Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Setting up Demo

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“Video will guide you through the process of connecting your bowers and wilkins. Eklund air air to your wireless home network. It s a one off process. And once done ll be able to wirelessly stream music from computers ipads iphones and ipod touches connected to the same network.

Before you begin. It s worth checking you ve got the latest version of itunes installed on your computer. And it s also worth noting that bowers wilkins occasionally updates the firmware for the zep thin air. So visit the website for details on how to install the latest version once you re done close down all running applications and make sure your wireless router is switched on you ll need to know the name and password of your wireless network.

And it s also important that the network is running on the 802 11 g. Standard. Or a variant that includes 802 11 g. To begin ensure that all cables have been removed from the zeppelin air.


And no iphone or ipod is attached to the docking arm next connect one end of the supplied ethernet cable to your zeppelin air and the other end directs to your computer. Not via rooter. If an ethernet cable is already connected to your computer just remove it for the duration of the setup. You won t need an internet connection for now anyway.

And if you re using a computer. Such as a macbook air that doesn t have an ethernet connection. Fear. Not you can make these zeppelin air set up its own temporary wireless network.

Just visit the website for more details. We now need some power so plug in the zeppelin. There s power cable and you ll see a dim red light on the docking arm press. The power button and the light will flash purple.


As the zeppelin air tries to establish a connection. This will take up to two minutes. The light will go solid purple ones. The connection has been made or flashing yellow.

If the zeppelin can t establish an ethernet connection. If this happens make sure that both ends of the ethernet cable are firmly in place take out the power cable and start again once the connection between your zeppelin. Air and your computer. Has been successfully established you need to access the set up user interface to do this just open up a web browser and type 169254 dot 11.

Into the address bar this will access. The setup page stored in the zeppelin air. Now this isn t an internet page. So if you type it into the search bar it won t work next give it a name and click apply now this is particularly useful if you re lucky enough to own more than one zeppelin air you ll get a confirmation screen just click ok you can now connect your zeppelin air to your wireless network from the drop down.


Simply select. The name of your home network. Now you can enter the password for your wireless network and click join it s really important that you get this password right. Don t forget.

It s case. Sensitive and contains only alphanumeric characters not special symbols. This warning message will remind you that if you join the wrong network or enter. The wrong password you may be unable to connect and you ll have to perform a factory reset and start all over again just click ok.

Now remove the ethernet cable from the rear of your zeppelin air the indicator light will begin to flash purple. As the zeppelin. It seeks to join your wireless network after about a minute. It should turn solid purple.


Which indicates a connection has been made once the connection has been established you re ready to start streaming music from itunes. Or airplay. Enabled devices direct to the zeppelin air within itunes. You ll see a new airplay icon.

Has appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the window click on that and you can select zeppelin air. As your speaker. If you re using an ios device such as the iphone you ll find the airplay icon. Within the ipod function.

Further information is available in the zeppelin air user manual available for download. ” ..

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