Car Problems Can Happen Using Verizon HUM

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“Greg buckley. Here and today in the underbelly of this ford. Escape now. I know know a lot of times.

I m usually in and around the car. But today m looking at something very specific that is having that that we in the professional field are starting to see some major problems and these problems are directly reflecting a an issue with the newer type of you know the third party boxes that tell you the little connectors that tell you all about your car. And you know the codes that you can get read and you know how many miles per gallon. And all that good stuff.

Which is you know useful information. But actually it s more damaging can be more damaging to your car than what you might realize so you re all familiar with how these things get get connected. Now here is your what they call the obd2 port alright and connected is an a unit that will allow you to will track mileage that will do everything and they simply plug in and plug out alright and this one here is drive wise. There s a bunch of them one.

Called hum. There s delphi. There s like this one here. This is an older one actually so we don t really we don t use these at all.


But a lot of them look. Like this progressive hum. All your insurance companies and plus. All the third parties have them.

But here s here s the problem now these units might seem like they re doing you a favor and maybe to a degree they give you information that you you know you think you can t find anywhere else. But you can what s really hurting everybody is and what we re seeing in the professional fields is these are starting to interfere with the operations and the functionality of the components of your engine management systems and here s why all right you have pins all right and everything is connected and ryan ran through that connector. Okay let s see right here. Okay.

These pins are critical. You know when we read them our equipment is designed not to interfere with any kind of voltage. We read we read a lot well they can read too but in some cases. What they re causing is transmission shifts that are in error transmissions that can be failed sensors that get out of range they cause check engine lights and the reason.

Why is because they ll allow voltage to be subtracted from your circuits kind of like if you don t have let s say this they sense things are 12 volt circuits. Something s on a five volt circuit. And i m not getting into specifics here. I m just trying to be as general as possible to have you all understand the issues we face when trying to fix these cars of today.


So the circuit that these components run on and the manufacturer builds are very sensitive to voltage meaning that any addition or subtraction of voltage resistance or amps. However you want to divide up the equation is going to seriously affect the performance of that component when that performance starts to fail then we ll get out of range. Then your check engine lights can come on causing you to have a false symptom even worse. It can cause an internal failure of a degree that your pocketbook may not want to absorb at the moment issues are in the field right.

Now with ford and nissan transmissions that are being affected negatively. Because of these units. Now. We here have had three examples of a crank know start meaning you turned the car that my engine cranks over fine.

But the vehicle doesn t start once we got down to diagnosing and we saw these we would remove it retest. The circuit and guess what the car starting or when in a word shifted fine so these things cause issues and honestly. I don t really know what the true value is besides giving up incredible amounts of information on yourself. If you are privacy fanatic and you are installing one of these well you re just really short circuiting your own.

I guess desire to remain private. Because these are collecting everything and anything from you in order to think that you re getting a perceived value and where any kind of discounts. What it s doing is collecting information on you your location stop go start. And yes you can set parameters.


There s a lot of things that you can do but europe you re affecting that overall performance of your vehicle. And not a good way remember like i said the circuits today in today s vehicles are so sensitive to voltage. That you just can t risk. Affecting or interfering with that flow.

So next. Time. You think you want to have allstate. The liberty verizon or any one of those parties take you up on this remember ask them the final question.

If something goes wrong with my car will verizon fix. It for me will they pay the diagnostic fee will they stop you or get you from breaking down. You you have to consider these things so i m being very generic here. But it s a lot of stuff.

That s been going on lately. And as these vehicles have been more complicated become more complicated in the tech field. We re starting to see the effects. These things are having they re no good you know nothing should be put into that that plug except for a diagnostic tool to gain information and believe me with the complexity of what s coming down the road.


These things will even cause more of a problem. So a suggestion is is don t use it if you need to get information that s pertinent to you maintain your car. Most professional shops will use a database system that can get you everything you need down to miles per gallon or a cents per mile. Actually and give you a cost analysis on what it s taken to run your video of course simple pad and pencil.

I guess with tracking your mileage or looking at your odometer and writing it down. It s all very easy you don t need a third party to do that you ve already got a great second party. Which is your your independent professional repair center that can help you maintain the vehicle in the right manner with no interference with no additional money spent. So i wanted to get this out to everybody because again.

It s really important that these things are not good. I do not believe in them personally everybody has the right to their own vehicle. And do as they please. However these are causing more problems than you really do want to know about it so again.

Hopefully you got to just keep your obd2 port clear and clean let s get out one more time. And this is what i m talking about right here all right in our little port and that way you ll keep your pocketbook nice and clean as well okay greg buckley buckley s auto care. I ll talk to you ” ..


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