Canon PIXMA iP100/iP110 Mobile Photo Printer – Battery Powered

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“This review and unboxing. I m gonna be unboxing the pixma ip 100 by canon canon for the price range around 180 dollars. This is part of the best photo you can get it prints up to 9600 by 2400 color dots per inch. It also enhances your photo with an auto image fix software that s in it if you look on amazon.

Which has great reviews. It s a pretty fast printer also at nine page per minute for black and around five point nine page per minute for color prints so just looking through the box here they actually supply you with some ink and just little orange tabs you remove. When you install it and this is the ink cartridge holder that you ll put in your printer..


Before you put in your cartridge and i m hoping to show you guys and you just remove the orange tab. When you want to install it okay and here s the printer ip 100. There s also there s also car adapters and batteries you can buy to have it on the road and so much your portable really light okay. We ll go on to how we set it up it s a little different than most printers out there.

You re gonna they actually supply you with a special paper that helps you align. It when you first initially install it and canon doesn t supply you with a usb cord. But it does apply you with a power cord..


So you just want to plug in your power cord. They have a quick start guide. If you want to look at it just turn it on initially you know you can get access to the ink cartridge bay so grab letting colder and you want to take it out of the orange. So install this before you put in your ink push on the two great abs to lift up this bar and put it in and then lower the bar down.

And i ll snap into place and then with the supplied ink remove the orange tab put in the blank ink first that goes on the right. And they ll snap in and a little red light will come on and the same thing with the color cartridge pop pop. The orange tab and push it back and then down until it snaps..


Let me. See the red light and now. I just buy separate usb cord. A user from your old canon printer or old printer.

And this doesn t have sd card slots but once you put in the software cd just click easy install click install and then it ll take a few minutes and i ll fast forward through this and just show you guys how to set everything up the biggest thing is just to use the supplied printhead alignment paper. And you hold down your there we go and here some recommended photo paper. 9..


Bucks on amazon and this is a computer. ” ..

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