Community – 1×11 The Politics of Human Sexuality – Group Reaction

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“Guys. It s jesse here. I am back with my grocery haul for the week. Week.

And i m gonna be honest. I m pissed i have been very understanding these past few weeks about you know the shortage of groceries. The crazy busy stores. The workers that have been you know overworked and they re doing the best they can i ve been very forgiving.

I ve taken all of my grocery substitutions even when the grocery substitutions were wrong. But this order today. I m just not happy at all so for one we ordered our groceries. I stayed up until midnight to make sure that i could secure a spot because i needed to pick up a few things for my mother in law and i needed to get a few things for our easter dinner.

We have easter coming up so i stayed up until midnight. I was able to secure a spot i selected the only time that was available which was between 6 7 pm. On a monday night and that was totally fine. Except when it came time to pick up the order once again just like last week.

It was delayed no problem. We understand that these things it wasn t until 8 o clock that they finally said. Okay your groceries are ready. Which is you know two hours later fine.

My husband went to go pick up the groceries and when he got there he was informed that from the time that they let us know that our order was ready until the time it took him to get there they lost the order. It was gone so i m assuming they put it into somebody else s car again it happens. It s fun they had sent us the email with all of the substitutions. The substitutions that s my camera strap the substitutions were not wonderful.

But they were fine. We said okay they re fine. But then of course when they lost the order they had to go and pick all the groceries again so number one my husband was sitting out there after being delayed two hours in the car waiting for them to pick his groceries again understanding i get it well when he went to go and reach ooze the groceries. He chose a bunch of crap that was not what we were supposed to get in terms of substitutions.

He left off things he just didn t do a very good job and i m assuming because he had to reap ich. The groceries again and they sent to us the receipt from the original order that we placed. We can t go in and select that we re having an issue and get refunded for all of the things that he left off it s saying that they re no longer accepting returns or whatever and of course now it s 9 40 at night. We can t call them they re closed and i m just not happy i understand that things are crazy right now there are things beyond their control.

But when i paid one hundred and eighteen dollars for groceries and i didn t get what i paid for and i m gonna have to jump through hoops to get my money back. That s when i have a problem anyway..

Let me show you what we got i ll talk about what we ordered what they gave us instead and then i ll go. But this i m just not happy about and i will cool off and we will call tomorrow and i m certain they will make this right. But in the moment when we were already frustrated because we had to wait and then we had to wait some more it just wasn t a good experience. This time first up is some data raid.

Oh. I ordered 18 bottles of gatorade zero. And they gave me eight bottles of the gatorade frost. Which was fine.

This is something that i knew was a substitution and i accepted the substitution. I was okay with that it s not great it s not what i ordered. But it s better than nothing so i was okay with that next. I ordered two packages of the old el paso stand and stuff.

Taco shells. Just the shell is not the kit. But so it would have been twenty taco shells. They said in on my receipt that they had picked that and that was what i received of course when he had to repack the groceries.

I m assuming they were out so we had to make substitutions. So this was the substitution that he decided on and if we didn t get to approve this this is just what was in the bag. There was no choice. We take it as is so i m short 10.

Taco shells and instead i ve got a taco kit. Which is fine. If he had done two kits. I d have been ok with that that would have been what i ordered i would have got my 20 taco shells.

But that wasn t happy about i ordered a big 40 ounce bag of peanut m. Ms. You know chocolate and this time right. Now.

You know how it is and they when they sent me. The email said that they had substituted that big bag of m. Ms. For four bags of the sharing size nine ounce peanut m.

Ms. I was fine with that when we get the order home this is all that is there one nine ounce bag of peanut butter m..

Ms. So i paid eight dollars for this not happy not happy with that at all this was a substitution for some chocolate marshmallow easter eggs. This is not at all it s her chocolate marshmallow easter egg. But i was fine with this even though this is not what they said we were gonna be getting this is something different that he chose after the fact.

But this was fun got carrots. That was as ordered got the beer and bratwurst that was as ordered as well for my mother in law. She just needed a couple things she wanted some lotion and some small trash bags. And some zipper bags all of those were as ordered that was fine some klondike bars again these were as ordered fine with that gallon of milk.

Four things of half and half two boxes of butter this was all as ordered as was the double glazed ham for easter dinner got two pounds of the fiesta blend cheese. That is when i ordered. I ordered a bag of the party size potato chips and that s what i got that s fine two bags of the broccoli florets. I ordered great value biscuits.

They gave me grands instead. But again i was fine with that you know i m understanding when it comes to the substitutions. I just want something of equal value that i paid for i don t like things being left off and being given stuff. I didn t order and then being told i can they re not gonna fix it i got the worst your sauce that was as ordered.

I ordered two cans of the bruce s yams. The big 40 ounce can they only gave me one and the gala apples. I also got two bags of clay cat litter for my mother in law. It s in the car so this is what i got for my hundred and eighteen dollars.

I m not happy i m sure they ll make it right. But just right now the frustration on top of the stress that we re all under in this country. With this coronavirus um. It s just a lot my husband wasted three hours of his time tonight and then didn t get the groceries.

We ordered so i don t mean to sound like a brat. I know i probably sound like a brat. But this is just very disappointing. And it is what it is we re gonna call walmart tomorrow and hope that they make it right i will put a little note at the end here and let you guys know what happened with the order.

But yeah that was my grocery haul for the week. It was a pretty small haul. I didn t want to get a lot i just wanted to make sure my family could have our easter dinner that we wanted and this was pretty disappointing so anyway. I think you guys so much for watching.

And i ll see you next time bye. ledging who they are like what characters they are on the show..

Yeah. I like when they break the fourth wall like that yeah. It s it s subtle. But it s like it s it s tough.

It s cool pierce s story. I mean their storyline back and forth as well. It was kind of it was kind of funny because like pierce is old. But he was trying to do more like have a night like a young young man where he s heavy this is just the opposite.

Yeah. And you d be able to give him some guidance. Even though he s been married last episode jeff and senor chang. We re just like cracking up like how can seven different women possible.

Oh. I m looking forward to seeing how that character is transformed. So we ll continue with community. What kind of i think we only have one more episode to watch before we spin the wheel again even though some we do kind of just want to dust off the first season.

So we ll see how we feel about that we might put more episodes on patreon of our reactions. And spin. The wheel again and like keep this as the wheel day right in this season. I think 12 more you mean you had two guys there buddy impress the network within the first few episodes of take a company like yeah they cleared them for that money when i heard dan harmon left and season four and it s like very noticeable all right guys well comment below.

What your favorite episode community was what your opinion is on the politics of human sexuality. There was really no politics. Yeah and have you ever had a std fair at your school. I ve ever had std leave us leave us a funny story from sex.

Ed class. Well you know oh. Well. We have a chance on the comedy are any funny stories for sex.

Ed club. No i think i was here mind no it was just it was just pop. I like this old dude. And it was just really weird yeah.

It was just strange yeah. It was a the only big..

I guess nobody here is heard of it. But there is this video with like the camera is yes. We saw oh you have okay like i can understand childbirth. But it s like why did why do we need to see that perspective.

I don t know i saw yeah like the cameras inside. And it s you have to just see it. Oh wait wait oh i ll get your next thing. You know.

No. There s no notice personally during sex. We saw it but i don t remember why it or high school. I remember a lesson light up that day.

I m not sure what was gonna take childbirth. I understand. But that was just that have you guys seen big mouth. You know hit you so hard cause like it s exactly the station that your which was going to your head to it like we re about to puberty.

But no one actually said anything. Yeah. His exact bra. Oh.

My god being interested maybe. I ll have to give it a chance. Oh you know this like it s funny that doesn t do just like the first like the first episodes gonna get you cuz. There s a i ll be sure i m sure you saw in the trailer.

But it s like there s a guy caught horror monster. You re like fuck every 24 7. I got lucky that i didn t like break out a lot sounds like oh wait i wait after guys thank you for watching season 1 episode 11 of community you can check out more community reactions on our patreon check out more of our videos. And content big shout out to our super patrons.

Lewis joe max. Abled. John toy soldier. Tremenda d.

In penguin squad shoutouts to all of ” ..

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