Bose Portable Home Speaker Review – Believe The Hype

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“Is the new bose portable home speaker. Now i don t know what s up up with boz s latest amos games for the newest products. But what i do is that i really like this new bose speaker. It s essentially the successor to the bose soundlink revolved plus.

But it s better in almost every way and it s a whole lot more smarter and useful. But what s really impressive here is just the sheer amount of sound coming out of this relatively small guy and overall. I do think it is worth upgrading. If you really have a v bose soundlink revolve plus.

But when it comes to price. Some people will might get sticker shock cuz. I know i did buzzes new speaker. Retails for 350.

Which is 50 more than the revolve plus. When it first came out. But if you want to pick this speaker up it ll be linked down below cuz. Even that it s 350 price point.

I still really like the speaker. Now first let s talk about the design of the speaker cuz. Some people like it some people hate it and some people like me don t care. Both of the new speaker is a little larger than the revolve plus.

But for all intents and purposes. It s still a relatively small speaker. That s not going to take up a whole lot of space on your desk. Coffee table or kitchen island and build quality wise.

This thing is great the top portion is soft touch rubber like to revolve. Plus. There s this powder coat feeling section here that i assume is plastic and the bottom is exposed aluminum. Like the revolve.


Even though some people say that the speaker looks like a milk jug. I don t mind how it looks. But when it comes to durability. I would take it easy on the speaker first off the speaker does scratch easily and it s only ipx4 rated so a splash of water isn t going to be a problem.

But i wouldn t let it get drenched or submerged plainly. Said. This speaker is a great at home backyard or patio speaker. But if you re looking for something.

A little more rugged for camping or for tailgating personally. I would go with something else because i would hate to get this aluminum body damaged. But when it comes to ports. I ve got good news and i ve got bad news.

The good news is that the speaker now charges via a usb seaports and you also get a relatively long four foot usb c. To use bc cable and a usb c. Wall adapter and when it comes to battery life. The speaker has an advertised battery life of 12 hours.

But with real world use with the volume set as 60 volume. Which is plenty for this guy. I ve been getting around 10 average to playback. Time the bad news is that the speaker.

No longer has an audio jack like the revolve. Plus. Now personally. I don t mind that the speaker.

Doesn t have an audio jack. But i do feel that it should have at least came with one because some people might need it depending on their situation or setup. And besides. It s not like they didn t have the room for an audio jack and unfortunately for those who are wondering you can t use the usb c.

Port on this speaker..

As a wired connection you can only use this speaker wirelessly now this speaker has a wi fi connectivity which i personally really like and prefer to use especially when i m just using the speaker at home if you re an iphone user you re going to have airplay to support so as long as both the speaker and your device are connected to the same wi fi network. You re gonna have a stable connection. No matter how far apart the two devices are and you re still gonna have a stable connection. No matter.

How many walls are in between the two devices. And there also hasn t been any latency issues. When watching videos with this speaker. While using a wi fi connection.

But obviously this speaker. Also has your standard bluetooth connectivity. Which can come in handy. If you want to use the speaker.

Outdoors where you just don t have a wi fi connection or if you just don t want to use wi fi connectivity on the speaker for security reasons you can always just use bluetooth on it but if you do decide to use the speaker with its basics bluetooth connectivity you re gonna have a wireless range of about 50 feet with the rec line of sight. Which isn t bad at all and you can also get away with a few walls in between your device and speaker. But the main reason why i say you really should use a wi fi connection on this speaker is so that you can also use your voice assistant now boses new speaker plays nice both google assistant and awesome. But personally i prefer to just use google assistant.

But what really impressed me about this speaker is just how well it manages to pick up your voice. Even when you re listening to music at how volumes for me. Boses new speaker does a better job of picking up my voice. When i m listening to music at higher volumes than both my google home and google home mini and if you want you can even just use the speaker as an always on smart speaker.

Just as long as you keep it plugged in or invest in the optional charging cradle because if you do decide to use the speaker as an always on smart speaker and not plug it in then your battery is going to run out every two days or so. Now even though that i really like that the speaker is also a pretty damn good smart speaker. If everything about it is just the amount of sound coming out of this tiny form factor boces new speaker has a relatively identical speaker setup to the raval plus. They re both 360 degree.

Speakers with a downward firing transducer. But this time around boses new speaker has three passive radiators instead of two passive radiators like on the revolve. Plus. All in all boses new speaker gets significantly louder and has significantly more bass than the raval plus.

Honestly sometimes it s staggering the amount of sound coming out of this little guy..

I ll fix it i see for the most part both of boses speakers. Have the same sound signatures. There s an emphasis on the mids and vocals and a high stake crystal clear. Whereas.

I feel the pose for puts a little too much emphasis on the meds and just makes it sound a little nasally. But performance wise like i ve said a few times already boses new speaker gets significantly louder than the raval plus four contacts during the sound test. The boces new speaker was playing at 60 volume. Whereas.

The revolve. Plus was playing at 80 volume and the post. Four was struggling to keep up in playing at 90 volume. So this speaker is going to have no problem filling a large room with music.

And it s also going to have no problem blanketing. A large area with music outdoors. Thanks to the speaker s then would find transducer and acoustic deflector. It still manages to evenly blanket a 360 degree area outdoors with zero dead zones.

So unlike a lot of other 360 degree. Speakers that perform better indoors. Where they can bounce sound. Off of walls and ceilings to create that 360 degree sound effect both of boses speakers can still create a bubble of sound even outdoors.

But i just can t stress how much louder and how much more bass boses new speaker has over the revolve. Plus. It s truly impressive now when it comes to apps boses. A new speaker connects to bose music from here you re gonna have a few presets set and change the source of your audio.

But what s really important here is that you can adjust the bass in trouble on this speaker. Which is a pretty big deal because. This is something that you couldn t do on the revolve. Plus.

So now you can have a little control over how your speaker sounds..

Which is always nice. But it s important to keep in mind that this speaker can only play in sync with boz s newer speakers and sound bars. If you already have a revolve. Plus or any other sound lynx speaker.

For that matter. You can t pair them to boses. Newer speakers for now supposedly in the future. You ll be able to pair.

Boses new speaker. With a single sounding speaker. But until that software update comes out. We ll have to wait.

And see. But overall. If three 50 doesn t give you sticker shock for the speaker. And i highly recommend you get it.

If you re looking for a speaker to use mostly at home or to entertain guests with the amount of sound coming out of this. Relatively small speaker is truly impressive thanks to its downward flying transducer and acoustic deflector this speaker creates a rich 360 degree bubble or sound whether used indoors or outdoors making it great for get togethers and the fact that it supports. Both google assistant and the like them just makes it super useful around the house especially if you have a lot of smart devices. Honestly i have no gripes with this speaker.

The only thing i can really complain about it is its price point and the fact that it doesn t have an audio jack. But that may not matter to some people all in all all i can really say about this speaker is that believe the hype and if you re specifically looking for a 360 degree speaker. This is probably the best 360 degree portable speaker on the market right now if you made it this far. I guess you enjoyed the video.

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