Curb Your Enthusiasm: Mailmen Know

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“Hey how you doing lionel in there. Mr. Danson just need your signature real quick quick that s the corner. Today good you re friends with larry david right yeah boss.

He s fucking a doll. What i delivered him blow up fuck doll to his house. How could you possibly know the package said do not puncture discrete delivery. Melman.

No have a good day hey. I m still a little pissed off..

But i come as a friend. Okay i just have some information. I think yeah i don t know your ex husband. He s fucking.

A sex doll just so you know he s basically sticking his penis in a balloon. I do what i do well do you want to come in or no. I don t think i ll be necessary i ve been thinking about the stole. Thank you reminds me my mom.

It s beautiful you got so emotional. I felt so terrible..

I had to give it to you i appreciate it so much yeah of course. I have since learned that you re actually a professional crier. You do this for a living yeah. So and so what i can t quite figure.

Out is did i give that stole to real carol or did i give it to you know the professional crier cuz that would be bad cuz. Then i would feel like i was duped you know who knows what else you ve cried your way into the couch. The coffee table the painting. Maybe.

The house. Both those tears were real larry and i i office leak right in real life to limit real person..

Sure you think i may have a story about oh mother to get your stuff laughter. Larry larry hey hey. I was just about to call you really created a real problem with uncle work with the internet point. Oh yeah.

You know it s better than paying money for those magazine. Oh oh. It s all day. It s a problem.

It s all he does and he is pain. He s doing the chatrooms now i m so sorry i don t know i just trying to save the guy s some money it s an addiction..

It s up we gotta do something do something what can i do whatever. It is you kind of start it off. I think you should step back. I don t think about it.

No i don t think about do what ever think about it i don t know what to do i got it you know i got a hey did you hit the doll up yet take a shot the dog she s a professional crier yeah hire her for opening night let her sit in the audience she ll sob away. Really when she saw sobbing everyone else will start sobbing object. Contagious you can never have enough criers up see i know it what the hell is that that my stout friend is a urinal. ” .


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