Colour Gamut Comparison sRGB vs AdobeRGB vs NTSC

72 ntsc This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Colour Gamut Comparison sRGB vs AdobeRGB vs NTSC. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys coming here so in the first episode. We talk about panels. Comparing p. And and va.

And ips panels. In the second episode. We talk about sync technology. Comparing g sync.

Passing and also freesync technology in this video. We will be talking about kali government is the most confusing topic on the internet..

But if i assure you is the easiest one to understand compared to the first two videos that i cover in the past. Now kali government is basically a standard and there will be a percentage. Number representing it so if they say in this monitor has left fact we have srgb has 80 srgb damage in this standard. That monitor can cover 80 of the colors of that particular standard.

Say srgb and the higher the percentage. The more it represents the color government space. And you want more colors for particular region so we stopped that earlier with srgb which is the baby smallest color palette or color gamut space that a monitor can have any motor can have it with a certain amount of percentage to it iconic about that is much bigger than srgb will be out of rgb is used by professionals. Like photographers.

Designers printers and also anyone is using color sensor applications for their needs. It features the cmyk colors that is also found in printers..

So what it means is whatever you add it on a monitor would be almost identical to what you print out that s the benefit of ed of rgb. Though you do need to have a white color gamut monitor say a motor with almost 90 200 ed of rgb color gamut space to utilize this printing potential the next thing is that is some cost to consider because you regularly need to calibrate your motor as well as your printer to get exactly what you see on monitor is what you get on the print. So it s used by professionals. A color government is slightly bigger than ed up rgb is ntsc is a tv standard for colors yay.

But i m going to share some numbers right now so the super cell of ntsc is a rough estimate of 100 srgb 95 of ncrc would be a rough f. Is of 100 percent out of our gp. So the next argument right here is which is the best color gamma for gaming. Frankly speaking anyone would do seriously everyone do the most important thing is you re in game settings and your shadow control next.

One is price. Which is the best well when it comes to color gamut of rgb is the best is great for professionals is cater for professional world..

But those kind of monitors would be pricey moistens with srgb color gamut space or 72 ntsc would be affordable and it s great for normal internet usage like streaming anime korean dramas youtube internet games and basically what documents you will be fine with it and it s affordable to own those kind of monitors compared to it of rgb monitors. That is going to be a little bit pricey. So why do companies use the term ntsc. It s a simplified manner to compare monitors easily so.

Some monitors may use srgb. But they have the ntsc number some monitor does not use ntsc by the use ed up rgb. The reason is people know the arab rgb is for professionals words and pse is just a good representation of how to compare different monitors with different percentage. So in this video.

I never mentioned about few things one another mention about the new format of hdr 10. And i mention about the quantum dot channels..

That is using cinema colors in fact i never mention about cinema color government because those are usually associated with projectors and they re coming in to more interest. But we re only going to see them in the next 10 years you re really new and is really expensive to own one of those monitors right now so in this video is mainly focus for people who want affordability and good price point performance. So i hope this video is informative as you can see that is actually easy to understand about color gamut. The most important bit about picking the right monitor will be definitely.

The panel and the sync technology at 4 00 so again thank you for watching this video comment below. What are the topics about monitors should i pop necks and i m going to make that video on that topic. And we can learn together remember to like subscribe and share this video social media. ” .


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