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“We don t know what they re talking about so what okay oh is it it like puzzles ooo. I love puzzles just saw infer now yeah great what do say okay so there s something about an eggplant hint hanji eggplant agreement. Yeah they ve got an agreement to make eggplant parmesan. No eggplants are dixon teenage emoji language.

What you know what that s true julie told. Me that that the emojis have they all have secret meanings. So like trees are weed and snowflakes are cocaine and that thing is yas queen. Awkward.


You ve never heard of yas queen. No alright grandpa hold on julie is making some kind of a dick related agreement here. Kayla is in on the agreement. No fucking way okay clown face what the fuck does that mean that means.

She s down to clown. Three eggplants look at the drool come out of that smiley face you wish that was a turtle that s coming my man dad dad look. It s conversation. This is sex.


If i ve ever seen it illustrated in a mood. Oh no no maybe not they re best friends. They re just saying like you re okay with me you re okay to me. You say to your friends.

Now whenever. I see my friends i go hey you re okay with please on agreement hands agreement hands agreement hands. This is a it s a sex agreement they re making a sex pack. Okay they re gonna lose their virginity on prom night that cannot be a sex pass that that is friendship and that is that is the bond of friendship that can never be broken.


I mean maybe yeah oh look they wrote sex pad. 2018 fucking knew it i love puzzles. I told you guys have you seen inferno please have you seen inferno have you guys seen inferno. I figured out two seconds did you see inferno the guy jumps off the thing in the beginning.

He s got a virus uvc inferno tom hanks okay okay she s not answering she s always been honest with me she s always told me the truth and now i m just swimming in a pool of life okay here s what s gonna happen. She s gonna have sex with that austin kid and then she s gonna think that she has all these feelings. Which she does not actually have then she s gonna drive across country and follow him and ruin her fucking life. Yeah.


I think that s a pretty big bleep to make when you read it i have invested every single piece of my being in the preparing to get over success and now this she s sex with some dipshit with a man. But you re not using those in the right way hey can we all come back to planet earth cuz. This is not a big deal they re teenage girls they have sex do you like freak out when you see a be fuckin it flower. I m gonna stop her i m in its cock block those motherfuckers ” .


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