Best Rugged Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019

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“I m gonna show you a quick video on three different rugged cases for the the samsung galaxy. Tab a 101. 2019 version and i ll leave a link in description below with current pricing. And more information so the first one we re gonna look at is the poetic turtle skin case.

So this case does come in four different colors black blue green and purple. Although purple looks like magenta or pink. Wow. This one definitely has an interesting smell to it and you can see why they call this one turtle skin my back sorta looks like a turtle shell.

So this is basically a real thick. Flexible tpu material. You can see this thing has a super thick bezel. All the way around the edge.

So it s really up to you whether you want to put a screen protector on this you can easily put this thing face down. And it s not even gonna come close to touching the screen. You can see here. The power and volume buttons are covered up and they both work perfectly these are super easy to use.

I ve used a case from this company in the past and i really like the quality of their cases. You can see at the top. There is an opening for the microphone and headphone jack. And it also has a knob to go around the front facing camera.

The cool thing is this case will redirect your speakers that come out the bottom..

And it sort of curves the sound towards the front of the device. So it should actually sound better in this case. Then with no case. The one thing.

I m not sure about is on every corner. There s these little holes. I have no idea what those are for and then on the back you ve got a nice cutout for the rear facing camera. And you can just see the word poetic and the logo up top.

It s just a really nice and subtle in its etched in you can barely even tell us there and even though the edges are rather large it s still pretty easy to get to everything and it doesn t really get in your way or cause any issues. So my first impressions of the poetic turtle skin case. If you re wanting something you can just throw on the ground. When you re done with it then yeah you ll definitely want this case.

So now we re gonna look at the poetic revolution case and this one is black. I don t believe they have any other colors as of right now. But let s go ahead and open it up and see what we ve got so this does come with a thank you card and just general instructions on how to install this which i don t think we re gonna need okay so this is sort of what i was expecting from poetic. It s got a nice hard plastic on the back a built in kickstand and then around the edges.

You can see there is a hard tpu material. That s gonna help with giving grip and drop protection and you can see on the front. It does have a built in screen protector. But with this style of case.

It is fairly easy just to pop this screen out..

And you can buy like a tempered glass screen protector in case. You don t like the built in one. So they do make a little notch here on the corner in order to get this case. Apart once you get that corner separated.

It s a lot easier to start working away around the edges. And then once you snap the screen protector on to the tablet. It makes it a lot easier to just snap it in to the rest of the. Case and you can see the ports are lined up perfectly for the 35 millimeter.

Headphone. Jack and then along the bottom for the charging port and pretty accurate cutouts for the speakers and you can see it s super thick here on the back so it s definitely gonna protect that rear camera and the cutout for the front facing camera is pretty accurate as well. And it also has a nice cutout for the microphone and the power button works really good on this. And it looks like the volume buttons work really good on this.

I think the only thing they could do to make them slightly. Better is add a little bit more texture or make them stick out just a hair more. And even though you would think this type of screen protector would sort of get in the way when operating the tablet. It actually works just fine and you don t really notice that it s there and you can see around the corners.

It s got really thick tpu material. Which is gonna help if you do drop this tablet. And you can see on the back. It just has poetic and revolution pretty subtle so it blends right in with the rest of the case.

So this is yet another good case by poetic they re not really a well known brand..

But i really like the quality of their cases. So the next case is by pro case. So let s go ahead and open it up and see what we ve got so this one comes with a thank you card installation guide and this one also comes with a strap that you can connect to it and as you can see these little clips on the corners. You can t take these off.

If you re not gonna use the strap. Okay. So this one is a little bit different material. It does have the hard plastic for the back.

But around the edges instead of tpu. It s sort of a rubbery softer silicone material. Where the poetic is more of a hard tpu material. Which you can see just how flexible this is and then the nice thing is you ve got a rotating hand grip where it attaches to your hand with this velcro strap.

And it does look like it s adjustable depending on your hand size. So i definitely like that feature so this one just has a plastic piece that goes over the screen. It does not have a built in screen protector. But you can always get a tempered glass.

One online in case. You need it this one is definitely a little bit trickier to put together just because the silicone keeps moving around okay. So the power button actually works really good on this one just because it s that silicone material. And the buttons.

Do stick out quite a bit okay same thing for the volume buttons..

They work really good thanks to that soft silicone material and then you can also see how thick this case is if you look around the camera on the back. It s gonna protect that no problem. Whatsoever you ve also got a flat for the 35 millimeter. Headphone.

Jack a cutout for the microphone. A nice cutout for the front facing camera. Now you got some holes through the hard plastic for the speakers. And you have a silicone flap for the usbc charging port.

So this one has a built in kickstand. But obviously not quite as convenient as the poetic revolution. Because you have the velcro strap in the way. Although i guess it does work with the velcro straps still on there the only thing to keep in mind with a silicone case.

It s gonna be a dust and dirt magnet. So if you re looking for a heavy duty case. I think these three are probably your best choices right now. So if you ve made it this far into the video you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don t forget to give a thumbs up if this video was helpful.

This is brian from fishby productions. Thanks for watching and i ll see you on the next one ” ..

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