Chappelle s Show – Black Bush

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“And gentlemen i bring to you now black bush female narrator npresident bush continues to to make his case nfor an invasion of iraq after carefully nexamining the region me my cabinet agree nthat that area is definitely ripe nfor regime change a ight. But if i can be nreal about it be real son n. Real be real real son tried to kill my father man all nword. I don t play that shit say word he tried nto kill your father son that nigga tried nto kill.

My father word to neverything we love we coming to see y all. Son. Announcer. Nmeanwhile.

President bush and british prime minister. Ntony blair offered a spirited explanation nfor a possible war with iraq this nigga. Very possibly nhas weapons of mass destruction. I can t sleep on that not on my watch.

That s not how i roll nthat shit is serious now if you don t. Want nto take my word for it why don t. You ask ntony blair. He got a whole nother nset of intelligence.

What s up tony. We don t know much nabout saddam. But we can t trust nrandom niggas with things like that nas george. So eloquently put it i m with him n100 of the way.

We don t. Know what he has male narrator. If the united nstates goes to war with iraq will it first have nto provide evidence that saddam hussein nhas weapons of mass destruction so far the un nhas found nothing but president bush ncounters with this the nigger bought naluminum tubes do i need to tell you what the fuck you can do nwith an aluminum tube aluminum. That don t scare.

You fine ni didn t. Want say this the bleep bought some nyellow cake okay in africa. He went to africa nand. He bought yellow cake are you sure yes i m sure bitch i got the head.

Of cia nright here he ll tell you what up nare you sure are you sure i can t believe nyou mother. Bleep ..

This is ridiculous nridiculous me and jeb just ncoming back from africa cradle of bleep ncivilization and this nigga out here nbuying yellow cake from the motherland. Are you sure. Nit. Was yellow cake y all.

Niggas. Ndon. t. Believe.

Me. I got some yellow cake. Nright. Here.

Look. You see nyou believe this bleep now don t drop that bleep . I know ni know what to do with it that s why i got it wrapped up nin this. Special cia napkin.

Just don t ndrop that bleep here you better hope ni don t drop this bleep pray. To god nyou don t drop that bleep yellow cake bleep right male announcer na sensitive accusation for this administration is the theory held by many nthat the real. Reason the us is so interested nin toppling saddam is control of the oil nthat iraq is sitting on what about people who say you re only interested nin. The middle east for oil.

What huh noil. Who said something nabout oil bitch are you cooking noil man. I don t. Know what come on y.

all nget out of here announcer. Npresident bush met. With. Un.

Secretary. General nkofi annan and made it clear..

Nthe us will act even if the un. Nis reluctant. Un. You have na problem with that you know what you should do you should sanction.

Me sanction. Me with your army. Oh wait a minute. You don t have an army.

I guess that means nyou need to shut the bleep up that s what i d do nif. I didn t have no army. I would shh nthe bleep up shut the bleep up that s right nkofi annan think i m gonna ntake orders from an african you might speak 16 languages nbut you gonna need them when you in times square nselling fake hats i know gucci nwhen i see it nigga i m rich i got a coalition nof the willing i got 40 nations nready to roll son like who who the bleep said that huh nhuh like who england. Japan s sending playstations stankonia.

Said. They re willing nto drop bombs over baghdad rickety row. Is coming afrika bambaataa nand. The zulu nation that means i am not ndoing this by.

Myself and i am not ndisrespecting the un. Even though nthey don t. Got no army go sell some medicine bitches i m trying to get that oil oh. N coughs female announcer the us nfired.

The opening salvo in the war on iraq with at least 40 tomahawk ncruise missiles and precision guided bombs ncentering on baghdad hail to the chief. Playing male announcer ngood. Evening tonight president george bush nis. On board the aircraft carrier nuss.

Abraham lincoln off the california coast. It will be the site nof. What is essentially his victory speech nin the war against iraq clears throat. What did i say i m not gloating nbut.

What did i say did i not say nthat. We would win that shit we rocked them bamas nwe rocked them whispering nigga..

You see. Me. Ncome. In on.

That. Plane. Shhhhooo. Da.

Da. Da. Da. Da.

Da. Dah. Announcer. Nfor.

The second straight. Day. These. Hard line.

Iraqis protested. The american npresence here. Mr. President nwhen do you think they ll hold ngeneral elections in iraq.

Damn. I knew i shouldn t nhave called on this nigga. I should not have called on you n. cause.

You re always trying to distract nmother bleep s. With things like the war nand skirt..

All the real issues gay. People are ngetting married folks yes. Nasty nimagine that two women. Touching non each.

Other s tittie balls wrestling them gently stroking nthose nipples till. They get njust so stiff and erect blowing on them blowing men nbarbecue. It s crazy what about your n. That bleep is gross.

Mr. President nmr president sir. How do you explain nthe continual upheaval in iraq even after the capture nof saddam. Hussein.

Why are you ndoing this man. I thought you was nmy black brother why you asking me nquestions like that fine. I ll answer nyour stupid ass question here s what i feel nabout iraq. I feel like you guys keep trying nto distract people.

With iraq when i m focusing non other things namely the moon. Yes. I said it nthe moon can t be distracted. What s wrong nwith.

The economy stop worrying about that ni got that bleep under control let s focus non space nigga. The united states of space cause. I ain t nstopping at the moon. Write this down m.

A r s. Mars bitches. That s where we are going mars nred rocks. ” .


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