Classy Tech Messenger Bag UNDER $45 (Tocode messenger bag)

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” s up dudes church back for another video and today. We re checking this out out right. Here. This is my tech messenger bag right here.

And i m eating a really kind of classy tech option you and me that take to college and have my macbook in and have my my like my ipad and everything and they re kind of organized and just something with more of a classy look to it you know what i mean then your your average like jansport or something like that and so i ve got this right. Here. This is the toko messenger bag. And this is like a really.

I looked at all the reviews on it and it had five star reviews on amazon. And it was only like 45 bucks. And i was amazed by it because the quality looked outstanding you got this like check this out dudes. You got this insane wax canvas on here.

And then this nice leather and then look at these straps like i love bags to have these straps on it where it looks like it has this like buckle system. But really it has these magnets under here you see i m saying and you can just flip it down like that and then these just line up right there perfectly and they snap in and it s a nice retention system on here. You know what i mean. It s going to hold everything together.

And you also have the top right here which i really like you have the zipper. Too so you really have this second layer of protection on this bag. This wax canvas is awesome and i have a feeling this is gonna break in nice you see i ve used it for the past two days. And it s already breaking in like incredibly well you know the mean like really like supple and whatnot.

So i like that your attachment points are quite beefy on here. There s all leather attachment points. And your hardware. See like most bags have they have hardware like this your swivel hardware.

It s like a really thin point right here. Where it connects and this one s just a super beefy point. It s probably actually honestly say you a quarter inch thick on that connection point right there and you could load this thing down you re not gonna break that connection point right there you re never gonna break it and the strap on this thing is quite outstanding itself. It has this look at this like for super.

Well padded wax canvas on this side. Where your shoulder goes and on the opposite side on the outside. Where people are gonna be seeing it it s this nice leather..


So the strap is one of the thinnest that i ve had on any messenger bag. And i ve had the timbuktu is i ve had like the chrome s and stuff like that and i love this part of the strap right here. They really did good as simple. But it works it s padded and i the wax canvas is really really nice checking out the inside right here you want to see where like you can put in here.

And and like how you can organize this thing right in the back so right here check this out it s really man it looks. It even looks classy from the top right here with everything and they re just kind of chillin can you have this nice. Retention band right here. That s just velcro can undo that you can have leather on the end of the retention band right there undo that bad boy.

And then you got your laptop sleeve right here. And it s a 14 inch messenger bag and so i fit a 13 inch laptop with a case on it and they re perfectly. You know what i mean so. This is just my macbook 13 inch macbook pro 30 inch in the leather case.

No problem is it fits quite snug in there really really nicely. And you won t be able to fit a 15 inch macbook because it is a 4k engine. I m a messenger bag. But um.

So just to give you all the specs and everything about y all. Know right off this right off the bat right there. And it s just everything is super high quality in here. Y all.

Can just take a look like this the material on the inside. Super high quality. You got these leather points in here to help you like assist you if you want to go to get to say something back here in this pocket. See this pocket right here.

And you couldn t really get to a will they thought about that and they have this little leather pool tab right here you can see check this up see this little leather pool tab. So you could pull that out and then access with this hand everything you need to get to so they even thought about that which is awesome is it that bad boy close let s get into the next. Few things i have in here. I just.

Keep my ipad in here. Oh. Yeah..


Let s check this out real quick. I already had to this pull it up so we can check out the specs on it. It says. Um tow code.

Let s see let s get it to focus here we go tow code men s messenger bag 14 inch vintage wax canvas genuine leather shoulder bag and 4385 right now and it ll probably ship with amazon prime prime the two days of your house. I ll put the link up in the description do is if you want to check it out for yourself for sure. It s um. It s pretty it s pretty it s pretty sweet bag for 43 bucks.

I ll admit i mean if this had a name brand on it they d sell it for two or three hundred bucks for sure so right here i got my bose headphones chillin right here these are just the you re just the what are these the the sound. The sound true bose soundtrue hippo just like the 120 ones or whatever. But i found i ve had these forever man. They re broken in quite well and these are like just my good travel headphones because they re so lightweight.

You know what i mean and they re comfortable just and just have it ready to go and i love the leather case for travel. It s perfect and i got my klean kanteen in here full of water this is a great option man. Just if you don t want to carry around a big nalgene bottle klean kanteen is a great water bottle in it so i was gonna do a full review on this water bottle actually but just letting y all. Know the klean kanteen.

I mean. This thing is pretty cool check in what else in here. Oh yeah. I want to show you all the organization.

So checking this out. In here. You got two compartments up. Here.

One is literally perfect for a again external battery pack. It s you could fit that your cell phone anything like that in there anything about that size you can fit it in there perfectly and then right next to it it s like they literally made a compartment for your laptop charger. You see that see the little compartment in there you pull it right now. It fits.

A macbook charger. Like absolutely perfectly right in that little compartment right there you put that bad boy in there good to go and then i got my canon g7x in here just on the fly. If i m wanting to make a video outside or something i ve been using this actually a good bit and just only go..


This is a great camera dude. The g7x is outstanding if y all want to get into making youtube. Videos. This is what i started off this whole channel with is this this everything was fun with the g7x.

Oh great little camera. And i got it in this little a little leather case that i got off amazon awhile. Back which i really liked as well and it keeps everything nice and protected and you can still put it on a tripod in the case and here going into a little bit deep. I just want a real simple i got the just iphone charger or iphone charging cord and then the charging chuck right here and i got a flashlight in here as well so i covered pretty much all the basics and then right in the back here s i wanted to show you all this as well and just clip show you all how easy this is it just closes down.

If you wanna do it on the fly closes up pretty easy. And you see like the retention on those magnets is pretty good right. There you know ii mean. It s not gonna just come undone.

Like you see you got a you got a snagging you know i mean you got a really tug on it to pop that thing open you know to be a popular. I really i really like the whole retention system on this bag for sure. It s really nice and then the handle on the top right here. Y all.

Probably wanted to see this you pop. These bad boys closed. There and the handling check this out dudes. So this thing right here you got these beefy connection points.

On here. And this is nice grab handle man you could have this thing loaded down and we still feel really comfortable in the hand you know it s not some little strap. That s gonna cut into your hand. It s a really nice grab handle and then right here on the back you get this leather zipper pool.

You can really really get a good grip. And this is just your quick access pocket right here. I mean for you guys out there they could steal carry how i was thinking about that because some of the other maxpedition bags and stuff. I ve reviewed.

They all have concealed carry compartments. This is perfect for concealed carry or either. Having like a little notebook back here a little little notepad like i do little right in the rain notepad..


I keep my pin back here ready to go and then if i m traveling or something i don t want my wallet in my pocket. Like some overseas. Anything like that a fellow traveling abroad throw your wallet in the back of this thing right here. And you re good to go.

So. This is just a quick access pocket phone. While that keys everything like that film throw in the back right here. And then you don t have to open up the front pocket to get to it so they thought about everything.

And it s concealed on the back right here so your important stuff passport. Money. Etc. Is not gonna be able to get stolen.

Whenever you re traveling. So this is a great bag for traveling. I mean yeah. I mean i think they follow everything through investment for sure if you all enjoyed the video throw it a thumbs up for spearin.

I ll throw the link in the description for the bag it s the tote code they call it the men s messenger bag. But i could see a chick rocking this as well for sure i mean. It s definitely a sweet bag. Man.

The wax canvas on this thing is awesome dude like i just love the way it feels in the hand. It really feels like a quality bag. It feels like a hundred fifty two hundred dollar bag for 43 bucks for sure. It s quite quite nice.

But um anyways. It s been chooch if y all. Enjoyed the video throw. It a thumbs up and i ll see.

” ..

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