Changing A Fossil Watch Battery

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“Good afternoon from florida. This is dw and i m today going to talk about about changing watch batteries know there s many different types watch batteries or and watches. Watch straps. I like the fossil.

This is a fossil watch so and this has brought to me for father s day present by my kids. It s the rubber strap. It s for everyday use really work and everything so i love this watch getting it dirty washing it in the sink and the see whatever here in sunny florida. Okay there are certain tools that a lot of people have been using you know you go out on the internet.

And they tell you to buy this tool and buy this and buy that there s a lot of them. It s an easier way to do you know open up the backs. I m going to use some ball nose pliers now this is a shorter pair. But you know you can get a longer pair or about three inch 4 inch.

Whatever we should do the job. Even better so these are the pair. I m not going out a way to buy anything extra now i already know what this battery is the battery inside here is a three seven one three seven one so it s funny because i went to about three different places looking for this and it drove me crazy. But they never had one so i ended up at radioshack and i bought the three seven one battery from them.

So now if you are using that type of strap. Then as long as you open it like that you should be able to get to the points on the back if you can see the points. The little lungs where they connect if you re using a strap. Like this one you would have to take out the pins up here release one side and then you get underneath to the lungs.

This is a fossil watch as you can see it s a fossil watch. But i ll not be doing this one this one s working so just to show you that this isn t working as you can say no ii ended up moving at all then if it s upside down nope. It s good okay so i ll drop the camera down so you can see what i m doing alright..


So i m going to get the bull nose pliers and you can do it on the table or in your hand. And it goes like so can you see in between the lugs. But in your hands. Don t press.

A word of advice don t push too hard into your hand. When you turn it just in case. It slips off and stabs you in the end. And obviously you can have a bill the hospital.

So just put it in press down slightly and turn. I think it s lefty loosey righty tighty. There we go so it s starting to turn now you see them is getting their cv. It turns bad yep and then it turns by and as you can see now inside these there is a seal a rubber seal obviously for kissing.

It has to be watertight so when you slide that off and take off your details that fossil you can see in this one. Where i work with that and there you ve got a plus. You ve got that black seal that goes all the way around the rim. And you ve got the plastic unit that plus that unit comes off now these the correct the crown and you know the buttons.

There obviously when you push down it pushes a metal. Oh is it it pushes in between that plastic. And that plastic pushes something else down. So basically you ve just got to be careful one when you take it off that if the seal comes off it s just a bit of a you know a five minute messing around place it back in nicely.

So it fits. Because once it comes off it twists slightly. So that s one option..


You know just be careful to take your pliers bullnose place and slowly take this piece out. But don t rip it out just gradually. We ll just lift it like so you don t want it all to come to pieces. So as you can see there s those metal pieces.

There and i don t want to lose them there for the switches and there we go and as you can see the battery is there now. There s a metal piece and try and focus on this there s a metal piece. There which hole was the battery in it was in place. And that let me just go down literally.

One side will lift up now. I m using this you extract on toward the cold bloody blades over here. But it s just a little knife sharpener what a sharp blade for cutting things and lift up the piece there as you can see it s this metal piece here that lifts up it doesn t come all the way does it need to then put your blade inside and pop. There we go so i m taking out the battery just making sure by checking the battery.

It says three seven one on the back. So we re good that says three seven one on it don t if you can see that so i ve got the right battery. That s a good thing now remembering which way positive is always up or you know it goes upwards take the shilling it out try and touch it on the sides and not the battery touch the battery on the sides. And don t touch it this is the old one don t touch it like that because that can short the actual battery touch it in the sides.

Where you re not shortening slide. The battery back in like so slide. It in this side piece. The silver piece or the bit that holds it down clips back just push it back down.

You can see it s not coming out. And that s scaler in there. And that s back in now..


I m looking at the just check the battery to make sure. It s working and via looking at the watch you can see the second hands. Now go around you see so that s short and sweet and simple no extra cost in buying extra fancy tools and i know you can go to different places and they ll charge 45 over here or even more for you know i m in florida. So 45 plus a good blowout make sure.

There s no debris and look at that while i was talking to you guys. This has actually come out just drop top. So while you re here maybe i ll show you slide it back in the first groove. Now it does need to slightly be moved so it s one of those patience is a virtue just take your time doing it.

So you don t do it right see it keeps coming up it sticks to your finger. And it wants to come out wants to jump out all the time. But patience is a virtue and and if you can just push down gently on the rubber. See if that will put it in place.

It s actually looking good looking good yet that s going back in so that s now back in the other one you see the rubber. The black rubbers around the side that s back in so. Now what i m going to do good to get make sure those pins. That s that side they only go in one way go back inside gently push down for once come out again.

I think you know there s all a certain way to take this in as if you re pushing back in first so away from the crown. Let s see what that does yeah. That s better yeah away from the crown. I think the best way and then make sure those pins slip in yep.

So these pins just need to be pushed away towards the crown. So that it sits back in notice. The little burr stuff on that okay now that is back in there you go so that s all back together..


It s still ticking that s good now just cleaning the inside place the lid back on gently using your fingers. And do the opposite. What you did to take it apart make sure it building right so it goes around nicely like that then you slowly tighten tighten that up as tight as you can do it with your hands. Then get your players bullnose players get to each lug pull it tight and just turn.

It now if you want to buy the tool obviously look online and there s two types of tools that you might want to use there s the one that you can buy for the actual fossil or some of the other watches that actually use that sort of design on the back. Knowing the little logs to open it in the olden days. It used to be one little piece and you d get a screwdriver and you d push that screwdriver. You know one way and it slowly release it and then open it or some of the other ones you have to just push underneath and pop it off.

But that these are more watertight. So that s why they do it that way so just make sure it s nice and tight something we learn to leak and i m not happy with that that s nice and tight it s done. It s working and that s it from me so basically just you know remember there s different types of straps. If you ve got that type of strap this isn t a fossil this is a citizen eco dive.

So i ll probably do one of these soon you know you have to do it that way put it on turn. It slowly turn. It slowly get your fingers blah blah blah. Open.

It that way and that s how you do that type if it s this type you would have to pop push you in a pin inside there push it open make sure that when you do that the pin inside doesn t push itself out and fly off that s what it tends to do or want to do that. And all you need is take up one side to get to the obviously underneath to open. It to change the battery and so i hope that worked guys. I ve learned something from that because i mean that s what youtube s all about learning.

And it is anything you don t ever know if there s no one to ask youtube it so thank you guys and have a safe and ” ..

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