Completing 5 train robberies without getting caught or killed, easily. Bandit Challenges RDR2

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“Guys. This is spell z. Here with a quick video. So last night.

I was was just grinding out my bandit challenges and i think one of the hardest challenges the game. If you don t know what you re doing is going to be the complete. 5 train robber to use without being caught or dying. Now that looks really intimidating at first glance.

But what that translates into is that you just have to steal one of anything off of the train. And there are a couple spawns where there is nobody guarding it so i m gonna show you where those spawns are you do not have to go ahead and like hold people up and rob from them. If you do you will get the entire law enforcement on you immediately and it s very hard to escape from them. Although it is doable and i ve managed to do it a couple of times and it is also very profitable.

It is not the easiest way and for the sake of this video. I just want to do the easiest way to rob. Five trains..


So that is one item on any of five different trains. They do have to be five different ones so starting off here at any train station. I happen to be here at my ranch can i go ahead and get a train ticket really just get the train ticket to the cheapest spot. I m gonna go to valentine just because it s the cheapest thing to do and i will see you guys at valentine.

So there are one of three things that we can steal doing this that is either a item of canned vegetables or hair. Pomade or moonshine. Now our goal is to not have to steal the moonshine because if we do steal the moonshine one of the guards will notice it. But there is no guard in the room for the canned.

Either beans or canned peas. Now. It is in the very back. So run through all of the train.

Until you get to the cargo area and now this first room is unguarded. So all we have to do is just either take this right here and make sure your inventory is empty. So i got canned peas right there or if that s not there hairpomade will spawn right here now for whatever reason..


Both of those do not spawn right. There. There is a guard that s right there so you have to be careful. Maybe you put your mask on but right.

There is the moonshine now taking that he does get alerted so either way. We already got our one tray robbery done for this part. So i m gonna go ahead. And probably die.

No cool since i got my one thing rob that s effectively one train robbery without being caught even though it was just canned peas. So once you do that and once you hop over every single fence with the very meat horse mechanics hop back into the train station whoa megan entrance talk to the sky get a train ticket to the cheapest place. I m gonna go to emerald ranch. Because between emerald ranch and belen valentine.

It is only two bucks a pop you re just gonna want to do that five times. So once you spawn in here again same as last time walk all the way to the back. And again sometimes not all of those will spawn if they don t spawn..


I would recommend not taking the moonshine. I would just go ahead and find others rain ticket and do it again. But generally speaking. One of these two will spawn.

So and there s the canned vegetable again that s that then you hop off the train. So you just go ahead. And you just repeat that five times and it s it s pretty easy so that s what i did so i found to be the easiest way. It s much much easier than hopping on the train from your horse.

Holding up people and then trying to escape. It is doable if you re quick. But overall. It s it s a massive pain in the ass and you know if you re just going for the for the bandit gun belt.

This is gonna be the way to go so that s pretty much it i m gonna go ahead. And show you the clip of where i got mine so that way you know that this works. And you can see that the challenge is updating again it is october 31st..


2018. If this gets passed in the future. I m sorry if it s outdated. But for right now this is working so yeah.

That s all i got for you guys thanks for watching if you want to see all this stuff live go to twitchtv slash spells e or the subscription button in the ding button. And you ll be notified as soon as i post a new video. Glad to see you again. Sir nothing.

Quite like wearing your best days work. You young buck or boots or days across the nation sheet. Just ate a square meal hey. ” .


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