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“Phones these days have glass on the front and back and while this might make make them look incredible they sacrifice durability for their good looks. But that certainly ca be said for this phone here the cat s. 31. It s a military spec grade smartphone built from the ground up to take a beating.

I m the gray. The high tech traveler and this is my review of the cat s. 31. As soon as you see this device you ll know that it s not intended for the general consumer.

It s not shiny sleek or glitzy in any way. It s a device intended for those who work outdoors and need something that can keep up with their rugged lifestyle to that end. The cat s. 31.

Is water dust and drop proof with a scratch resistant. Screen it s ip..

68 certified waterproof up to 12 meters for 35 minutes milspec 810 g. Shock and dust proof and can withstand drops from up to 6 feet as you might expect i wanted to test these claims out for myself. So i took the phone for a swim in the gulf of mexico dropped it off my truck. A handful of times and also tossed it 15 to 20 yards to see what would happen i wasn t surprised at the gorilla.

Glass. 3 which protects the 47. Inch 720p display did get a couple scratches after a couple drops. But it didn t crack and the phone s rubberized casing.

Only showed minor signs of wear as for the design the caddis 41 is completely wrapped in soft touch rubber with protruding lines. Which wrap around the edges and the back of the phone. Giving you a secure grip on the device even while wearing gloves. You also get three physical buttons below the display and well pronounced buttons on the sides which have a nice click action to them.

I m also a fan of the dedicated function key. Which can be personalized to launch different applications with a long or a short press and to aid with water..

Resistance the 35 millimeter. Headphone jack and the microusb port are secured with rubber flaps. The one design choice that i find a little bit odd is the slight gap between the screen and the edge of the phone which easily collects dust sand and pocket lint. The gap is likely there to assist with shock resistance and keep the screen from cracking when dropped from 6 feet high.

But i m sure with a little bit more thought they could have come up with a better solution. Having passed a torture test. I moved on to battery endurance normally a phone this size would have a 2500 milliamp hour battery. But cats crammed in a four thousand milliamp hour cell now i ve tested out quite a few phones with a battery this size.

But this is the first device. Which actually gives you two full days. Under regular use with about nine hours of screen on time the cat s. 31.

Doesn t have a floor camera like some of other cats models do but you do get an 8 megapixel autofocus camera on the back and a 2 megapixel selfie camera up front now this may sound a little bit harsh. But the camera quality that you get from the front and rear facing camera is worse than i expected..

Honestly you d do far better. If you picked up a mid range device on 2015 and snapped pictures with that instead adding insult to injury. Both cameras can only record 720p video. This is extremely disappointing since we ve seen sub 200.

Phones that can record 1080p video for at least two years now. But all that can actually be forgiven since this phone wasn t built to take pictures or play games. It was built for durability and in that aspect. The cat s31 has exceeded all of my expectations.

If you re looking for a phone that can take a beating and lasts two days on a single charge. I highly recommend that you take a hard look at this phone. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions about the cat s31 let me know in the comments below and if you haven t subscribed already.

I hope you do i may have a torture test for this phone in the works so stay tuned. t i really just recommend getting used to the timing by practicing them in real games..

It s one thing. The tech. When you know a move is about to hit you and you re 100 ready for it. But it s a bit more difficult to incorporate it into your play so really just practicing the timing.

When you re playing with your friends or playing online and really trying to focus on it will help a lot it becomes second nature with a bit of practice. And it s even easier to do now than it was in smash. 4. As you have an extra three frames to tek so thank you guys for watching hopefully you found it helpful if you have any problems or questions let me know in the comments.

I have a lot of cool videos coming out soon. So make sure to subscribe to see those as always thanks for watching peace ” ..

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