Cant Transfer File from Mac to External Hard drive? Drive Formatted in NTFS?

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“Right so you have a external hard drive that you used to use on your your windows computer and you just put it into your macbook now you re trying transfer files from your macbook to your external hard drive and you re not able to for example under devices. Here you can see you 32. This is my external hard drive ok now if i wanted to move some from external hard drive to my macbook. I have no problem so i can move this folder to over here a problem.

However if i want to move it back in from my apple computer to my external hard drive. See that round circle with the ak with the line through it i can t okay. See i can t do it. Now why is that well i double tap on my u32 over here.

And i go down to get info. You can see the reason is is because my filesystem is formatted in ntfs basically. We re only windows can write to it now with ntfs your mac. Your apple computer that ll be able to read it but it cannot write to it so what do we do well if you want to if you format it in a fat filesystem fat32 or exfat.

Then it s it s compatible both ways it can you can transfer to an apple to a windows and vice versa. So what do we got to do now basically what you have to do now is whatever files the folders you want to save them you can simply do is as drag you can drop that once your apple computer i can just drop it right here onto the my my desktop here and the thing is i can t drag all of these because these files are way too big so i m just going to show you for example. Just we re just gonna save this one here. I ve already backed us drive up my windows computer goes again my apple computer this is like 300 gigs right here so anyway so once you move everything over to your your apple desktop then what you can do is click on his magnifying glass in the top right hand corner then what you want to do is you want to type in disk utility up right here.

There s this toady right here you can doubletap on that to open that up and here we go so if i look down the external down here you can see this u. 32..

Can that s my external hard drive let s see here this is a 500 gig er. If i click on the second one here its wow. I used this is like almost 300 gigs so i don t have enough room on my apple computer so i m just showing that one folder here as an example so you just want to go and tap on your external. You may only have one on here okay if you have stuff on there.

You don t have to click on the first one here is fine then you want to go ahead and tap on your race. Then you go ahead and name it and then under format now there s several things. Let. Me.

Just go over these really briefly. Okay. This. Oh oh s.

X. Extended. It s basically the default for the apple apple computer. But you can only it s only for apple.

Ok. The same thing with this os x..

Extended. This is when this one s case. Sensitive. Though this one basically is for for example.

Like let s say you have a a file named file. Dot. Docx and another file name file. Dot docx.

But the fs capitalized. Then you re not going to be able to transfer that over anyways. The default recommended for the apples is top one here and then we ll do go down. Here.

And listen carefully with these two. Okay. We have a ms. Dos pad.

This is basically the fat32. The guys remember that from it all stays..

And then we have a newer fire file system here called the exfat now. What is the difference here. I mean for me i always go with the fat32. But let me just give you a quick information between these two you can decide which we need.

So the ms. Dos. Right here is fat basically. This is fat32.

Again. Now you can transfer between both of these you can transfer windows and app ok. But this one here you can do trick you can transfer from like windows apple linux you can also transfer files from gaming systems. Like playstation 3 xbox 360 that we the only limitation that you re going to have on this one is you cannot transfer files more than four gigabyte in size.

Okay. Now you re going to be moving any file. That s more than four gigabyte in size and you need to go with the exfat. Okay.

There s the one that i recommend i mean for gigs like come on if you re recording any videos in 4k you know decent length of videos you re gonna have more than four gigs even if you download it put a dvd on there it s gonna be more than four gigs anyways. I recommend this one if you re not gonna be chess profiles on gaming systems..

And you may have more than four gigs. The transfers then just go with the exfat here so right there and if simply we re gonna top on you race here and remember it is going to erase everything give us a second here. And this has basically asked me. If i want to back up a time machine you can decide later you can you can use it as a backup this i just don t i m just gonna go don t use okay now we are done that was quick that just format it like 300 gigs okay and then from here.

What we can do is let me go ahead and open up. A finder here. Let me here s my my u32 here s my external hard drive let me just go in to get info. And let s check this out.

Now. Oh wow. There it is exfat. I got 500 gigs available and then from here.

When you can do is is your file that you saved onto your desktop you can just drag and you can drag and drop that back onto there and that s pretty much it you re good to go you guys you have any questions or need any ” ..

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