BlackBerry Phones in 2020 – What Are Your Options?

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“Welcome back to tech odyssey. So today. I m here with the special episode and and this time. I m here to talk about what options are available for blackberries you still want to use one in 2020.

Now. There s not a whole lot left there hasn t been a new phone in over a year. Now the last one being the blackberry key to ellie that came out in december of 2018 right before we rolled into 2019. So it s just almost a year and a half old now.

The first one of course was the key one then they came out the q1 black edition. And then they have the motion and the key to so we have the four different devices that blackberry mobile made and then if you look back a little bit farther you can get into the blackberry privilege was the last true blackberry made but i made by blackberry and then there s still the blackberry 10 options and then some people are still on legacy devices. So i know that people like to hold on to their blackberry s i mean shoot. I ve still got my z10 here that i i switched over from the galaxy s3 to this phone whenever it came out i waited for it forever.

I also have the privy. He won and then i have the key too and then i have the motion and the key to le. So i have all of them sitting here and i m here to talk to you about which one may still be the best for you if you re interested in using one in 2020. Now there are caveats there are asterisks there are all sorts of things next to them because really and truly they ve run it face reality.

Which reality is something we have to deal with obviously there are no more new blackberries and we don t know if we re gonna get any because the licensing deal with tcl under the blackberry mobile. Name is going to end on august 20 august 31st of this year 2020. Which effectively means we re back in the same position. We were when blackberry stopped making devices a few years ago.

So there are a lot of reasons not to use one moving forward. But i know that there s a bunch of diehard blackberry fans out there like me who still are interested in using one. So those are the people i m talking to today now before i go any further. I do want to say thanks for stopping by the channel.

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Now. Let s go ahead and move forward and talk about the blackberry options in 2020. All right so option number one is i m going to talk about blackberry 10 devices so blackberry 10. I believe came out in like 2012.

I was there the first day that the store opens so i could get my blackberry z10 blackberry. 10 was the upgrade from the legacy system os is bibi os. 7. And it took them forever to make it and by time it finally hit the market.

The demand for blackberry s in the consumer world had already shifted over to iphone so or even some of the android devices because it just took them so long to catch up with the times and they decided that they wanted to compete in this consumer sector. Which was fine. I ve been using a blackberry since 2005 totally loved them well the z10 is you know probably not a phone that you want to use nowadays. Neither is the z30 there s also the classic there s the leap.

There s the q5 there s the q10 there s the passport. There s a whole bunch of different devices. They made with blackberry 10 operating system. I really can t on good conscience.

Recommend that anyone use one anymore. The blackberry. 10 os. Has basically been on life support for a long time now.


But some people still like to use them. If you insist on using a blackberry 10 device recognize that it s basically only good for email text messaging the browser last time i tried to use it is completely terrible it s pretty much only a communications device. Which is kind of funny because it s really and truly what the original blackberries were we just as blackberry users had a desire to have consumer operating models on them like iphone and android. Where we could use them for games.

We could use them for all sorts of things social media. The blackberry 10 app store. I believe is shut down already if it s not as going to so really the only way you can get stuff you can still sideload android. Apps but it s limited to the android 44 kitkat operate systems so how long that s going to be supported really kind of depends on the apps.

That are out there so there s not a whole lot that you can really do other than sideloading this stuff. And there are ways to do that and i ve done it before. But i m kind of removed from that market now and i don t really recommend that if you re gonna go that route i would say just get one of the android blackberry phones and move on because really they are better and newer and more efficient but there are still options if you insist on using a blackberry 10 device. Now if you really really love.

This device. There. s also the blackberry prive. I made a video on this recently a look back at it at the privet was very revolutionary when it came out you ve got the slider with the sliding keyboard.

Which is touch sensitive which rolled over into the blackberry key one device. I never had in the detect devices. I don t really recommend them i know some people love them. I don t have any personal experience with them and they re still not much newer in the operating system and overpriced so this phone had a lot of issues with it it still does it s still overheats so that s poor battery life.

The camera is okay the keyboard and the typing experience are still good a lot of people still really love this device. I found when i made the video that a lot of people still really love it and that s cool. I mean i really love this device too i went out and i sat in line. There was no line.

I m not gonna lie i got there the morning they came out and i actually took a picture and i posted it on crackberry because they used to be really really involved with the crackberry forums. I was like here look guys yeah. It s the line for the blackberry prive and there wasn t one and also thought that when they came out with the name provide it was really really. Dumb but either.

Way this is still an. Option it s running android 60. So quite far behind where we re at now battery life. I mean it probably won t really get you through the day.

But it s still a viable phone in some aspects other than the fact that like i said it overheats battery performance is not very good and you re missing out on very vital security updates that you re getting with newer phones that are not blackberry s so that s the crib. It s still available you can still find them refurbished renewed used online. I definitely wouldn t buy one that s new just because you re probably gonna get charged an arm and leg and that s really how a lot of these devices are nowadays. If you re gonna get one you re subject to trying to find them on the resale market like swap or ebay or amazon.

And it might not be new and i wouldn t recommend paying full price. Because it s gonna bring me into another segment here in a minute with the blackberry motion. Because people want an arm to leg for this phone. Really.

It s ridiculous. So those are the two last true true blackberry options before we get to the blackberry mobile world so in the blackberry mobile world we have what s probably my number one recommendation if you still want to use a blackberry in 2020. It s the blackberry key one black edition. It s got four gigabytes of ram.

It didn t have the manufacturer defect issues like the screen that fell out and some other problems it still holds up very well. I ve been using this a lot lately and i still really love this phone. It was fantastic the original key one worked me because seven days after i got it my screen fell out. It was laggy with the three gigabytes of ram.


So this one they fixed that bumped it up to 64 gigabytes of storage over 32. It s still got that pixel image sensor camera on the back so it still takes some pretty decent pictures and overall. It s a really solid phone. Now you can still find these some of them brand new in the box.

You re still going to run into some of the issues is the older. Phones. Oh. Now it s running android 81.

Which is better than the other blackberry alternatives that are running android 6. And or running blackberry. 10. This will still support pretty much anything that s out there you don t have to worry about loss of app.

Support the keyboard still works like a champ and it has the four gigabytes of ram. So it performs better overall. No multitasking issues it really is an enjoyable phone to use i like it a lot. I think that the keyboard is really really good.

It s got the touch sensitive stuff. And you can find them anywhere from about two to three hundred dollars either new or in good condition in most cases. Now the true black edition. One with the 64 gigabytes of storage and all that stuff might be a little bit more.

But you can probably still find some of the older ones. I haven t shopped around for them too much. But still this right here would probably be my number. One recommendation.

If you still want to use one now and mainly that s because the camera to me is still the best out of the other ones. And it s not going to cost you as much because people are really selling the key tooth for a lot of money out on the market. Now. The next.

One is the blackberry motion. I just recently reviewed and did a look back at this phone here this last week. It s essentially the key one it s got the same processor. It s got four gigabytes of memory.

I believe it s got 32 gigabytes of storage yeah and it s it s a really good phone. But the problem with this one is you can t find them if you can t find them they re expensive and if you find one that s cheap. I wouldn t really recommend it i don t really recommend anybody going out and buying this phone at this point and unless you ve used it you absolutely love it and it s the phone that you want and that s what you spend your heart on running hard earned money on because i ve seen a lot of people saying and i ve seen them myself looking around amazon you re looking at five 600. Some people are wanting for these brand new and it s just not worth it it s a snapdragon 625 processor.

Which is fine great for multitasking four gigabytes of ram. It really was a novel phone and it was very creative a lot of cool things about it and i very much enjoy using it s a great phone but in the year 2020. It s just not worth spending more than probably a hundred ninety nine bucks to get one of these so it s an option. But there s not really a viable.

It s not really viable when i would pursue unless you just have used this phone before and you loved it now. The next phone. Which is arguably the best most powerful blackberry ever made and it s still available they re very hard to find especially the red one. But the black great key to they increased the keyboard size.

It s still got the touch sensitive features on it it s got dual 12 megapixel cameras on the back. It s got this nice rubberized backing to it they moved all the buttons over to the right side. Which was something that urged me about the key one because the power button was on the left side you inadvertently hit it all the time so they moved all the buttons to the right side. Effectively.


The same screen is so still the four point five inch 1080p modified resolution screen full hd and fingerprint sensor built into the the spacebar all that good stuff. I really enjoyed this phone. I ve had this phone two or three times. It came out it was really at that point in time not as much demand.

I think as blackberry mobile. Really anticipated that there was for blackberries. It was like 600 bucks 650 699. I can t remember.

But entirely too much money had they brought this out around the 449 449 dollar price point it would have been much much better and much more well received. I think now it s got the snapdragon 666 gigabytes of ram. It s a very powerful and capable phone great for multitasking. It s still really good this right here is the pinnacle of the blackberry android experience and if you ever use one you probably love it and it s going to be good for at least another year or two again.

The only hang up is the fact that it s not gonna see anything beyond android 81. Just because the licensing deal with tcl pike. Very mobile is ending at the end of august of this year. But and you re not going to get any security updates.

So that s the only real concern is security updates. But from a usability perspective. This is gonna be good for a long time it s got the power. It s got the memory it ll do whatever you need it to do you have all the app support.

And it really is a pleasurable and enjoyable typing experience so super cool there now last. But not least. We have the blackberry key. 2.

Le. If they release this phone a year prior to when they did i would wager to guess that they would still be making blackberry phones today. This was the most complete finally got it right with the pricing. It came out it was like 449.

You can still find these things on sale. I find them and see them all the time. It s unlocked. It worked with verizon and comcast or their xfinity mobile service.

They got rid of the touch sensitive keyboard. Which i really didn t have any heartburn over because i ve never really cared for it in the first place. I thought it was an overpriced thing that some people did care for but i was happy they took it out they tightened up the keys a little bit this is probably my most favorite keyboard ever it s still running android 81. It s got a slightly better snapdragon processor.

In it than the key one four gigabytes of ram. So they really realize their problems with the original key one. Updated all that stuff in the key to that lease still the same 45 inch screen. Some pretty shoddy cameras on the back.

I m not gonna lie. There. It doesn t take very good pictures at all if you have optimum daylight. It s great but if you re out anything that s outside of optimal lighting is not good but overall.

I think that they captured the blackberry experience really really well but with android and it works. And it performs well i would run into memory issues every once in a while. But that s just because it had four gigabytes of memory and the android operating system combined with the interface that blackberry put it in here and all their preloaded stuff like the detect security software. The hub and all that stuff really sucked up the memory so it would run into issues every once in a while now these you can still find some places are still selling them especially outside the us and in like canada along with the key to you re gonna be hard pressed to find them they might still have them on amazon and ebay.


But they re fairly well priced. I think around 350 bucks you can probably find it cheaper than that especially used. But if i were to recommend that you go out and buy a blackberry nowadays it would be probably one of these two. Just because you re gonna get the most bang for your buck you re still gonna get an enjoyable android experience and they work great.

But i totally from the day that the key to ellie came out i fell in love with this phone. I really liked it the rubberized back it just it just felt great especially carrying it without a case. The only problem with this one. The frame is made out of polycarbonate instead of metal.

It s perfectly fine you re not gonna worry about messing it up. But if you put a case on it or you carry it in your pocket. All the time or it rubs up against your keys or whatever the finish on here would actually start rubbing off like i had a case on here. And it would rub on the top corner.

So my red one and it kind of rubbed. Some of the paint stuff off. But that s the only real issue. I ever ran into with this phone other than some of the memory complaints.

But after you dis. If you disable some of the blackberry garbage that s running in the background. You don t really run into those problems. And you get a better smoother experience i found by the typing experience a breeze totally loved it it didn t have the whole a key thing going on like some of the other keyboards.

It feels nice and tight really in my opinion the best typing experience out of all the blackberry mobile devices. But anyway that s all i have on my options that are available for you if you still want to use a blackberry device in the year 2020. Like i said my two choices would be the blackberry key to le are the blackberry key one the black edition. If you can get one and if you want to spend the money and you want to track one down.

The key. Two is gonna be the best experience. You re gonna get overall. Totally love.

The phone power performance. Memory management efficiency. Everything and two good cameras on the back. You can take portrait mode shots.

Which i ve done. It s pretty good so that s all i ve got hopefully. This video has been helpful for you hopefully. If you re a blackberry fan you just enjoyed it anyway because i really enjoy blackberry devices myself and i still like to watch some of the videos it s i really do hope that one day.

We will get something else at this point in time it would be irresponsible for me to lead anyone on believe that there might be at this point. All we know is that the licensing agreement with tcl under the blackberry mobile. Name is gonna end at the end of august of this year beyond that who knows i hope somebody or blackberry themselves picks up the mantle and makes another device you know even if it were like a 300 device like the key to ellie. But with an updated processor and android 10 on it i would be happy i would not be using an iphone.

I would not be using a samsung. I would still be using it and i still do put my sim card in these my sim card is actually in you know my blackberry q10 so yeah they re still very good very capable and if you enjoy blackberry you re probably still using it still enjoy using one today so that s all i ve got if you have any questions or comments. Please feel free to leave them down in the comment section. I ll get back with you as always thanks for tuning in if you enjoyed the video like i said in the beginning.

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