Boombotix Boombot Rex – worst speaker in the world?

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“Guys today. We are going to have a look at the boom box boom. Bow bow tracks. And all that this is not the newest speak anymore they even have newer model out no the boom ba tracks pro but back then this was advertised as being the loudest portable speaker in the world they even did lots of videos comparing it against some other speakers.

Asking people. Which one was better. And all seem to be blow away by the sound and loudness of the boom. Ba tracks.

It was offered at the premium. I think 80 90 meanwhile you can find it below 20. So i took the chance and all that one so far. It was not quite available in europe.

So i ordered it from the amazon us store and here. It is you can see packaging is pretty interesting with this foam inlay here. But not really that much inside just some wires and the speaker. The speaker doesn t really feel quite premium.

But doesn t feel cheap either it has a nice rubber finish so it s splash water resistant charging is done from microusb. It has an input and output. So you could maybe use it as a kind of bluetooth receiver. With the headphone or something controls on top and there is a clip.


So you can attach it to a belt pretty strong and the most interesting part is of course how it sounds if it s really that great so i will turn it on and as always i m of course using binaural microphones. So you should loosen it headphones. It should be connected. So let s start with the first track.

I m from add volume now i can ooh. Ah. What s this this sounds horrible. The travel is completely distorted and i will increase volumes what was this some digital artifacts.

Maybe let s try another track ah this is unbearable even soft you can hear it maybe we can fix this somehow a cheaper ochco fixed it so it sounds better. But i don t think. This is a real solution. Maybe let s try pillows.

Yeah also better. But still writing. Yeah. I have this jbl go.

Here also quite a cheap speaker. Let s hear how this sounds compared. I mean the jbl is not a great sounding speaker. But still we can compare this to again starting with the boom.


Ba tracks the jbl if family the jbl appears models and it sounds much cooler this really hurts i have to this is how it should sound. Yeah. I m not sure if they really think this or if this is serious. So i thought i will measure.

It and here you can see a measurement of the boom. Ba tracks. And there is an obvious treble boost at 14 kilo hertz with more than 20 db. If you if the speaker gets too much input gain.

It distorts completely. I don t know if this is really serious maybe i got a lemon or something. But maybe we can fix this with some with some equalizer. So i will start my equalizer app.

And let s start again this is without eq now. But i can maybe reduce 8 kilohertz. Yeah we have to reduce it by 15 degrees to get acceptable. Results here now it sounds better.

I think i will shall not equal. Let s try the jbl again with without the cure. I have to switch over so. But it still sounds better and cooler outside.


I will switch over to the pumbaa tracks again with eq and we will hear if this is any better. I mean no it s bearable. But let s kernel eq again let s try another track ah. This is i don t know yeah from behind it becomes a bit better.

But still i will turn volume to maximum board. Let s see if it s really that loud a jbl as well yeah. That one bar x is definitely louder. It s only a mess.

Let s try maybe another speaker. The gdk a 25 this costs well around 30. So not that much much more expensive add on both the maximum and let s start with the boom box again yeah. I have to go away slightly because it really hurts okay yeah maybe slightly softer.

But the sound is because their own boss dances around there yeah. Ingleses really ridiculous. I m not sure if if the speakers really meant to be serious. But it sounds like a bad joke.

I don t know if i got a lemon or something. But it s unbearable. It s it s unusable you would have to here take away all the treble. I don t know it s i would i would avoid bomb.


But expand amines i even tried contacting them if this is really serious. But didn t quite got any response let s turn it off again. But at least you you get some sound out of it this is a joke. I wouldn t yeah.

I will take it back again and probably throw it away. I wouldn t even like to give it away as a present as thesis. This is it s like probably the worst speak. I ve ever had and and if they really asked 80 90.

For it. This is a ripoff a total yeah. I m i m nervous because it really hurt my ears. I hope this was helpful for you i didn t know boom buttocks and yeah.

I probably shouldn t have tried it out because now. I m really know that this is pure junk. Thanks out for watching and we will see us in the next video bye bye. I was fired ” .


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