Connecting bluetooth headphones with Samsung Smart Tv without any adapters; secret menu; EXCLUSIVE!

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” s up youtubers and welcome back to a technology reviews today. I m gonna show show you a new feeling for youtube. It s how to pair headphones of bluetooth to your samsung smart tv until this review you had to buy the adapter with jack and bluetooth to connect your bluetooth headphones to your tv. So it s a lose of the signal from analog converting to digital signal now you will not losing anymore i watch on youtube and no one did this is the only tutorial on youtube that shows you how to connect wireless without any adapters without other costs the bluetooth headphones to your samsung tv smart tv.

All you need is the remote control for this operation and it s a secret menu that i will show you how to enable that secret option just to pair your headphones. Then you will need just the remote control connect with the headphones. And you will need you will not need sorry an adapter with jack and for you buying a lots of stuff just to make your tv wireless for example at night. When you are sleeping and we are sleeping with someone you don t want to disturb them you can listen to the speakers on the tv.

So you have your bluetooth headphones you connected to the tv wireless without any adapters so guys first thing that i want to show you is the menu and in the menu i tried a lot to pair my bluetooth samsung says let me show you they have some kind of multi room link or sound share settings. But the sounds to share settings. It s just for some song called advice in the help menu it says only products by samsung samsung made in that if you watch the tutorial for this tv for this 48 inch diagonal tv. I showed you how to use a single remote control for home cinema system so with that in our center.

We and receiver you can control other brands. But in this case in our case..

We want to add a couple of headphones. We know this tv has bluetooth. So why did samsung close this feature and didn t let us for example. I can t i can t i will put now i will put my headphones in the pairing mode.

Let s bright a little bit just this part open and now now it s impairing mod. So the tv doesn t find anything because. This is sony yeah even if the electronic. It s a samsung brand.

It had to have some kind of a button for samsung out the device list because i brought i made this review for this samsung hp 6000 and i don t think that we can pair with this and let s see let s open them power and then let s try command sir command pairing mode so now it s impairment but to add new device it s on and samsung. All the devices is empty. So you need some kind of a button to connect the product to the tv. Not that if we searching for the product.

So what we can do in this case. Is closed the tv close it and now you will need the remote control just push info menu mood and tv..

But push it really fast. But if you push it to really slow. I don t fact you would it would work this function. So let s push let me let me show you to film this.

But i want to catch. Even the sensor let s see so i will push if you can see you guys info menu root and power on smart tv logo please leave it this way and now look guys that is the menu. I was talking about you need to work with this arabs and hit enter every time. I do an operation the option.

The first the first is option go to the option you have factory reset type of tv the type of toner. I didn t change anything here be careful what you are changing here and the engineer option in the engineer option you need to find bt audio on off any of you if you can see let me zoom it adjust a little bit with a camp. It s off this is the only function that you will need so we switch it to sorry let s zoom out okay and switch it to on now go back back back. And then turn off your tv turn it off for the settings to make a change completely and now turn it back on now my sound is from the speakers.

Okay and go add the sound guys. It probably at your tv..

Won t be the sound. But you have to look for speaker settings. So the speaker settings look here in the previous you didn t have the blood of headphones and this is the function that we are interesting in and now. I don t think my headphones are in a pairing mode.

And now. Let s put the headphones into the pairing mode. Again okay so you start and now it s impairing mon sol refresh and look guys you d found my headphones. So now it says niche pairing go to the net bearing.

Press. Pair and connect and now beautiful and have connected to my headphones. And this is i m super excited for this option now this is the soundtrack for the tv and why i will take out my la valliere just to show you guys yes guys. This is it so let s pair.

Why not let s make a pairing ii ii ii ii. Let s dim..

The sound let s do the sound from the hell box. And remember you can use the remote control to change the volume you have to change it from the helpful so if you don t have one button on headphones. I think this be a problem because you will need these buttons let s see let s pair the samsung bluetooth pair mode so now guys were in pair mode of samsung headphones which are not working with without this this option even if they are samsung. So now i think we ll need to disconnect the x band 915 bluetooth and refresh for this samsung headphones and they found it there in connect connected let s see we have sound yes and we have sound in the samsung headphones you see at the volume it doesn t work you have to use the volume here so you see guys.

It is working perfectly so guys i hope you watch this tutorial and you like it now you don t need any wireless adapters for the headphones. You work with your headphones. I m super excited with my new discovery with this tv and i use it every time since i discovered so if you like this video. Guys please subscribe to our channel for more videos in reviews and tutorials and if you have questions.

Please comment below. We are a technology reviews you ve got to love technology. Because technology is part of our lives. See you guys bye.

” ..

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