BEST to WORST : GOOD ship tier (Cutter,Viper mk3,Clipper,Type-6,DBX,ASP Explorer,Chieftain,FDL)

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“Are 38 ships s of making this in le dangerous and choosing the right one one is important so i bet you got questions and that s how you get corvette. Oh. And now it s time to take a look at the ships that are super hyper critical grunt. The good yes.

Indeed you heard right good ships. Rejoice. People. Not everything is mundane or pedestrian or alliance.

Without a doubt. These would be my recommendations either as upgrades or fantastic runabouts. No matter which one you end up with it will serve you well. And so we kick out this lovefest of good and positive vibes with a roar of a title bread.

That will bash your face in early on the piper. 3. The ship is basically a cheaper combat focused corporate tree. Even though it has lower turning rate yes you heard me right ii fighter.

Turns slower than a space pancake. Still it has essentially the same status cobra 3. But lesser cargo bay it costs about half as much and if you are speed running or doing something specific early game. I d say this is a good ship to pick up plus.

You get some upgrades for the price of one core break ah and then we have the good old type..

6. Now when i start playing the game. I name this one of the worst and for a combat player yeah. But i found it bad yes.

It can outturn some combat ships an empty. But load the sucker up with reinforcements start by waist and the drift intensifies and the turn rate reduces to a level of a space brick. Which this is still what makes type 6. So good is the jump range aside from obvious trading and old mining builds.

If you wanted you could make this into a fleshed out explorer. And i m not kidding. But speaking of exploration. The diamondback explored the ship with the second longest jump range in the game capable of doing.

80 plus high tier jumps and fuel tank with enough juice to do. 11 of them does make for a compelling traveling or exploring arguments the slits and then everyone starts yelling at me and throwing their dogs and notes and whatnot else at me for ignoring the fact. The diamondback explorers. The first rope or maximum fuel scope.

Even with a large fuel tank as an excuse still one rather less mentioned feature of the boat diamondbacks is the low heat output making it for a pretty decent smuggling or rare goods trader. Though personally i use the ship for travelling exclusively and i tell you it s cheaper and easier to use than any of the other usual suspects of any type for travels and of course. If you re talking about traveling and doing what compels. There s aspects ward and granddaddy of explorers indeed.

A ship that does it all and does it to at least a very okay standard in fact the worst aspect of the ship is the combat and there well let s just say it s okay..

The ship is a quintessential jack of all trades and trust me you ll be using it for everything and never complain. There s really not much else. I can add just get this. It s really good ah okay.

Well this one s a weird. One. The fertilized egg. Should build for combat and only use for combat.

But so why is it not in the one tier list. Now and that s a good question. Which has a simple answer it transcends. It the basic fact here is the fer de lance is so fucking charged it becomes good boy default yeah.

But seriously though if you ever need to choose one ship that does dot. One thing so well you won t ever need another one there this is the ship we talk about when we talk about combat yet when they re talking about combat. There are three other ships that we re competing for that it s so good it has the chad machan scrotum polish. The assault ship.

Which resigned to live amongst one use tier ships and clipper as well as chieftain now those three ships are made more or less equal on the combat portion. But what sets chieftain and more so clipper. Apart. Is the cargo capacity and are the total rotting rolled kill levels of jump range since chieftain has no rank requirement.

It s actually a good consideration for a sports upgrade for aspects..

Poorer or better. Yet. If you still have fingers left. After grinding impale ranks.

You can pick up the amazing glorious. It s super far ahead lewis clipper. A ship version of a blow job by a bimbo made out of pure. Okay.

The looks the sounds and even more so the performance. All are formidable as an upgrade for an asp explorer except for the jump range. But it s average and nothing true sibley bad the only downfall for this ship is that most people just simply get more credits and get the next multi role ship in the line rather than going and dedicating their time to get the clipper by fondling torvalds old and crusted old cup finally then the mighty cotter now when i described the corvette. I mentioned that it just does everything and the same goes with the cutter difference.

Though here is that the cutter has acceptable jump engine. Oh my god the speed and oh my god the. Looks. Oh my god the cargo.

Bay oh and about 13000. Point shields with prismatic sand the engineering. Wait fuck if you ever needed that ship that you can cram everything into and we ll never slow you down this is it this thing you can fit so much beams into it you will also ejaculate boys. But seriously for a long time.

I was running the ship and the only time and i stopped using it was to film something or needed something specific done in a niche..

Way where specific ships weren t better in a way. I d even say that qatar makes the game. Boring. As now you can do everything.

And even then it s all way too easy and simple that s how good i d say the ship is don t man for 200 million credits. The most expensive ship better do it and so that s the list obviously i compared the overall usability of ships today rather than how well each one of them accomplishes respective types of gameplay still every single one of them oh maybe except for the giant super testicles buggy fer de lance are geared for everything you will need and you yourself have to be blamed for failure. But hey i know everyone s list is not the same so let me know what you change add go down below. And while you re there maybe share the video.

Too and all that good stuff. Oh. But some of you may have noticed that the few ships are still out of the series while removed from the worst. The best well then take a look at the godlike tier ships a tier that is self explanatory or if you like to return to me the alter t.

Then ok the airships are somewhere there down in the description yeah. But that s for me well. Why don t kill my time i mean why bother yes i ll go rank my tank. ” .


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