrests next. You ll find the backrest. Which also features a very plush design with air pockets to keep your back cool as well.

I really like the feeling of this bonded leather. It s very smooth and it feels great it even features a lumbar support for your lower back. That s already built into the back of the chair. I can tell from how thick.

It is that it s going to be very comfortable on my back. Here you can see some more screw holes that attach to the top of the armrest. This here is a brain tag that features the name of the product. Here is the instruction sheet that shows a part list as well as simple diagrams to assemble the chair first we ll start with the wheel base you re gonna grab your tool kit and the corresponding screw is an allen wrench to get started here s a close up of the wheels.

Before i assemble them they re very quiet nicely a design and very smooth rolling no loud noises from these guys so now we ll add the wheels to the five star wheel base it s very easy they simply pop right into the holes..

No force needed really i really like how smooth they roll and how quiet they are as well next. We ll add the gas operated lift mechanism. It s very simple it simply pops right into the hole next. We ll add this part to the bottom of the seat make sure the front is facing the front and add the four screws.

It s very simple tighten the bolts down very tight so that you don t run into any issues down the road once that part s installed you can connect it to the wheelbase. The instructions don t say to do this part yet however i found it s easier for when you install the armrest next you ll get the armrest and the corresponding screws and tighten them down on both sides of the bottom make sure you tighten them down. Very tight. So that they don t come loose.

Later on once you got that armrest on it s cool to move to the other side and install the other armrest make sure you tighten these screws very tight because you don t want to have any problems with these armrests later on and by later on i mean a couple of weeks months or even years from now. Now you can go ahead and attach the backrest to the armrest. This part may be a little bit tricky to do on your own. But it is possible as i did it myself.

But if you re able to get a helping hand it doesn t hurt i tightened down this side completely before i went to the other side. It might be easier to leave one side loose before trying to connect it to the other side. You might want to give that a try once you ve got all the screws tightened. You can go ahead and insert these little caps in the holes to make it look a lot better.

There s no doubt that this chair is very comfortable..

What i really like is the seat has a waterfall design. Which improves circulation in your legs. Which makes sitting for a very long time very comfortable. I really like that it has the rocking function also that you can see here.

The armrests aren t completely adjustable. Which is totally fine because they can flip up just like this if you ever just need a little bit more elbow room you can just flip them up out of the way. And then you can just flip them back down at ease. Whenever you want here i ll show you the lift and lower function of the chair.

You simply lift this lever up and it ll engage the lift mechanism to lower the chair. If you re sitting on it when you put no weight on the chair and lift it it ll raise the chair. I m a pretty big guy. I m 6 5.

240. Pounds. So i think this chair fits me pretty good the weight limit of the chair is 250 pounds. It s very comfortable for me.

And i m even sitting in it as i edit this video next..

I ll show you the rocking function. You simply flip the lever down and it will lock it into place and then you just flip it back up for when you want to use it as the rocker you can even lock it into place. While it s in the back position. I like that the armrests can be moved out of the way completely if desired the padding on the arm rests are very comfortable actually it it provides a lot of support if you put a lot of weight on your arms.

Like i do i m very happy with this chair. I like it a lot i like the color of it i like the design. I like how plush the padding is on the chair on the backrest. I like all the features that it has and i think it ll serve me for years to come they even offer a risk free 30 day and also a one year warranty against any defects.

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I ll put a link in the description. So that you can find this chair. And i amazon as well thank you guys for watching. ” .


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