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“The iphone 6 being such a slippery phone you definitely have to have a case case on your phone as you can see this aluminium type of thing. It s it s not grippy enough. And you really have to have a case on your phone and if you drop your phone. It s just not going to be protected with this i m going to go through a bunch of different cases here.

I m going to review. Which ones. I think i like the best which ones. I would recommend which ones i probably wouldn t recommend and i want you guys to leave your comments below and tell me what type of cases you like and we ll go from there here we go the first case.

I m going to show you guys is just a very cheap clear plastic case. I picked this up on ebay it costs no more than two dollars with free shipping from china probably. But it s actually something of a minimalist case so a lot of people just don t want a case on their phone at all. But i got this case just because when there is times.

When i just don t want to have a case in my phone. But i still want protection. I go with something like this it s a very simple snap in type of case and as you can see it s just a clear backing they re very minimum that are having a case on your phone than not having a case on your phone. And if you re going to be one of those people that are just really fussy about cases.

This is a way to go where you can still not look like you have a case on your phone. But you do so very minimal you can see lip wise. It doesn t cover much i know i should have stayed at the beginning. But my phone does have a glass screen protector on it i m going to kind of give you guys a close up here don t know if you can actually see the outlining of my glass there.

But that s something i would always recommend is having that screen protector on your phone regardless of what case you have anyways but you can see this barely does cover the lip of your phone. And it s got all the openings on the bottom here. And yeah just a very minimalist type of case it s a bit tricky to get off you kind of have to run your nails along the side just to kind of pull it off not too bad. But one thing i can tell you is when you do use these type of cases over time they will get kind of scratched up and stuff.

But honestly they re so cheap. I would order a couple of them from china. When you do order them and and get yourself protected and if you don t want a case. This is the way to go because this will give you that action and will be minimized.

The next case. I m going to show you is the boo tech carbon case. Now. This is an actual case.

That s made out of a official kevlar material. It s very very thin and very very light it s it s probably even lighter than the plastic type of case that i showed you it s super thin and yeah. It s another just a minimalist type of case but then giving a little bit more feel as far as going on the phone. Very simple one side one side and there you go as you can see it doesn t kind of cover that lip around the phone.

So when you put your phone down. It is going to probably smash on your glass. If you don t have a proper screen protector on and it also doesn t protect the edges and sides and stuff very well but you can see this is again another minimalist type of case for people who want to keep the thinness of their phone so you can see all the buttons and even your sim card tray it s fully exposed and you can see on the back it does show that nice apple logo your camera. It does kind of it s very flat there so your camera is going to be able to your kids will be able to sit on the ground and your camera s not going to fully get pressurized or anything on there so again a very minimalist type of case again i do like this type of case if i don t want to kind of have a case on my phone or i want to keep my phone.

Thin. And i still want to have a case on it this is the way to go in it. And i do like this this material is really nice feeling. It s very light it s very thin.

So there you go so. The eotech carbon case and i m going to be posting links down below for all these cases as well guys so if you want to click on some link you can check out these cases. And more detail as well right the next case. We have here is the case mate glam case.


And obviously. This is going to be one more for the ladies and it s a nice thick type of case as far as giving protection. It protects all the way around disclaimer here this one is actually my wife s old case. Which she dropped and as you can see it did crack.

And she loved this case. So much that we actually ordered another one for her so she has case on her iphone 6 right now and so i m going to show you her older broken one it s not that broken we have kept it. But it s a two piece type of case so what it will do is it will snap apart just like that we ll just kind of rest right in there nicely. It s it s nicely padded inside.

Actually i ll show you that first so it s got this really nice padded material inside to protect your phone. And so that just pushes in and then this will just kind of click all over top of your phone. And it will fully protect. It now obviously because like i said this one is a little bit broken because my wife is using your real one.

It s not going to fully clip in there. But as you can see you can kind of get the idea it does give that bottom protection. All the way around 360 buttons are nice. It s got full exposure.

It looks nice obviously. I m going to probably say this suits. The gold iphone a bit better just because of this champagne color. That this is made in i believe it does come in a few different colors as well and also the sparkle.

I know a lot of people probably wondering is the sparkle is not going to fall off or not going to get caught or anything. Because it s actually kind of like a laminated plastic on top of the actual sparkle. So it just feels very flat in the back. So so.

There you have it your case. Mate glam case. Like i said probably more for the ladies. But it is a very nice case indeed and the next case we have is the apple om leather case for the iphone 6 and this is i m going to have to say i probably use this case the most on my iphone 6 and my 6 plus.

I ve got the same one the reason why is the feel of it it s just it s grippy. It feels really nice it feels like a premium quality case. It doesn t offer probably the best protection. The one thing i really missed on the iphone 5s case that they made the leather black oem.

One is it did cover all the way around whereas this one does have the opening on the bottom will just slip it into the iphone 6 here just kind of presses in very very easily it does offer a slight lip. Which is nice so when you put your phone down. It is protected and i said just a few of the cases. It s a very quality feeling case it looks nice it s perfect fit obviously because it s made by apple.

It s really easy to use all the switches the buttons they re fully covered. But there s indentation for them. And as you can see like i said. It s a little bit disappointing that the bottom is not fully covered.

But i guess with all the openings and stuff like that they would have it would be really strong if they made it not open. They d have to have all these ports and stuff like that it would probably wear out a bit faster. So that s what i m going to assume the reason. Why they didn t fully cover it on the bottom.

But like i said i probably use this case on my iphone 6 and 6 plus. The most just cuz. It s just a really nice feeling case and i like the original oem type of cases that come out from manufacturers. So there you have it on this one and the next case.


We have is the case mate naked tough case and this is a nice little case because it does give kind of a minimalist effect. But it also does fully protect your phone around the edges. You could probably see i have used this case. Quite a bit you can see that the colour is kind of fading around the edges.

So it does get dirty when you use it over time out of the box. It is very clean and clear. But yeah i mean that s the sad part about these clear cases and the gel kisses is they do get dirtied over time. But this is a really nice case nonetheless.

I m going to first you essentially just put this kind of lip around bumper around the phone and then you would just line it up and just press. It right in right there so it s easy to put on like i said. It s good because it does offer that full 360 protection around the edges. It does give a nice lip on your phone.

So that will protect your face your phone and the nice thing i do actually really like about all the case mate type of cases is the casement cases have this this button that they put on and which it perfectly lines up with your phone. It just makes it very very easy to press these buttons probably more than any case that you ever use. I know a lot of cases. They kind of just put something over top of it or it s or it s really hard to press.

But case mate nonetheless does make their their case is very easy to press. The side buttons so as you can see that clear backing on there very nice so it does show through your iphone and shows it off. But there have it the case make it tough case. A nice kind of in between case between minimalist and between protection in the next case.

We have is the tech21 impact technology case. Now this is a gel skin case. And i know i m not a huge fan of gel skin cases. But this one i definitely give credit to because it does offer quite a bit of drop protection.

So around the casing. It s got like a like a reinforced gel edging. The back of its kind of like a just a regular grippy. It s got some sort of texture on the inside.

But it s it s they called algae kiss. It s a case that you can use that s a minimalist case. But does offer higher the normal standards for drop protection. Because of these reinforced gel edges will put it right into the phone here just snaps in very very easy to put on it does come in a number of different colors.

I pick the white one just because i do have a white silver iphone 6 and i do believe it matches very nicely and there you go so it does offer a little bit thicker around the edges. So if i want thin probably not the best one to have it s still quite thin. But it s it s it makes the phone wider and makes it longer so i m not the greatest in that aspect. But if you want that draw protection and it does look quite nice.

I like how it matches my phone. Very nicely. But there you have it we ll go around buttons. Oh yeah.

The buttons are a little bit hard to press on the lock button. The volume buttons are a little bit easier. I wouldn t say hard. But it s it s you have to press a little bit firmer on there and you can see the nice back of this case as well and the bottom does have protection for the ports.

But also they are exposed nicely so tech21 impact nology case quite a nice loan i have used this one on my phone for a couple weeks as well because i do switch out my cases quite often. But there you have it and the next case. We have is the lhasa wireless x. Armored case.


This is going to be to the next level of protection as far as cases as you can see i ve kind of gone in the trend of minimalist to better protection. So this one s probably going to be on par with like say. An otterbox commuter. Which is kind of a thinner but durable case so we will just put it into the phone.

I just like to put it in that way i know you can take off the silver part and then wrap your phone around the black part it s kind of like a hard rubber plastic type of material the nice thing about this case is the edging it s very very nice bumpered edges for protection. So this is going to give you a mid to high level protection as far as the dropping goes. It does add some bulk to it not a lot of bulk. But that s that s kind of what you have to expect with this type of protection of a case you can see that it does give that nice lip protection on there so.

When you put it down you re nice and protected and you can see the buttons actually quite easy to use the volume buttons power button is going to be a little bit harder to use typical of cases with the covered buttons on there. It is that your volume switch in there. It s a little bit indented. So you kind of have to get your nail in there to turn that on and off and on the back.

You can see your camera. It s going to be fully protected. It s fully down and indented into there. But the not a bad case.

Nice case um for my personal preference probably too thick because i do like the thinner type of cases. But for people who don t mind and want to have that protection. Yeah. It s a good case good little case.

So it allows a wireless x armor case. And i ll leave the link again down below for that case as well alright guys and here s an interesting one we have the rhino shield bumper case so it s not actually a full case if we pick it up here. It s just a bumper. It s not an actual case itself.

But this will probably offer more protection than any other the previous cases that have actually shown you so far. The reason. Why is just it s got this really nice bumper material that gives it like an extreme drop protection. I i would probably recommend just going up on youtube and looking at some of the different drop test videos that people have put onto here and they ll they ll kind of show you there so there s one video where someone drops their iphone 6 about 15 feet down slo mo camera and this fully protects it so will actually throw it onto the phone just so i can show you oops series getting activated there but a very thin type of obviously because your phone is quite thin right there but it does give a really really big bumper edge onto it and that s what gives it that drop protection.

So you can see if you drop your phone on on all these edges. It just bursts as the the drop around the edge of the case and it will actually protect your phone buttons very easy actually to use on this which is one thing i do like about it as well and you can see right there you kind of have to get your nail in there to get that switched. But that s typical of the thicker type of cases so there you go i mean definitely check this case out it s something some sort of a minimus with extreme drop protection type of case. I would say being those bumpers for me i m probably say i m not gonna be a user of this case.

The reason. Why is because i want to keep my phone mint and it doesn t have anything to protect the back of the case. Unless you get like a back glass. Screen protector or something like that but then if you re switching cases periodically that s going to add that bulk on there.

And it might not fit properly with different cases. So. There you have it that s your rhino case bumper case actually and only billing for that one below as well and last. But definitely not least is the lifeproof fre case for the iphone 6 besides my other case that i use the one that i showed you previously this is probably second most used case just because it offers far superior protection.

It keeps a nice thinness to your phone and it also adds waterproofing to your phone. So you can literally go swimming with this case you can take underwater pictures with this case. It s just going to be the ultimate for protection. If you go on vacation or if you re going up to the lake or whatnot.

And you want the far superior protection. This is the case to go so we will open it up now. I do recommend it like to open the case up is just like a coin or something. And you just kind of twist that little right in there.


But i m going to go ahead and just use my nail and just pull it apart on the inside of the case. If you see this around the edging right there sometimes it will kind of peel out. But you want to make sure you push it back in because that s your waterproof seal on your actual case and on the inside you can see it s got a screen protector built right into it it still works with the glass screen protector that i do have in my phone. So if you do have a screen protector already on your phone you can keep it on there.

But we ll go ahead and we ll put it it put the phone into it so i like to go bottom first and then just push firmly down. It will kind of snap in a little bit. And it does stay in there nicely and then you want to take that and you just want to make sure you press. All the way around and you have full click all the way around make sure obviously no edges are open because that s going to wreck your waterproofing this right here will allow you to open it up and charge.

It and this does have a waterproofing material in here as well so that will snap closed and as you can see it s full working capabilities of your phone. It does have covers for all your buttons and switches. Even your actual mutes on and off switch right there that one works quite well your buttons a little bit firmer obviously. But they do work quite well touch id does have a cover over top of it.

But it still works perfectly fine you can see even with my index finger that right there it quickly unlocked not a problem whatsoever and on the backing. It does show that logo does have the covering right. There. And also if you re wondering what this piece rake.

Here is if you actually twist this right here and this will stay attached. But you can actually plug your headphones right into. There your your stock headphones in the box will fit in there. No problems it does include a little adapter.

Which you can screw in here. If you have like beats or something with a thicker tip on it that won t fit into this port. And you want to still use your case. The one thing.

I can tell you is well when you use speakerphone. It s it s it might get a little bit muffled with speakerphone because of all the coverings on here. What i tend to do when i m on speakerphone is just opening this piece up right here. You don t have to but it does make it sound a little bit better and also when you re playing music just through your speaker.

It will actually use this part to emit sound. Better. So. When you actually put your case on the ground.

Just like there and you play music. It will emit the sound a little bit more out of that area right. There the way that it channels. The sound up so there you have it that s your lifeproof fre case for the iphone 6 probably one of my favorite cases and yeah.

We re going to go ahead and officially say that i ll bring the other case. Right here. So my two favorite cases out of all the ones that i ve shown you the apple om leather case gives a good protection as far as a minimalist gives it really nice feel. And then the ultimate the lifeproof fre waterproof casing.

Which gives it the ultimate for protection. I can take on your water pictures. I can throw my phone around i don t have to worry about it so those are my two favorites obviously. Everyone s going to have a different opinion on what their favorite cases are please leave in the comments below let me know what you guys think and which case.

You liked the best or which case you want to see a review of and i might have a review of that case coming up in the future. But thanks a lot throw me a like if you appreciated my video and if you haven t subscribed subscribe me already and i ll see you guys in my next video thanks a lot for watching have a good afternoon. ” ..


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