Can Cuphead Run Without A Video Card? – Minimum Spec

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” s up ladies and gentlemen. I wanted to start a new series because i ve ve seen some interesting comments in really a couple different videos that i do about games and a lot of them come down to i don t have a pc. So i can t play this game at least. You say you don t have a gaming pc.

And that s that s kind of a good point. If you don t have a gaming pc. You re gonna have a hard time playing a majority. The games that come out that are big triple a games.

But the interesting thing is you can still play some games on steam more than you might think so i wanted to make a series that i do occasionally for time time if the game pops up that i think we can do and that is a series called minimum spec and the idea here is i will take a game and show you that you might be able to play it on your system. Even if you don t think you can and the way. I m going to do that is i ve bought an office computer. That was at a liquidation sale.

It s with an older processor. No video card that s the whole point of this series is there will be no video card in it. And it s now four gigabytes of ram. So it s not going to be a super powerful computer.

In fact. It s one that is mostly spent in an office building for work processing and surfing. The web. So i thought we d have some fun and the way i really thought about this a little bit i started looking at some of the steam hardware and software surveys and you d be surprised where we have things like the base resolution of 1366 by 768 is owned by really.

17 of people basically they re playing on what is essentially a laptop. They re in fact still only about half of people on steam are at 1080p and the rest are maybe some at 4k not a lot in fact. They even say less than four that less than 1 right now on steam. According.

Their surveys is using 4k. Everyone else is at 1080p or below..

Say. A 50 years. 56. 1080p and the rest are all a bunch of different resolutions.

Below. That and that s where we re going to really get into here so today. I thought we d have some fun we re gonna look at cuphead that s right guys. We are going to attempt to play cuphead on a computer.

That has no video card and is set up to be slower. Then most computers out there today. So let s take a look at cuphead and see if we can get decent framerate out of a computer with no video card so first things first i need to introduce you to the computer. That s gonna be running now of course this computer s not very fast.

It s not meant to be so i aptly named it the pedestrian. So let s go over the specs. Very quickly inside there s an i3 2120 this cpu launched right at the beginning of 2011. So it is about six and a half years old at this point.

It is on a 32 nanometer processor and when it launched. It was right around 120 to 130 dollars. Now it can be found fairly easily for about thirty dollars online. It does have a two core setup.

With four threads. So two threads to each core. A 3. Megabyte cache and with its memory.

Which is one stick of 4 gigabytes of ddr3 that s clocked at 1333 megahertz. It has a maximum bandwidth of 21 giga bytes per second..

I did purposely by the weight leave only one stick in there so it didn t come equipped with another one. I could have put another one in there just to help out because it should support dual channel. I m just gonna leave one stick in there just to make things a little harder on this computer. Now since we don t actually have a video card in here we will be using the onboard eye gpu in this case the graphics processor is the intel hd graphics 2000 which of course is the next evolution up from the original hd graphics.

It s it s the base frequency of 850 megahertz and does have emacs dynamic frequency. Which means it can boost up to it at one point one gigahertz lastly. I did just go ahead and put a 120 gigabyte ssd in there because well i can t stand how long it takes for mechanical drives to start up oh and all this computer was purchased at a liquidation sale for 60 total even came with a keyboard and mouse. Which is pretty good now this system does have hdmi out so the way.

I m gonna be recording any footage is off of this computer. This computer will not be doing any recording. I m going to record simply with an elgato hd60 frames per second in case. We ever hit that in this series and it will record at 720p.

So the resolution on this computer will be set down to 720p. Even. Though. The desktop currently is displaying 1080p for the most part any computer purchased in the last four to five years especially if it s from the amd side with the ap use they put out now should pretty much trounced this computer.

When it comes to graphical performance. So keep in mind that mostly any computers out there. Now should be able to perform better and most of these games that way you re gonna see alright and here we are head running on this computer with no video card at the title screen. You can see it s it s right around 30 to 35 frames per second.

What i have done is blown up that frame counter at the top. It was kind of small so i just kind of blew. It up for you guys so you can see it the resolution. We re gonna go with is 1280 by 720 fullscreen vsync on i turned the color bleed down.

Because i don t like really the look of it. But if you change the resolution it kind of acts all funky so i m gonna leave it at 1280 by 720 and we ll just jump in from there and you can see right from the start..

We re doing the run and gun level. The first one actually and you can see it s sitting right at 30 or so frames per second. It does dip into the upper 20s at times and overall. I do think cuphead is good to play at 60 frames per second.

But this computer really has no business playing any games. It s really cool to see it running cuphead even though like i said. It has no video card. It s really neat to see it running on a computer.

That s mostly used for office work. Now the one thing. I noticed with cuphead at 30 frames per second. Really below 60.

At all is that the parry system is harder to time. If you re used to a higher frame rate. Now you may get used to it like i started to over time. As you ply.

It it s just it s not very good to go from 60 to 30 and then try to master that parry system or use. It the same timing. I was really curious about like the boss battles would the boss battles calls the frame rate to dip. Not really same kind of frame rate.

Where it was sitting right the neighborhood of 25 to 30 sometimes it would get above 30. But looking at this i can tell you that if you had an apu for example something from amd whether it s a saying a six or an eight. Even if you re lucky enough to have an 8 10. For example.

You probably are going to play this close to 60 frames. Believe it or not this game is not super taxing even though it looks pretty good..

I know it s 2d. But this is a game that is very well optimized and doesn t need a lot of power to play. And i was really happy to see this computer that is really running at the bare minimum of its system requirements play it without too much issue you can get by with this you can experience the game is it the best experience no but if you re on a budget. You don t really have really any other way to play it you don t have an xbox.

You don t have a competent pc. Maybe this is your family computer that you have like you know for everyone to use well you can at least try out cuphead and enjoy it and have really a good time playing through it and that s something i really like this is a great game. And it s good to see that a computer that has no business playing it can play it oh. And just for fun.

I went ahead and took the resolution bumped it up to 1080p to see what kind of performance hit. We get. And yeah don t do that it s it s like 15 to 20 frames. 20 frames is great if you can get a 1080p in this case.

Because it s generally at like 14 to 15 frames. Per second in this case with the limited memory bandwidth stick to 720p. But i m curious to know what you guys think about all of this have you tried playing it on a computer. That s kind of lower or bare minimum specs and had it really success like i have here or are you running on a pretty strong rig like i have as well where you have a decent gaming rig that plays this 60 frames no problem if you turn off vsync it ll jump hundreds and hundreds of frames up so.

This is also a really good game. If you have a very high refresh monitor and then even a mid range rig. We ll play it. At high frame rates.

Which is really cool let me know down in the comments below guys i m very curious thanks for tuning into minimum spec. I ll see you next time ” ..

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