CES 2015 Sony Bravia 4K TVs XBR-55X900C, XBR-65X900C, XBR-75X910C World sThinnest LED TV

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“So here we ve got our x 900. See. This is our 55 inch. Version.

Version. A real big key selling point on this. Tv this is four point nine or 02 inches. This is currently the world s thinnest lcd tv on the market another thing is pretty cool so this tv does come in 55 inches in 65 inches.

We have a 75 inch variant of the same model. But it is called the x9 tin. See that model same features but a little bit thicker bezel..


But it is a 75 inch tv. Another thing new for this year is our x1 image processor. So you can actually see that behind you here so it s our x1 image processor. So what this does is a little bit different from last year.

If this is going to allow you to or allow the tv is going to analyze every source coming in to it and apply the upscaling where it needs to be i m just going to analyze lower bitrate content. That s coming in through 4k. So whether that s youtube content or something like that or netflix content. All the way up to our x10 media server.

Which comes in a much higher bitrate. So they can look at where to apply the upscaling that it needs as well as where it doesn t need it so another thing that we re really looking at this year. Is our triluminos display..


So if you look at this tvs behind you the one on the left is a triluminos panel. So our triluminos panel gives you a larger box of crayons. So larger box are crayons to color your image. We got about 30 larger color space than a traditional lcd or conventional lcd panel if you look at the tv on the left this tv has our triluminos and the tv on the right does not so got notice your reds greens and blues.

Which are here right now in front of us are going to pop a lot more on the triluminos this light so this is what we re showing over here is our android tv interface. So jj here is showing what s called voice search. So utilizing that that android lollipop interface you can do boy searches that will anything you search for will pop up. It will give you options like wikipedia or img be youtube videos netflix videos pretty much anything you can access on your phone.

Now you re going to be able to access on this i m looking at some of the content. But we re got showing over here is content now that users can create on their own. So you re able to use you know your sony action cam..


The new 4k action cam sony phones they can record in 4k 4k is becoming much more consumer ready and we re showing that here content that you can really create your own and using the power of the x1 processor. Analyzing that content and upscaling it to where it where it needs to be upscaled and applying neon noise reduction things like that what we re showing here is youtube videos so 4k video. Now is is very readily available on youtube. Tons of user created content.

So i put it out by movie studios as well trailers and such going from here here. We re really getting into kind of our the highest in 4k. So this gives you native 4k content with our x10 media player. So.

This box has a hard drive built into it it connects to your network at home you download movies so you could download in this instance to blacklist download episodes of the blacklist you re playing in at a very very high bitrate and they re native resolution going from here. So we re talking about 4k content. Another thing is a lot of customers are going to watch that that s not necessarily in 4k and this demo over here that we have so this is showing the difference between a 1080p tv and a 4k tv..


The signal coming in both tvs are there they re both 1080p signals. The tv on the right. So. This is a 1080p tv with a 1080p signal.

The tv on the left is a 1080p signal on a 4k tv. So the same source on both tvs. But you ll really notice a difference in the sharpness in the step. So on this tv here the steps are going to be much sharper on the trees so they compare the trees here to the trees.

There the spoke pretty much overall sharpness and depth you ” ..

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