Best Switch Travel Solution? Messenger Bag Review + Unboxing

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“Or role playing games are an ever growing category. And it was a good year year in 2019 here a 10 of our picks of the best rpgs of 2019 keep in mind. This is our picks game. Rex s personal picks.

There are tons of nuances to what makes a game an rpg so we re looking forward to hearing your personal choices down in the comments. But let s get started off with number 10 and talk about my time at portilla. Yes. That s actually apparently how the game is pronounced the elevator pitch for this game.

Is basically a weirder 3d. Stardew valley with a lot more elements plopped in there s more crafting. There s building. There s taking care of lots of things like friends and animals and growing crops and doing activities in a town there s a nice emphasis on exploration and their stats to build your character in social combat and crafting it kind of surprised a lot of people and it s found a big audience on pc especially and for good reason.

It s cutesy yeah. But it s engaging and if you re into anything from stardew valley or animal crossing or maybe something like dragon quest builders. You should consider my time at portilla. Too now over at number 9.

We have the division 2. This is always a weird one for us to consider it as an rpg. I don t know why. But it is you know literally an rpg you create a character you grind for better gear and you dump xp points into a pretty big skill tree so yeah technically it s an rpg one standout thing from this game is that it was way more single player oriented than the previous which really was appreciated it had a longer than expected campaign for a games as a service type thing.

That s awesome because that s usually half assed look at the destiny campaigns. Yeah they re fun and all. But they re also pretty short shooting dudes in this game. Also feels really nice even though yes still it can get kind of weird unloading.

8. Clips into a garbage man at times after beating the campaign you unlock a new weapon and a new skill tree to dump points into and build out as well so there s a lot of rpg stuff going on here. And there s a lot to play through now moving on over to number eight. We have remnant from the ashes this one we really liked over here mostly because it was just pretty different.

It was like a dark souls like rpg. But instead of melee combat. It was a third person shooter. There s also looter shoe mechanics and roguelike elements as well each playthrough is different.

Because the map is randomly generated with certain dungeons. Maybe you know an enemy. Not even spawning might cause you to miss out on a gun. Unless you jump into someone else s world of course.

Which is probably the coolest part in the game being able to jump into someone else s world and fight. A boss that never really spawned in your game. Or even get a weapon that just didn t show up for you either the rpg elements. Here.

We re just solid as well like with there being some really cool builds with certain weapon mods that you could toss on guns to make them work better with your character role. It wasn t too intense and intricate as well. Which is something i appreciate it was a nice mix not every rpg has to be a huge massive scale tree with all these build options. Sometimes something simple is just as fun and remnant is a perfect example of that now over at number 7.

We have outward a game that we ve been talking about more recently because to be honest. We kind of missed. The boat on it in the when it first launched a lot of people had asked us to cover it in videos. Maybe do it before you buy we never got around to it and that s unfortunate because when we finally did it turns out outward is a really really compelling rpg.

You make a character you venture out into a very harsh world with mystical creatures magic swords and lots of things to manage the game is actually a little hardcore with how it handles death. You know or lack thereof and managing sleeping and taking care of yourself. And it was surprisingly satisfying and pretty underrated. It also can be played completely cooperatively.

Which is really impressive for a game of this caliber and it is totally worth pointing out. But since we are talking about rpgs with cooperative elements. We got to talk about another one that has that and that s code vein..


Now code vein. As you ve probably heard is very much a dark souls souls like inspired game. I ve seen some people throw around the term like ripoff and clone. But i do really think what code vein brings to the table is some good old anime goodness.

I don t know from building. A character from the ground up. You know your own ideal cool looking character to the actual story itself. Code vein.

Is actually very unique you re in this post. Apocalyptic. World. And you re technically a vampire and the game.

Really embraces that from your your abilities and to just how you build out your character. But i was a big fan of the weapon types you can fight with a gun with a bayonet. The heavy weapons are really over the top and this game had kind of been delayed and kind of pushed under the rug for so long. But i m glad it finally released and is in a pretty solid state.

Because frankly it s pretty decent if you like these types of rpgs like if you do like a souls like game. But if you really like anime you definitely should consider code vain next at number five greed fall. It was a really nice surprise for the third person western rpg style. One that i don t think often gets enough love it sets you as a neutral party in a world of conflict.

There is an empire with settlers coming to a new world and they ve settled the colony while problems are brewing with the local people who have lived there for centuries now. I m glossing over a lot of it is very story heavy and character centric. But it s kind of like england s establishments in the new world with the 13 colonies and all that history stuff. But with a nice fantasy twist in this world there s a mysterious weird plague.

There s magic and lots of fantastical over the top looking creatures you drop into this world and explore its various locations. That aren t quite open world and you build out your character in typical rpg fashion with skill trees and some cool loot and armor. Where you can actually keep one piece of armor and then add stuff on top of it instead of just tossing it aside for the next new thing. It s satisfying and really grief all exists as one of those fun btw er games not super expensive high budget triple a.

But not really an indie game either. It s got a lot of charm to it and if you like these types of games. You should absolutely consider it now over at number four disco elysium this one is notable. Because it gets right to the core of that like hardcore rpg genre the game sees you taking the role of a detective in the fictional city of rebeck.

All sent to investigate a mysterious murder who then goes on a drinking binge and wakes up three days later in a hotel room with no memory of what he was doing prior. And that s up to you to take it from there to solve the murder and recovery. Her memory. It s got a unique approach to character interaction.

Forgoing traditional combat mechanics and instead going with an approach that focuses on dialogue and decision making with the outcomes. Determined through the navigation of dialogue. Trees and skill checks. Rather than shooting.

A dude with a gun and hoping it has a crit since so much importance is placed on dialogue and after interactions over combat. The writing and disco elysium goes far above what we ve come to expect for video game writing these days. With characters feeling incredibly fleshed out. And some real good dialogue and decisions that let you really feel like you re an active part of the story and not just an observer tapping buttons and watching how they play out on screen.

It s great to see a new and interesting take like this especially considering how rigidly a lot of pc. Rpgs. And you know they adhere to that classic d d. Style fantasy.

Rpg. So seeing a game. Like disco. Elysium.

Mix up that formula with its mechanics and then set it all in a coo one of the grips for knight and let s have a grip and the dock in the back now dock is obviously wider. But it should let s see we can make this fit all right the dock is in there now it s a bit of it yeah. The zipper is you can see feeling a little strain with the dock and the grip in there then can you get it to close grip..


Is really saying like no please no don t squeeze me so you can make it work in the back. But it s going to be kind of as you can see it s really present there. So that s probably not the right idea alright. So let s take josh back out.

I m going to put the two grip in there because i think that seems to work that seems to be viable. It s a little bit. But not much like you see it it s pressing out a little bit. It s really not much it may look worse than it is the dock is going to go here let s see if we can crack the throw controller somewhere else okay.

I m messing around and i think it may have found something that works. So i ve instead of putting the cable down in there a little cable. So i put the poke controller down here actually actually fits quite nicely you can see it s just hiding in there. I m not using a little strap.

I just kind of shoved it in there. But it fits real good and it keeps the sticks protected. There s some padding up here. So that s really nice.

Now. You got your joy con get your doctors switched at provincial and when i did instead was i went to the reverse. And i put all the cables in the back and they re able to fit again they got the hdmi the usb cd ac adapter and they kind of want to pop out. But you can t a believe it but that s not a tight fit at all now a grip can they fit a grip in here.

Along with the cables is that going to work or it s not going to really stress this thing out too much yeah. This may be this may be asking too much so i think you could probably shove really tug and pull and push. But i think you re gonna have to decide do you want to keep the grips with you or the pro controller because this bag isn t really made to have a whole bunch of controllers. It s really mainly made for your switch tablet your dock your extra joique on your cables or a pro controller agrippa.

You can fit two grip in the back. A pro controller here. So i guess it kind of depends maybe we can yeah. This pouch here really can a grip fitting.

You know let s see it it s going to get too tall. It s not really going to work. So. This pouch is really definitely for joy khan.

In here put those there. And then you have again your main trick system house. Which is just for this case. There s no real room for anything else.

So it looks. Like the messenger bag is more of a solo switch carrying case than a very big multi player. Carrying. Case.

You can have some limited multiplayer. Right you do exercise. Joy khan. There s two player possibly four player.

If you re going to use single joy khan. You can t bring a pro controller so we ve at least got two maybe three players. But if you re going for a four player or a full big intensive load out of switch stuff. It s not going to be able to support that but it does support like i said single player or decent multiplayer capabilities.

Just not all the accessories now i have you know two grips. I have a pro controller of extra joy khan and a lot of people probably won t have that so they won t run into this issue. But i really wanted to push this thing to its limits and show you how much it could actually carry because i think that s very valuable to know and to to find out all the dup is actually not that heavy. Which is a good thing.

The bag itself is pretty light and so it allows the way to to be just the pieces and nothing extra. It s not really super intense in terms of carrying this thing around or it s going to weigh you down. And i think with the shoulder strap..


It would be made a whole lot easier i like your lot. I think it s actually really cool. And it feels like a nice compact way to store things it can t bring everything. But it cameron quite a bit.

And i think my favorite ideal kind of set up with this resin support there we go my ideal kind of side was this is. When i had mentioned a little bit ago. Which is doc joy con pro controller system cables in the reverse. I think.

That s the best way to go. And then that you have this removable switch case. So if you wanted to carry this separately you could utilize this pouch for some extra stuff so throw a grip in there throw a grip in there. And you know it s kind of this a little tight.

But hey look at that we re back in business. And now we ve got everything and the switch separately. Now i know it kind of fits. The purpose of a switch mustika baguette switches in but they are cool not to give you a separate switch case so this works to hold everything or again.

If you don t want you separate. And you want it to be all in one. Then you know you re just going to get a leave your pro controller behind leave your grip behind and that s okay really you know enjoy conn are going to be the main way i think people play multiplayer especially with mario kart taking advantage of the horizontal controller play and snipper clips. Taking advantage.

Most games are going to take advantage and allow you to utilize joy khan. So with that being said. I think. This is actually a pretty cool package.

I think the fact that you get a case out of it as well is really nice like i said you re looking at 15 to 30 dollars depending on case and obviously you know if we look at the sheikah. I case or any of the circuit cases you know they ve got mesh patch pockets for extra joy. Con they ve got little game sleeves. They ve got a much stronger velcro to hold the switch in place.

They got softer interior and a thicker stronger stir your exterior. But unless you re planning on bringing this thing on like a really big trip or to the beach or on a mountain hike. I think you would be a ok in daily use keeping this as your switch protector. I think this will do this job at keeping the switch safe avoiding scuff scratches or smears.

You know. It s not going to stop something from impaling it but hopefully you re not putting your squish in that situation that would just be not good no. Matter what case you have so i like the fact that for 3999. You re getting the full messenger bag in your in this case.

Is kind of a little bit 201 and adding some extra value so if you think of this as you know even a twelve dollar purchase or 15 dollar purchase. He then is taking the messenger bag down to about 25 27. 28. Which i think is well worth.

It does store. What means the store like i said for solo or for some multiplayer action you can turn. But most people are going to even have all the accessories that i have so for the average switch use. I think this is really nice.

I think it comes in really strong. I like the way it looks. I like the way it feels maybe i d like a little more durability. But i think they went for lightness because this is very light it really doesn t feel all that heavy.

And it s not going to weigh you down at all we could put the shoulder strap on but you ve seen shoulder straps. You know what those do and they made the choice to go less oof in the toughness department and a lighter bill. So you ve got a real light. But still quality messenger bag with some dedicated pouches and i really like what they did with the zipper here.

I think this is critical. I remember way back. I have an n64 case that kind of looks like this the little different..


But it was velcro and the velcro would pop and it was bad even the fly out and flop out all the time with the zippers. No you re pretty much guaranteed. It s going to stay locked in nothing can come out of this. No where can it fall out not even from this so it s really nice to know that everything is going to be secure everything is locked in place.

And if you utilize this thing as intended now the switch is real secure. And this can be moved and removed you can even use this as kind of like your normal storage solution. So you could keep your entire switch set up or at least most of it in here. And then just kind of have everything here ready to go for when you want to travel or when you want to play at home.

Sure if you re putting it away after every use and then just remove this and you want to go on the go so it s kind of like the ideal vacation setup. Really because you can take this whole thing with you have it already and then remove it for daily excursions or for limited play where you just want the tablet. And then you have everything here for the full set up including the cables in the back. Really my only drives are one that i would have liked a dedicated pro controller pocket.

I think eventually the pro controller is going to become pretty common. If it isn t already and therefore. I d like to see somewhere that you could have put this thing. And to a dedicated game pouch even just a little mesh sleeve.

Where i could have stuck the games. And i know i can put them inside of the removal case. But they still are just flopping around and that s fine they re not going to break. But it would have been nice to have somewhere that i could have specifically placed those things to ensure they re secure and no they were always in the same place.

So that is the power a everywhere messenger bag and i think based on the leg design based on the fact they do is removal case based on the fact that you can bring a good amount of accessories with you it does justify its name as the everywhere messenger. Bag and it does justify its. Price at 3999. So let me know in the comments below.

What you think of the messenger bag. Very curious how you guys like this. If you think. It s something you would utilize and use it but in out of stock.

But they are available now and i m curious what you think of this in comparison. The elite player backpack because that is a more expensive bigger bulkier piece of gear. But it does have more pockets and more label dedicated pockets and can probably allow you to bring more with you. But it s heavier its more expensive.

So there s there some trails plus. That one does not come with the nice addition of a removable case. So you really want need to buy a case. If you get this message a bag so i think it s a pretty good investment.

I really like it and i think it s a nice travel solution to keep everything and in fact. I think i may be bringing this when i travel later this week. This might be the way i go because it does store what i mean not everything. But i don t really use the grips.

All that much anyway. The programs load x. Is joy con. I m good to go.

A complain multiplayer. I can play single player. And i ve got the important accessories with me so let me know that has been another switch force accessories review. Thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe.

If you re interested in more switch stuff and hit the notification. Both want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from us and switch horse and from the switch in general until it s on everybody thank social watch is a ” ..

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