Bose Soundlink MICRO Speaker – REVIEW

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“You re looking for ultimate portability and one the best compact designs. The bose soundlink soundlink micro might be the answer now full disclosure. I ve personally bought this at at the time of this video click on my affiliate links down in that video description to purchase or to check for the most updated prices in real time they never know when these things might go on sale. I m jimmy luna.

With jim s review room and i m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review. Now. While bluetooth speakers like the ue winter. Broom or the jamie off.

The floor are considered as small bluetooth speakers. They re not a slim or portable as they both sound like micro now made with tear resistant silicone rubber. It s meant to be a durable outdoor speaker to with span abrasions now although there s a quick mentioning on boces website saying quote. There s no need to panic if you drop it unquote i didn t see any mentioning in the user manual of a formal drop resistant height or certification well i dropped.

Damn thing on tile flooring at the office actually i m multiple occasions just to test it out here. And it s still fine today. And it s also sealed to prevent water damage the bose micro is ip. 7.

Certified meaning. It s able to be submerged in water up to one meter. They say three point three feet for up to 30 minutes. Now bose also claims it s safer on ocean water as well so saltwater not a big deal.

The bigger question. Though especially for those who bring this on a boat out on the water does it float with my testing dropping this into a bucket of water the speaker..

Sadly does not keep that in mind now lasts for many who are unaware or don t read the instruction manual. Like me before i started doing youtube. The instruction manual says this can be used in the shower rain or snow some bluetooth speakers can t withstand water jets breeze that is now one of the biggest reasons. Why you would buy the boats micro is this strap on the back from my testing.

It s very simple to use and highly convenient at first it seems sketchy to use as it s barely latching and to this little hole right here. But after attaching this in random areas. The tension provides a lot of security. See you attaches to a bike handlebar with these shocks and shakes.

It s not going anywhere. It s not going to unsnap on you now. I ve always enjoyed the bose pairing process they give you voice prompts when it s connected. But also who this speaker is connected to the bose peers easily for me.

And the boast micro is able to remember up to eight devices at the same time now. Placing the speaker on one side of my studio and walking. I wouldn t do the hallway over there letting the signal go through several walls. I m able to achieve 42 linear feet before the speakers started to crackle now button wise and going around the speaker.

Here power and pairing is up top thankfully. There s a battery level indicator. Something that i wish that they sony actually speakers would have i just reviewed those but to the front here you know simply vibe up and down and right in the middle here is the multifunction button. One press pauses in play two taps.

The song moves forward and three taps goes back on your music. Although most devices are wireless..

These days it would have been nice though to have a three and a half millimeter input to connect this to your playstation controller or a pc. There s unfortunately not one but anyways like i said most devices are wireless. So you ll be the judge on that now jumping into battery life bose claims up to six hours of typical use. I ran this at 50 vinyl.

I can do all my tests here in the studio and let them playing from a full battery to dead. With my test. I achieved 14 hours in 35 minutes to be exact very. Impressive now other than that this speaker is very simple to use without any extra features and gimmicks.

It s very straightforward let s get into some quick audio test be sure to put on your headphones or earphones as i ll be using them by neural microphones and before i starts be sure to help support my work. If i follow me on facebook. Or instagram. Also my personal facebook and instagram accounts.

Called. Jimmy lil official fire mode is in the comment section. Here. We go all right folks please have your headphones or earphones.

In for the binaural experience. Here goes. The first saw so first up for a small speaker. It does very well at providing enough for personal space listening.

But also smaller reception like areas that need background audio. Now although this is priced at 100..

Don t expect it to be as loud as the jbl flip. 4. Or again the you wonder boom in this price range. But for the size of this thing.

The boast micro is really really good now for such a small speaker. This thing has pretty darn good bass more so than any other ultra portable bluetooth speaker that i ve tested this includes the old ue rule. 2. And be jbl clip that i have tested before now those didn t hit as deep as the boast micro now there s a little thump in the music that helps make this little speaker.

Enjoyable now moving to the mid range any audio track strong in vocals. We re talking sam smith adele songs of beyonce as a few examples here the most the boast micro. That is does exceptionally well that s very clear and pushed forward now i m pop songs that has a lot of instruments and background audio. This is slightly and they get slightly jumbled together with the upper mid range frequencies and slowly heading into the very high frequencies.

There wasn t much audio separation. There when there s a lot going on it gets slightly hard to distinguish some instruments and vocals. That s what i mean light gets kind of jumbled up there and for most small speakers for them to be this loud. Though there s usually some sacrifice in the high frequency range with screeching and ear piercing.

Notes. You don t get that here with the micro. If anything bose plays. It really safe in the high frequencies and rounds off the top and in general with the lack of resolution on the top end.

It prevents the speaker from going overboard and sounding too sharp. It s not a bad thing..

Most average consumers will find this perfectly fine. Now are there any movie syncing issues. A quick test. With me samsung si.

And they pixel xl. Watching netflix. I personally didn t have any issues. So over on the portability makes.

The speaker and winner rugged waterproof and functional. The only thing really missing for me is the ability for it to float just in case you drop into the pool or such demo. I cannot dive in and get this for you guys a pride drown seconds keep in mind how small this thing is for the quality comes out of this thing. It s quite impressive and i highly recommend you guys and get this.

If ultra portability is on your list is at the top of your list. That is if you want better sound quality. But less portability of course again check out the jbl flip speaker or the ue wonder boom. So alright folks light up that comment session with fire emojis and follow me on facebook and instagram to stay up to date with jim s review by signing up on my website in jim s review calm and yes.

I know you guys are asking me a bunch of times and i m excited about it these sony 1000. Was an mx 3 mark. 3 is coming to the channel pretty soon and also this samsung galaxy watch alright folks ” ..


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