Bretonnia vs Norsca THE GREEN KNIGHT SMASH- Total War Warhammer 2

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“For a knight of britannia shall be your shield and today. We re here with with the showdown between bir tanya who shall be led by the faint chant restore guest appearance from the green knight we re gonna be facing off against norske who shall be homes by wulfric so on that note guys let s jump right into this match and have some fun so here in the front line. We do of course have three groups of the peasant mobs and these guys got their pitchforks they got their rakes and they re ready to defend their homeland. Well.

This doesn t really look like a bertoni in homeland looks. More like the norsk in homeland. So they re ready to go on a crusade against a fountain or skin hordes. And yes they re going to be getting run over by a bunch of robbers and basically the reason you put them in the front line is because they have 6500.

Hp. Give or take and they can take a beating for sure yes or gonna route instantly but they absorb the shock of norsk in line kind of drags them through a little bit of a tar pit and it also allows your missiles to get some more fire before the frontline eventually gets into your backline. So three groups of the peasant mobs here in the front line in the secondary line. It s gonna be four groups of the men at arms and these guys are just so solid for the cost their base cost without any chevron s i believe is 250 or 300.

Or something in that range and for that you re getting a great deal. 28. Melee attack with the chevron so it s actually 27 and 26 with 26 weapons rank. That is really solid.

So basically. I think these guys make a really good secondary line. But you know with bertoni. I like to have a couple lines especially if i m going to be relying on the archers so in the back.

We have a huge corps of archers. We have two fire arrows. Which are very good against you for generating werewolves and things like that we also do have two groups of the poison archers. So the poison archer is pretty good for discipling slow to big target.

So if there s hamir if there s a soul crusher mammoth skin wolves. It s very nice to have that slow so and so do we got four archers. But that is not the last of our battle line so on top of that we have to battle pilgrims. Which are actually not bad against norske.

The only thing that the really struggle against is gonna be let s say you know marauder champions. Who do of course have pretty good armor values. But they trade relatively efficiently with most of the norsk in infantry. I mean berserkers will win the fight vote.

You know bow to pilgrims will hold for quite some time they re very good leadership in the arm. You know psychology while they re frenzy is active so they re facing off against terra cosmic monsters. These guys are really going to be mvps so two groups of those guys in total one group of halbert s here in the back for our cab force. We do have the defenders that fleur de lys.

Here and also another groups of knight another group of knight errant knights errant knights errant you know i had it right for so long and i m just trying to screw it up and my apologies. Oh. There s some people moving next door. So it s probably gonna be causing some noise anyways.

The knights aren t gonna be charging into the front line and obviously you don t want the bertoni. An infantry to have to fight on their own and you know like the tooltip says. The united tania shall be the shield and yes they re good charging in going balls deep into these marauders and hopefully doing some damage on top of that we have two groups of you knights of the realm. These guys are just really good against berto nia.

They do struggle a little bit against from here with great weapons. But for the most part they can deal with skinned wolves. They can just charge infantry. They re you know relatively good against mammoths with their bonus versus large and against throg and wulfric.

They re also pretty good yeah. Two knights of the realm. And that s gonna be it so we don t have a ton of anti armor..


But we certainly have attrition. We have a ton of infantry. We have archers we have two knights of the realm. But yes we have the green knight.

So the green knight is so good i mean. This guy is just the master assassin. He can do a wulfric. He can take out mammoths.

He s pretty pretty good against i mean for me or do two magic damage. But if you re able to cycle charge and just get in there you can do some work and he causes terror. So the green knight is really an x factor. And now for the armies of professor poem here in the front line.

He does have a bunch of these standard marauders and honestly they re pretty good against the bertoni ins they can be mostly infantry you they have shields are gonna be somewhat durable against missile fire researchers do take a lot of damage from the archers and also calf can really run them down for the cost so if you like standard rodders. You usually do a pretty good job. You can also go relatively elite with champions. They re gonna have better armor values against the archers and stuff.

But if you re going to be going with mammoths and other big units like premier. I think that the standard products are going to be doing a good job. So here in the front line. They re gonna be taking huge charge from the knights errant.

Two groups of the unites aaron are going to be charging in respectively against marauder here and one here. So i he s got a couple spears. The soul crusher here in the back. So just good to be going all steve with a huge mammoth.

He s got wulfric as well and for a caster. He does have a death caster. Which actually is really bad for the green knight. So he is going to be able to spam spirit leeches get some really good damage and also cast fate of being on my very expensive cap on the flank skin wolves are going to be riding journey with the skin wolf.

We re kin so going with the the american werewolves in in the glacial lake er that doesn t really make sense i mean i guess yeah he s from america. So whatever rotter horsemen throwing axes. Some hounds and that s pretty much it so guys let s get this show on the road. So in the front line beam or skin or the van or skin calf the bert onion caviar gonna be charging into the front getting some really good damage against marauders and obviously really helping the beleaguered peasants.

Who are going to be getting run over by mammoths and some of these other tools here so i started focus firing down the soul crusher and professor bone. Very good stuff here does pop and rage which is gonna give him 44 ward s a but the green knights gonna be coming in as well so the green knight very very good against these type of targets good ap. And you can see the hunter of champions. Has been popped.

Now the green knight is a very tempting target. But he is so hard to kill without magic damage and yes spirit leech is gonna be coming in but with a faint chant rescind the back who s good to be popping regrowth and other effects like that it s going to be tough to take him down on the flank. We do have the you knights errant. Who did the town s here.

But they do call for a little bit of an ambush. So the werewolves are going to be jumping in here they got their claws out there s also a where kin. So normally knights of the realm. Would actually beat the skin well we re kin with the help of the aware we ll faster here.

I think it s gonna be a little bit tougher. These knights in the realm. And you pop a regrowth to keep them fighting. But it s still gonna be a tough fight.

Now the norse guns have collapses flanked over here. So. The peasants and the men at arms..


Did buckle where the soulcrusher was going. But we ve got some pretty good damage so even though it has collapsed. We ve done an okay job so at this fight in the battle. I know that we re relatively stable here these men arms are gonna be holding these peasants are taking a beating for the lady and we re gonna be dropping a chalice of potion on their head right here on top of that we have some reserves.

Who amended arms to have battle pilgrims so i felt relatively confident about this flank right here. So what i do at this point is i pull back the knights errant. I m gonna line up over here and just intercept this crashing for so you can see the knights errant are gonna be falling back because her poem coming in to have your pirate ship of the gods going down tearing out my archers beautiful cast right there you professor pwned coming in for the kill right here you can see wulfric. The wanderer is gonna be attacking the feint tantras.

So light has been popped and i actually get a little bit sloppy oh. So focus on my crowing and taking down. The mammoth over here that he was able to get a really good job so scary stuff in the meantime. These marauders are going to be chasing a lot of my peasants and archers off the battlefield.

Potentially and knights of the realm are gonna be intercepting jumping on top of the soulcrusher here so this is great we re getting a bit damaged our archers are shooting. But the nor skins are pressuring from multiple angles. And you can actually see the balance of power. It s a little bit in the favor of the norskies.

So the halbert s have been pulled from serve. They re going to be intercepting. These marauders right here in the knights errant are also going to be intercepting. These troops trying to get myself a little bit of a buffer to take out this mammoth in this very powerful troops.

So the green knight. Getting a little bit beat up as well but the deloris plate has been pop so 86 but dolores blade dolores get your blade 86 million sax 602 weapons ring the green knights going to be coming in with a green steel chair and hopefully doing some pretty good damage against this mammoth right here in the meantime. The peasant mobs to the company are gonna be running butt ass. But you know berto means they usually route and come back.

So i am good to be having a lot of horses coming back in the battlefield and thankfully. My knights of the realm. Who were over on a quest over here to come back and intercepted wulfric therefore freeing up the feint andres so we take a big look at the battlefield. There are pockets of returning infantry fighting.

And it gets broader spearmen they should be okay i mean of course they re gonna lose head. But through sheer attrition they should be able to where those guys down over here. We do have knights errant. They re going to be holding up these spears.

I was basically trying to buy time for the green knight. But i should have pulled them back a little bit sooner so a pretty big mistake. My part there and the helpers are gonna be fighting over here s albert still fighting against marauders which is slowly losing. Something our skins are really slowly starting to take control over this part of the battlefield.

The werewolf king himself is gonna be charging him. But the green knight. The true hero bertoni adjust fighting tooth and nail here against the soul crusher and doing some really good damage and buying time for all the peasant archers to just unload. So in the meantime.

The werewolf master or the world. I should start calling about is actually the skin well parkins gonna be jumping in here. But the green knight does do come out he gets the regrowth. He s going to be coming back in and the green knight is a much better duelist.

You can see here 104 and 54 30 against 53 32. And 437. But the bonus force large here is quite useful. But remember a massive portion of the skin will skin wolf.

Where it can damage is not going to be going through so favor of the fae giving him that 104. And he is just beating the breaks off the skin will perk in right here. But the werewolf coming in with the claw the underhand uppercut clock coming in with the mike tyson clock..


But the green knight is gonna be able to take that especially with some healing and he s also got a couple peasants back. Here who argument. You know help break the leadership of this work in a little bit quicker so so far the green knights. Really been the mvp this fella.

So he s going to be fighting here against the we re kin and wolf rico. Wander is basically just hunting down. The pain tantras. So the hunter of champions has been popped.

She s gonna be really slow at 50 speed so at this point instead of running straight away. You want to turn around and kind of shook him. Outright so i m gonna be trying to juke him pull him into the knights. And it looks like i m just barely able to evade him there.

Which is gonna be nice. Because that could have been a lot of damage and for the first time in the battle. I do pull slightly ahead in the bounds of power as the knights of the realm are able to surround wulfric on his horse and they have really good mass. He s not gonna be able to just push out their bonus.

Where sarge is gonna be very good yes. He does have a hundred armor. But nonetheless just through the sheer volume of a both not where the couch glances here. But just lance s kind of pokin him it should be pretty good.

But the big tails. The tape is the fact that the soulcrusher was actually chased off by the peasant archers. So they re able to take that bad boy down you could see in the distance. It might make it off the battlefield.

It has 74 hp and it looks like the soul crusher is gonna live to fight another day is it gonna go 74. Hp and down. He goes down off the battlefield and the death caster was also taken out by a couple of the knights over here and it yeah. But she ll celebrity owned.

I mean he was just a beast this game. He s able to do so much work against us heroes. He beat down the skin roll fair kin he did a ton of damage against the mammoths. He was also able to tear out a ton of infantry.

And on top that he comes in with the the finishing blow. He s able to finish off so right here wolf creek is gonna be getting chase off with a green knight who s uh. I don t know if they like change something pertaining to his stats. But it so many matchups.

He s just been such a beast and i also feel like if you re really struggling in the prytaneum matchup versus the lizard man i feel like the green knight. It s actually a really good pick. He s very good at dueling the dinosaurs and he just gives you this presence that can really just go around in the tacks lon. He can attack sort of scar veterans.

I mean he is just so powerful so the green knight getting another regrowth here gonna be topping him off and the norseman s don t have too much left on the battlefield. There s gonna be some skin wolf work in but for the most part the the tides of bertoni have come back so the peasant archers and the feint changers cackling in the distance are going to be chasing down the last of the north of these norske marauders. But the knights errant in the knights of the realm are easily gonna be able to round flop so well played opponent. It was certainly a fierce fight i fell behind pretty early on he was able to get some really good jumps on the feint changers.

He did completely collapse my flank. But for the most part that s why bertoni ins. The flank is always good to collapse. No matter who you re facing for the most part the petronia front line is really gonna struggle unless you invest super heavily and like foot squires and gravel it grail really cold.

Growl reliefs. And things like that right. But even for the most part that s not the way to do it in my opinion because your value is generally gonna get overrun for the cost per ton of infantry just aren t as good as other factions so use your men at arms use your peasants to take a beating..


I look at these guys. 14 kills. You gotta give him some props right so these men at arms come in after the peasants walter wants. The peasants walter.

The battle pilgrims come in and once about oppo pilgrims faults are you re gonna have the support of the knights errant who can usually win one side of the flank and then at that point they pull back and re secure. The other side. The allow your archers to come back. And give you some good isolation.

So there s a pretty good build. I think it would struggle against a few heavy build. I m trying to think of what i would do i mean archers for archers focusing down from here can actually do some really good damage like even. Though they re they re armored.

They have good missile resists and things like that it can still add up the green knights pretty good against from here as well knights of the realm with good charges. The thing about from yours they have very bad leadership. So if you re able to kind of shrek. The infantry near them surround them a get rear charges even with like crappy units.

They do break. But it s still very tough. I think that a norse can build that is very good against bertoni s like three familiar with great weapons with like marauder horsemen. Defending and it is really really tough for sure.

But as far as changing this build goes i like the four peasant archers it s really gonna wreck berserkers and just lightly armored infantry amended arms are you know gonna do the trick for the most part but the knights aren t i think you re solid as well. But the issue really becomes the large. I think maybe just cut one night of the realm here maybe cut one knight errant. The peasants and get a couple.

More halbert s because from there. You can mix in the meta d. armes. That pull arms once you ve cleared out their infantry.

And they can sometimes the old from here. I still think it s really hard if they do go that route. But nonetheless repose build the mammoth was pretty scary for sure. But thankfully.

We had the tools to kind of deal with them without the green knight. I think it would have been really tough so he was actually a big lifesaver in this build. But yeah the marauder horseman throwing axes are really good against prytaneum calves. The skin will work in i just don t feel like he s what he used to be i mean.

He s very expensive he cost like fourteen or fifteen hundred for that you could get a lot more infantry you could get some premier with great weapons. All of which i think are better and i also think brought the throg is a much better pick here. I mean having that anti large it s just so good against a cab units. He s a little bit more durable.

He could have fended off the knights of the realm. Most likely and the death caster is a really good pick as well so i think there s some elements in the build that are very solid. But i think just going with from here is really just the best way a skin wolf where can i mean if you re gonna go skin wolves. I think maybe just go with the armored variant because they re gonna be much better.

Again science in the realm in knights errant having that armor against the low ap of knights of the realm. I think would be very good so very well played to a professor pow and hopefully you guys enjoyed this bertoni immerse. Nervous can showdown. We will see you ” .


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