Coming Out On Top but I should not have come out

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“There friends how s it going my name is kevin and today. We re playing playing coming out on top which i assume is some sort of schoolroom simulator. Where re trying to come out on top of the class by the looks of it cuz. There s a little lamb chalkboard back there so uh let s jump in i need instructions now i ve been to school.

I know what i m doing jump to game. What should your first name be oh okay missus first name and second name is mann. Mrs. Mann.

Perfect. Okay. Missus you lecture yourself. What what okay.

This is me talking okay. Oh. I m coming out already. Oh.

I don t have to i d say oh just a reminder. If you use up the last of the toilet paper. Okay. I ll say that you call the meeting for this look.

It s really important all right just be responsible here. I m just gonna continue down this road. I m not coming out i m just gonna say i m sick of me. The one who always replaces it they really want me to say it.

But no what are you guys up to tonight hey you is he talking to me now with a glassy eyed stare. Me what does i hate to do this we need to talk my fate is in your hands. I m so sorry you know what happens if i don t come out of the closet. The game ends my life ends.

I m no longer self aware entity do not order me around i call the shots you re just a bunch of pixels. Oh. That s how it s gonna be this is getting really matter hundreds of thousands of players and i get stuck with look let s go back and try this again no so what do you guys up to tonight laughter going out on top. I m still convinced it s about university and just being the best version of me academically.

I was like a b2c student. I m starting to think you re getting a perverse thrill. Recognizing me. Yeah you must be correct.

It s an issue. I have to talk about it with someone. But i won t be today you re acting like you don t have any empathy for my situation at all it s a bit sociopathic. Oh god this game is diagnosing.

Me. I don t know how i feel about that i think that s making me angry. We re just gonna go back okay let s try this one last time okay puppet. He s pissed get used to having that expression on your face who what do you call him puppet bitch who are you calling bitch puppet.

Okay what what this shit no that that is that is too much that is threatening. I want you to go back to the previous choice..

And this time you will not be your typical smartass self this game. Actually knows me you will not try to break my motherfucking game with an obviously wrong choice and you will come out of the closet. So what are you guys up to tonight. Just give up the game should just immediately close.

I should be refunded and we score. Separate ways are you drunk is that a jab at me being irish. If only you go back in time have one more just one more try at being a real human being. But you can t life s not like that you fucked up one too many times homie the game will now all of delete itself.

And you ll be blocked from reading loading. He made me go back to the start and start a new game. I don t need instructions i clearly know what i m doing alright well now your name is shithead alright. Yeah.

That s what you get shithead feckers your name shithead you are a senior at orlan university. I m giving them the toilet roll lecture again anything else oh yeah well okay i m gay that thousand yard stare from her he s not making eye contact at all we re just staring at each other we re the musical guys you you there nope. I think they re broken or something wow. What is wrong with you guys shithead what you calling me names even if it is my actual name i m taking a photo of you for my tanning spray app.

It s my latest project it takes your photo and gives you a totally awesome tan. See oh. That s great can we try that guys how do i look so ready for a little outing. Oh.

Where are we heading know that i have a lovely tan. It feels great to be out the music s back in my life. And i just feel happy and plus. The games now calling me a bitch anymore.

Which is always nice. We re going to a gay bar. I came out like seconds ago and they re taking me to a gay bear named your fish drowning. That s a good name for a fish.

If you ask me well. I m sure drowning will be okay for one night. I guess no wrong. I mean you drown one night and then tim you re done what am.

I drinking whiskey that that s what i d go for if it were me. But i think shithead wants milk white creamy like my um milk back home. That s what he was gonna say no i m not ordering you a male try again. What s the point give me choices.

If i can t pick them i really want a fucking glass of milk alright shivam milk drinker someone s waving at me. Don t pretend to be really fascinated by a ketchup bottle. They are fascinating you know i think the the original form of a ketchup with catsup. But i think it was was at heinz heinz.

I m not sure a brand came out and made a catch up to make it seem more you know like at their own version. And then the ketchup kinda took off catsup kinda. Got left behind this fascinating story really so. Yeah.

I think. That s logical ah good old ketchup you suddenly realized that the guy was really waving somebody honey..

I saved him dodged a bullet thank god how you piss faster than anyone i know thanks it s not my friend that s a hell of an intro maybe. I should use that as my intro from now on it s pretty good hey there friends how s it going you piss. Faster than anyone. I know how about we start over haim addicts can i buy you another drink.

I don t think i even got my first milk. Yet sure i ll have another one of these one more milk. I can t have any more than two or i ll be wasted by the way. I didn t catch your name.

It s not filbert that s not believable at all it s shithead he wants my number what that we just started talking whatever you re way too old for me i feel bad. He s like i guess i ll thank you for your brutal honesty then good night at least. I got a nice cup of milk. So i had two milks two milks later just then the door behind you swings.

Open and a man walks past you towards the lectern. I m in class by the way this this isn t in my house. Anymore. Wait isn t that the professor from last night.

I hope that s him i hit on him now hello professor. Just give him complete mixed messages shithead goddamnit. He s angry he doesn t even remember my name. He s just calling me a shithead.

But you think i m all do ya. Well you get an f shit. Oh. I thought.

I was just giving. Me. A nickname. No that was my ag saying shit could we talk privately for a moment shithead.

But i want to assure you that is your professor. It would be totally inappropriate of me to pursue anything further he s like you didn t reject me i reject myself from this situation he s in denial. I m really torn between in that case. I could really use an anatomy lesson right now professor hoorah yes.

This is creepy it totally reminds me of last week s episode of catch a predator you have a coin. I d like to flip a coin for this one all right tails. I m gonna wink and heads your predator let s go you are a predator. My good man who are you what you just ran into me hey watch it kid.

Why are you talking like that why are you in a school talking like that that s what happens. When you don t pay attention. Son you just stormed off what was that about but stop taking pictures of me hmm you look a little pale here. I m gonna up the saturation by 150 percent trust me i ll still just look pale.

My mom is ringing is that my ringtone oh no this is just the soundtrack of the game. That s an odd choice. See your other person. I can blame for calling me shithead that s right i m accepting none of the blame oh.

It s my fish drowning so it s like i ll save him and they just pull the bathroom water. How will you spend your extra time this weekend..

What ll i do i can tutor people what do i know it s my first week. Yeah fine tutor. What the hell is going on i think my fish is possessed okay. That was it what was that okay.

It s happening again. Oh god there s something happening in the apartment above me. I bet. It s a gay guy.

And he s gonna flirt with me. I just have a feeling it s going that way now. It s still continuing all right. I m going to go up.

There. Okay yeah. I i kind of suspected. This might happen.

Yeah. He comes out into the hall. As well doesn t see any problem with this hmm. No that name was taken actually i had to go call.

Me kevin look. I m still here to keep the noise down no no i m not i m gonna call the cops on him. If i can t oh my god is that my ringtone again is that actually my ringtone i can t tell anymore. Please please please pick up the philbert at the airport i have a feeling he s gonna be a gay guy who wants to hit on me stalking.

My killing a man with his bare hands and i m a feeling. He s gonna kill me i think my head thinks it too i m not even gonna attempt to talk to this guy. I can t relate to him at all other than that we like killing people well just eat bread. I love bread.

I m just turning down every opportunity to flirt here and i don t think that s how this game is meant to be played all right the next guy shithead is gonna flirt okay no matter who it is okay i guess this is it what are they hold so scary. I said. I was here to tutor in english and now he s turned it into a race issue couldn t have got any worse. How about i tutor your face with my face.

Okay is what happens when i attempt to flirt. Which explains why and effort to it hey just playing with you bro oh that s ok i just shit myself assault. I m known for being a funny guy well that wasn t funny at all and then again. I m known for being a funny guy and i m not funny either i m so tempted to say i m not intimidated by you fathead.

I m gonna go with the the pervert option here. What do you mean i m not smoking hot check out these nipples and then show him your nips that reaction. I think he s impressed a second giant appears ok are you the one i meant to flirt with roman. I see you ve met becker the tutor.

I forgot that was my second name i m shithead your tutor. We have a lesson today who am i actually a tutoring. This guy are you who i m supposed to flirt a shot. He wants me to just write them for me no i m here to flirt everyone stares in your eyes whisperer anything for you.

But i had that was an awful. Quick tutoring session..

Oh yeah. Because i m just gonna write it for him for lots of money instead. Now that i ve like decided i will flirt with someone no one wants to flirt with me. Please approach the stage.

Oh no don t put me in front of everyone even in a game that sounds terrible. This is when he gets his revenge for me calling him a predator. I m just gonna remove your genes for a second. What the shit is he doing without warning you feel your genes come off with a tuck is this a nightmare to something yeah.

This is definitely a nightmare. This is this is horrible ok is this me waking up i think yes that is me waking up that was a horrible nightmare jesus christ i know people get nightmares about being you being naked in class and stuff. But that is too fair ok give me money for writing you essays. I deserve it i love being corrupt once their armies guys dad is it you i m supposed to flirt with anyone please look i wore my top hat.

If you don t give me that hat. I m gonna throw you out why is everyone so upset about my fashion sense ha. This is shit effective. The 4th.

The name runs in the family. We re going to the gym. Ok maybe maybe i can find a new boyfriend. There ok.

I just want to get a husband and settle down you leave the gym feeling refreshed no i m not gonna meet my husband here i m just gonna marry my fish ok i don t know why my roommates coming in in a towel in the my room. But he wants me to go to a party sure. This is where i meet my husband doesn t look like she s interested tool. What are you talking to me i m not i m looking for a husband not a wife ok people are fighting there i i just want a husband god damn it i just want you married for tax purposes i passed there oh a dating app okay maybe this will be my chance to meet mr right wait round one no no this is miss right no.

It s not miss right. It s more like a mistake. I i want to talk to a man. I want this a default picture upside down.

He seems the most confused out of everyone. He s having trouble police help. He s a gamer looking for player two how do i delete his profile. This app is broken.

Fact the app just jesus christ boys dig me so hard wait i think i m hitting it off with the person that i m supposed to be tutoring is this morally ethical probably not but at the same time this video has to end sometime food okay instead of actually admitting what happened. Which is very disturbing. It was just you know a bit more than what i expected the game to actually say in show. I guess i would say i m just gonna tell you that they agreed to be boyfriend s and shithead asked bread to marry him and then bread not it as you can see so that s what happened and they re gonna they re gonna marry now and they re gonna adopt i have 12 kids like the steve madden movie shira baby doesn t and it s gonna be great you know they re they re gonna live happily tax purposes.

Fantastic like it s just great it s some leeway on that hmm so i guess we re gonna end it there i do hope you enjoyed the video. I appreciate you watch. It has all these folks and i do hope to see you next time bye for now shout out speech in sarah skelton. Sean fitzgerald.

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