Best Quality Build Weapon: Dark souls 3 Weapon Guide

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“Everyone m. Tosh here and i wanted to showcase the best quality build weapon in in the game. This thing out scales. Even the claymore which is a popular dark quality build weapon and if you have no idea.

What i m talking about a quality build is something that scales well with strength and defense and this weapon is the basic ass long sword. That you can start the game with yep that s right i have tested multiple weapons. I ve played through the game two or three times now and this is the best one. I can find it scales the best.

It has great base damage and the moveset is pretty damn good now the long sword is easy to get you can start with it. If you do the night class at the beginning of the game..

Or you can buy it from this little rat look and muhfucka. If you would like as well. It s relatively cheap. But it doesn t start out too too good it starts off with dd scaling.

Which isn t amazing. If you want some reference look at this one. This one has a scaling and even though i have 45 strengths and 40 dexterity. Which is relatively high.

I m only getting 18 bonus damage when you look at the longsword 10. I ve got a refined gem on there be be scaling gives me 236 bonus damage..

That is quite a bit so. The long start sorry. The longest sword will start out with dd scaling once you level it up to level 7. Using the titanite shards.

Which you ll acquire throughout the game. It ll start getting better and better scaling once you get up to level 7. I believe it turns to cc scaling. Then you can go to the blacksmith.

And used a refined gem. A refined gem will boost the strength and dexterity scaling on the weapon..

Pushing it all the way to bb. This thing kicks the shit out of endgame enemies and bosses. I don t want to spoil anything for you so i m not going to show you the moveset is fantastic. It s easy to use it s got quick attacks.

It s got some good reach with the stab and slash attacks. And it s even got a nice little lunging attack. Here this one catches a lot of players off guard in pvp. It s an all around fantastic weapon.

I did my first playthrough with the claymore my second playthrough with this thing and this was way better overall for most engagements simply because the quick agile attacks and the high overall damage. If you you know equipped your character properly you can get into the 400 plus damage range..

Very quickly. I m talking mid game you re going to be already dishing out a ton of damage easily dispatching enemies and pvp players alike thanks for watching the video hopefully enjoyed and if you re curious where to find the claymore in dark souls. 3. Which is another fantastic weapon.

I suggest you click this terrible s thumbnail screen thing whatever that fuck it is anyways see you soon my ” ..

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