Best strategy games to play in 2019

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“Generals unite. We re maxing out our build queue with the best strategy games you you can play right now in 2019 strategy gaming. It s literally the thinking persons the only reflex heavy twitch gaming here is hitting the skip button when the red alert series tries to get you to watch one of its indescribable cutscenes. Know instead of trigger happy action.

The strategy landscape is a place where the player can lay out plans and watch them come to fruition over time maturing like an oak smoked paul rudd is 50 you know this is a genre where responsibility over hundreds of lives is commonplace and mistakes have biblical body counts 20 19 is proving especially fertile ground for this left mouse button enthusiasts genre of choice serving up not just big budget propositions but retro in these early access projects went into playable territory and not one but two prehistoric rts games. Nothing could sell this video harder than that fact so let s get on with it the best strategy games to play in 2019 into. The breach is a turn based strategy condensed into its most simplified. And most potent form each fight plays out in just five turns on an 8×8 grid.

And you re placed in charge of three mechs. A deceptively simple setup for it turns out to be one of the most deep and brain melting strategies of recent times. There s a pretty decent story lurking beneath the pixilated grids and mega. Satisfying kill animations which probably isn t an easy thing to pull off when the basic premise boils down to yet another alien invasion pesky veck back back or i ll well.

I ll spend a bit more time upgrading my mechs and just have another go at it how do you like that complex. Challenging and always making is limited pixels work their hardest to blanket you in retro strategy aesthetics into the breach is one for genre aficionados what happens when you put steampunk in the freezer. The answer is obviously frost punk and we ll move straight in to how well it blends forex and city builder. Games.

Before you ve had a chance to stop and think about how truly terrible that joke was in its own imagined alternate reality climate change really works in number in the planet in victorian times plunging is all into another ice age. The message might be scarily resonant now. But it s not all doom and gloom just look at how nice that totally ruined world looks here with your crude torches lighting. Ramshackle settlements silver linings and alas as you send your devoted task force out to forage for cold and wood.

You re not trying to exert power. But instead hoping to ensure humanity s survival. Which is a nice twist among many nice twists in this game..


Speaking of shout out to the surprisingly deep story once again. We were just here to click on things and yet frost bunk. Thought our hearts perhaps you ve never stopped playing age of empires in the intervening years between its release in 1997. And a definitive edition in 2018.

And if that s true. Honestly. I. Applaud you applaud and hope to never meet you in a multiplayer match for everyone else the lapsed emperors of yesteryear for whom microsoft s historical rts represents a nostalgic surge of fondness while the definitive edition.

Lets you bask in that fondness while looking at prettier graphics. This is very much a warts and all remake my juice. The ai sometimes takes odd roots to the waypoints you set just like it did in the olden days. The campaign structure stays just the same which seems simple to the point of quaint now in 2019 for a pure and familiar experience with new levels of sheen.

You can t really go wrong with age of empires. Latest edition. Ubisoft s anno games. Have always had a singular knack for making this whole empire management.

Thing seem lovely and relaxing. That s not to say. There isn t considerable thinking involved when it comes to the town planning trade routes in political skullduggery of the 1800s new world. It s just the anno makes it so gently engrossing for therapeutic music and lovely incidental visual details so you never feel her rank in the classic city build of tradition.

This is a rags to riches story in which you ll meet a trading post expands over the hours to form a truly impressive urban sprawl and one you can take real pride in because you really sweated. The details agonized over the road layouts and invested real emotions into the well being of those teeny tiny people milling about on them city builders can be fiddly and confusing. When they re not done this well..


It s to everyone s benefit that the anno series just keeps going until there are no more dates that add up to nine you reached a new milestone. The warhammer 40k universe is all about scale isn t it unlike a lot of fantasy creations. It s a universe sized universe. And that must make it quite tricky for developers to really harness the license in a game not so for battlefleet gothic armada.

Though whose conflicts play out against the backdrop of endless grim dark space and whose characters and factions are more numerous than the george rr martin remake of the warriors that we just imagined in our heads. Since the nuts and bolts of combat are pretty simple amounting to positioning your fleet of double hard death ships and eliminating your enemies. The strategy in armada 2 comes from anticipating your opponent s movements and positioning your fleet strategically to head them off you can usually win. The mission by capturing and holding control points.

As well as blowing up all who oppose you so there s scope for different playstyles here too frankly what kind of list would this even be if we didn t give sivir passing mention while rts games. Wax and wane in public affection sid meier s unique take on resource management city building and combat strategy is evergreen so yes civilization. 6. Is definitely still a game.

We should be playing in 2019 because in addition to all the above. It has a new expansion gathering storm introduces new leaders and tweaks ai behavior. So that you and your fewer instances of people being absolutely furious at you for no discernible reason. But the real headline features are natural disasters and global warming of things to get excited about i ll grant you but they both add a fascinating tactical wrinkle to the formula rising water levels consumed coastal tiles as civilizations burn fossil fuels to power their cities while volcanoes and river floods have the power to both destroy and in the long term.

Benefit your territory via fertility bonuses. Oh. And there s more sean bean voice lines should have just led with that really we must adapt. We are to see our journey s end speaking of safe john schaefer was the lead designer on civilization.

5. And you can see that game s dna all over at the gates even though in this game. You re doing the exact opposite of your usual forex duties rather than fending off those bothersome barbarians..


This time you are those barbarians looking to run amok across the civilised world or you know just sort of infiltrate. It if that sounds all together to mean such as the barbarity on show here you only ever build one settlement in at the gates. And it s this crazy topsy turvy. Thinking that proofs so refreshing the resource management aspect works just like you d expect from any hex based forex game.

But since you need to keep your band moving and often bring your settlement with you your relationship with those resources is very different we ll admit the challenge is quite rich for our blood. But if you ever wondered exactly how much fun it beta players atilla s hunts for a change is a good way to find out do you know what the really interesting thing is about this prehistoric survival strategy hybrid is that really life hasn t changed. Very much for virtual world overlords over the eons even though this lot in dawn of man. Have only recently discovered fire life is similar for them to the denizens of a command.

Conquer regime. Run around gathering resources put it in a big pile and then build new things. According to a top down. Arrangement that looks pleasing to your invisible ruler.

And before you start griping about running out of food or spending your entire life standing in a river trying to spearfish remember who put those rudimentary hides on your back although you re not terribly advanced at the beginning of the game you can work your way through a sieve style tech. Tree. All the way up to the bronze age by spending knowledge earned by killing this lovely wolf here in fact interacting with your environment. In almost any way earns you a bit of knowledge so before long you re presiding over quite a clever tribe of 10 wehling neanderthals yes actual billions and if you don t believe us just look at this long relentless.

Terrifying blighters that they are the idea in they are billions. The tower defense apocalypse strategy released into early access in 2017 is pretty simple you re in charge of a human settlement. And it s your job to stop these hordes of zombies from getting in and turning everyone to jam the execution. However will keep you up at night wondering about the exact placements of your gates.

Whether you needed that extra flamethrower and which weak spot in your perimeter. The undead will inevitably swarm and break through surviving each wave is just so satisfying so you actually feel like taking on its higher difficulties after you ve managed to survive. A campaign or two and it s at this point..


You really start to know what fear feels like would you mind just arranging yourselves into single file that make life so much easier for my snipers. You know proving that prehistoric times have inexplicably come the new world war. 3. For rts games.

All party takes you back to the days. When loincloths with a be all and end all a fashionable attire and fighting off a lotta. Raptors. Was just part of the daily chore list for early man.

It s a fictionalized version of our species early days then. But one that makes for a lightning fast and refreshingly different rts for example tank rush. Now thanks for another few million years off yet in war party is all about launching a man with reasonably sized piece of wood rush simple but devastatingly effective because our enemies are just stupid old lizards they might be big. But they re not really sun too when it comes to battlefield tactics.

What we love best about war party is that although there is a tiny bit of resource management. Mostly it s an rts played at a galloping pace all about building up troops and sending them into battle. Because that s really the fun bit of rts games. Isn t it no one s here for their mining construction completes our build queues empty and we ve totally depleted our resources bringing new game.

Suggestions and dodgy genre metaphors inevitably. We can t cover all the brilliant strategy options available right now so why not let us know your own picks in the comments below don t forget to like the video. If you enjoyed it and hit the subscribe button for more like this remember to turn on notifications to make sure you never miss a video from us and until next time may your hex tiles. ” .


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