Best Cases for the Rose Gold iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

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“And welcome to this video showcasing nthe best cases for your new rose gold iphone. Iphone. 6s or 6s plus first up. We have the white lace case from nolixar elegant and traditional design.

Sits beautifully over the top your rose gold niphone creating a stylish modern twist on a classic pattern. The transparent sections nallow the rose gold colouring to shine through. While the plain finish of the iphone s back nprovides the room for the lace pattern to breathe. The pattern also provides extra grip non your device making dropping your precious new iphone.

Less likely. The case is extremely slim and fits like a nglove equipping your rose gold iphone with luxurious style and good general protection nwithout taking away from the look and feel of the device next up is the uag maverick case with the nperfect blend of tough protection and superb style..

The uag beefs up the look of your new nrose gold iphone. Without detracting from the core essence of it s new colour the the nfaint honeycomb pattern brushed metal logo screw inserts and rubber bumpers combine with nthe clear back to frame the plain rose gold finish creating a tough yet extremely stylish nfinish protection wise. This case is brilliant. It s nextremely rugged and tough design has been military drop tested for your peace of mind.

Nwhile. The raised bezel provides great protection for your screen. When placed on a flat surface. Now we shall be looking at the frost white nflexishield from olixar.

This case provides a slightly different take on the clear backed ndesign that dominate this line upthe frosting allows. The rose gold colouring to shine through nbut adds..

So much more to the overall feel that the standard block colour would bring non. It s own the case is very thin and easy to fit making nit. An ideal everyday case perfect from protection against light scuffs and scrapes next on the line up is the moshi sensecover nsmart folio case available in a range of colours including this delightfully pink option nthe sensecover allows you to style and geek up your phone with one premium case. The pink noptions sits perfectly with the rose gold finish of the iphone 6s or 6s.

Plus. Showcasing nthe phone s unique new colour. Via the apple logo cut out on the back. Packed with smart.

Features. The case gives nyou the ability to check the time..

Answer and reject incoming calls with a simple swipe nthe case. Also features a magnetic closure system. Securing your phone at all times. And na.

Handy. Viewing stand function. That provides you with a sturdy platform for viewing media non. The go or at home finally we have the bling.

My thing pink mix ncase a perfect companion for your new rose gold iphone. The bling..

My thing pink mix case nprovides you with tough snap on protection and added style made with silver pink and nrose gold swarovski crystals. This is so much more than your standard polycarbonate case nindividually placed into a stylish s wave. The bling. My thing case allows the rose gold nfinish to shine through whilst enhancing it with a touch of sparkle for more information on the cases featured nwithin this line up please head over to mobile.

” ..

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