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“17 was a big year for apple mostly because of the iphone hitting the big big 10 years milestone since its release but apart from the iphone 10. We ve seen quite a lot of interesting stuff from apple this year and last year in 2016. I did a best apple products of 2016 video and now in 2017 i want to do the same. But obviously with 2017 apple products so here s the best apple products in order that apple has released this year and by the way since i m actually doing you know this video around christmas.

I m actually doing a christmas giveaway even if courses might be over by the time watching this video. So i m giving away at google home mini. This is actually a smart homeless system. There s a lot of stuff you can do with this thing.

Even if you don t have any other smart home accessories. A plus home pod by the way isn t out yet and at the moment that google home is the closest thing to death. So don t really give away all you have to do is just subscribe to this channel and also make sure you re following me on my social media accounts. So that s twitter instagram and facebook.

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Some snacks. And let s take a look at the best 2017 apple products in order. So yeah enjoy okay so first things first a number eight. We have the apple home pod.

So this was something that they announced in june back in june. And it was supposed to come in november december. Time. But unfortunately.

It was delayed up until 2018 for some reason essentially the home pod is a smart speaker. That apple made in order to compete with that will home or the amazons echo with alexa support over instead of apple relying on the smart assistant parts like google and amazon. Did apple aside to focus more on the music side of things. So.

The home pod is mostly a speaker and then a home a smart home assistant and not the other way around. However in the meantime. Google has actually announced their google home max their version of apple s home pod. So something that is mostly focused on the music side of things and that will help max is significantly more powerful sound output wise than the apple home pod and same goes when it comes to the ai.

Google s assistant is for head of siri when it comes to voice recognition and conductor awareness. So at the moment apples. Home pod is significantly. Behind.

The google home macs and the home pod hasn t even been released yet next up number seven. We have the apple watch series three. So i did a separate in the preview on this on the apple. Watch series 3.

So definitely check it out if you want to know everything you need to know about the new apple. Watch series 3 with lte support. But yeah long story short this was apple s first apple watch to support lte. So you can finally use your apple watch and still get emails messages even phone calls directly on your watch without a need to take your iphone with you and all of this sounds.

You know it sounds great over there were a few issues with a serious tree reason why you know it s only at number 7 on this list. So first off you had to actually buy a separate mobile phone plan in order to get lte on your apple watch which can be fairly expensive depending on the carrier and then the battery life when you using lte was pretty bad. It wasn t great you could only get one hour of talktime on lte that s from zero from 100 to zero..


So yeah those not great and overall. It was more expensive than the series 2 and apart from a faster processor and siri being able to talk back. Which was pretty cool. But you know that that needed there were no improvements to the series 3 in fact.

I didn t even get a series 3 for myself. I m still using the series 2 by the way and i m a huge apple watch fan. I have like 10 plus different bands. I also got both the series 0 and the series 2.

I loved my apple watch a lot. But i didn t see a reason to upgrade to the series 3 at all then number 6. We have the 2017 macbook pros so actually happen to have one of these but that s not because i got one myself. But because my 2016 merit pro.

Had so many issues that after three replacements apple ended up giving me. A 2017 model. Which actually fixed all of my problems by the way. I had so many issues with broken speakers keyboard issues.

Gpu issues casing issues. The casing basically popped. Like randomly hinge issues. And many many more.

I made a separate video about that by the way. Things that apple doesn t tell you about the macbook pro definitely check out that video. It s really really interesting. But yeah overall this is the 2017 macbook pro and overall the 2017 macbook pros were improved versions of the 2016 models.

When it came to the overall build quality the keyboard issues were overall resolved with the tween 70 models and then we also got cable eight processors. Which resulted in improved battery life along with slightly faster radeon 560 pro graphics in the 15 inch models from the 460 pro which were about 5 faster than the 460 so not a major improvement. But something that s always welcome as well and the flash storage speed was also improved from. 28 gigabytes per second to even faster 32.

Gigabytes per second. Which is crazy. However by the way. Did you know that with mac.

Os high sierra and the new ap fs file system. If you use for vault and encrypt or. Drive you can you won t be seeing speeds any faster than around. 22 to 24.

Gigabytes per second. So in case. You re seeing slower speeds or high sierra and efi revolt turned on that s why but probably the most unexpected thing about the 2017 macbook was the date when they were actually released so they came out only around 6 months after the 2016 models. Came out which was very surprising.

No one was expecting this this early so this was weird is something that apple usually never does and we ve seen it first with 2017 models. And he s got a lot of people including myself really disappointed you know because they just got a new model and like a few months after the new orlean just came out and at number 5. We have the apple tv 4k so same as woody apple. Watch series 3.

I ve also done an interview among with the top things you didn t know about the apple tv 4k. So definitely check those videos out if you don t know more about this apple tv 4k. But long story short..


This is apple s first apple tv that finally supports 4k output. Not only that but also supports both hd. Arctan and dolby vision as well when it comes to hdr standards. But something that s very interesting about this apple tv is that it actually comes with the apple a 10x processor.

Which is the same cpu found in the 2017 ipad pros. Which apple claims that these are more powerful than most laptops out there. Which is actually true when it comes to the actual raw performance of this thing. And also guess.

What the apple tv 4k also has a dedicated cpu fan. So you can cool down the 8 and x. When it needs to you and yes. Because of that it s even faster than an ipad.

Pro 2017. How crazy is that over the fact that it doesn t support 4k video on youtube is pretty disappointing at least not at a moment and this is one of the main reasons. Why this is only at number 5. Only on its list.

Then at number 4. We have the brand new 2017 imax. So these actually still feature the same 2012. Imac design.

So no design changes here. But our formants wise. This is a pretty big change pretty big upgrade over to 2015 imac that this is actually known that i still have by the way so with the radeon 580 and the new amd flowers. Architecture.

The gpu is more than twice the performance of the old r9m 395 x. Gpu that we have in the 2015 models to top of the line 2015 models the cpu is also a cabbie lake subpoena subtable lake architecture up from sky lake. But honestly the biggest improvement like i said is when it comes to the gpu on top of that we also get that insanely fast flash storage up to three point two gigabytes per second. Which is actually up from one point.

Eight gigabytes per second. So. That s a massive speed increase among with two thunderbolt 3 ports for the first time and an imac we got these into 2016. Macbook pros then we finally have those in the imx as well so overall.

The 2017 imx were a very solid upgrade from the 2015 ones. Now. Number. Three we have the 2017.

Ipad pro s more specifically the ipad pro 105. Inches. So this was an upgrade for the nine point seven inch model. And this is actually the first time since the introduction of the original ipad back in 2010.

When we ve actually seen a screen size increase on the nine point seven inches. So we get a 20 larger display. But what s great about this new ipad is the new promotion functionalities. So this display has a 120 hertz refresh rate.

Which essentially means that everything you do is twice more fluid than any standard. 60 hertz display panel or monitor out there. I mean honestly you have to test this out in person..


And see how fluid everything is but i think think of a piece of paper. When you when you re sliding a piece of paper on a table. How fluid is that when you compare it to your own smartphone or your computer. It s significantly more fluid.

The ipad pro is really close to death it s not as fluid as sliding a piece of paper on the table. But it s really really close to doing that but over that we also got the iphone. 7s camera and also the apple a 10 x processor. Which i mentioned before it was in the apple tv 4k.

But this is apple s the most powerful processor. Still when it comes to the gpu. So yes. The tipu performance is even higher than on an iphone 10.

What do you play. 11 chip and by the way call me a complete. Idiot but i just got a 105 inches ipad. Pro like a few days ago six months after it s being released.

This is my you know latest apple product purchase after it yeah. Oh really so i ll make a separate in the review on this ipad. If you want to know more about that definitely hit that like button. I ll be doing that video in early january.

But i really wanted something that was very portable and i can use as a laptop replacement when i need to you and honestly. I wasn t expecting the ipad pro to be able to do this i mostly got this as an experiment since i ll be traveling for the holidays. But wow. This is this can be definitely 90.

If not even more of everything that i can do on my computer. Apart from video editing of course. So i can do everything on this really small and portable device. It s really fast.

It s crazy fluid. I love it i love it way more than i was expecting to so yeah really really good advice in 2017 you have okay number. Two. What do we have a number two it s something that apple introduced this year.

And it was the second biggest thing that apple introduced and that s obviously the imac pro so this was actually released about a week ago. And yeah mac pro is essentially a mac pro just in an imac form factor. So we get intel xeon processors up to 18 cores. Which is crazy and then also up to 128 gigabytes of ecc memory.

Which is even crazier and now they re not even to mention the four terabytes of insanely fast three points. You get per second flat storage for thunderbolt 3 ports 1 10. Gigabit per second ethernet ports and then when it comes to graphics were getting the vegas 64 graphics. With 16 gigabytes of hbm to memory this thing is incredibly powerful in fact.

If you max it out it s going to cost you thirteen thousand five hundred pounds essentially the price of a car freely. But fun fact if you build a pc with similar parts you re actually going to get two around the same price. And that s without the amazing 5k modern the dynamic pro comes built in with so. It s actually a pretty good deal you could say it s crazy powerful.

If you need that much performance i don t know maybe for doing 3d modeling maybe but yeah it s a crazy powerful machine crazy expensive i would love to have one. But you know it s not getting one waiting for the mac pro by the way and finally at number one you were all probably expecting this i mean you know come on it s obvious. Which one it is which one is number one it s obviously apple s biggest release for 2018 and that s of course the brand new iphone 8..


So what s really cool about the iphone. 8 is that it comes with the exact same design as in 2014. That s the same 2014 design as on the iphone 6. It s something familiar and then it also comes with a glass back so that s good because it s easier to crack if you need to do that and then also what s really cool about this is that a really sharp 720p display while 768 p.

So it s actually higher than 720p along with there was very very thick bezels so it s nice because you have something something pretty thick to grab on no. I m obviously that was the joking. The only don t leave yet number one we have of course the iphone 10 and there s not much to say about the iphone 10 apart from what i ve already mentioned my in the review of the iphone. 10 is in the works by the way i ve done i ve done an interview on the iphone 8 on the iphone 8 plus so in case you want to check those out the link for those in the description.

But i m actually leaving on holiday. Pretty soon actually i m already on holiday by the time watching this video and the iphone 10 the f lintel review is something that i really don t want to rush. I want to make it really detailed much more detailed than my usual enough reviews. Which are already really detailed so i want to take my time and focus on the quality.

So don s coming out in january. But yeah long story short this is the iphone that we ve all been waiting for i ve been waiting for this for so so many years now so i started my mixer work series on the iphone 8 which was the name we re all expecting jeff wanted to have back in august 2016. More than a year before the iphone tens release and i probably made around 30. If not more episodes on on this so when i finally got it in my hand.

I was i was amazed by how good and how amazing the display was and also by how well faced id worked so that was actually my first impressions video and as a quick review well there s not much that i don t love about this phone. Probably my only complaints would be the display sighs. I really wish this was the display was a tiny bit larger maybe six point one to six point two inches. If not more since the form factor is very very small so that s good but i just wish the display was larger and then also the fact that apple doesn t include a fast charger in the box.

Considering especially considering how expensive. This thing is and you have to buy one separately this is really disappointing. But or in that it s an outstanding device. It s definitely worth of worthy of the iphone tenth title to celebrate ten years in the original iphones release.

Oh yeah. There we go my top best apple products of 2017. Let. Me.

Know. The comments. Which ones burger. Top.

Let s say top 300 products of 2017. And also feel free to check out my last year s 2016. Best apple products and 2016. Worst apple product.

They really some really interesting stuff from 2016. Which wasn t that great by weight so check those videos out if you wanna know more about you know cool stuff also if you want to see more. Cool tech videos then subscribe to the channel and also new multiplications by tapping on on bow icon. So that you get notified as soon as a brand new video comes out and all right dad don t forget about a giveaway by the way a cool.

How many giveaway. The details for that are in description box down below and are in that just being pretty much it. So i m daniel thank you for watching and making it until this point of this video again. I m daniel and i ll see you guys in my next.

One stead of tech signing out cheers. ” ..

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