[D3 Season 17 – Ranking what classes are best to start with

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“What s up this is chosen and this video is going to be ranking each each class from seven to one in terms of which one is the best to on opening weekend. So let s get into it alrighty so as i get into the rankings. I m gonna jump into this screen it makes it a little bit easier to talk about everything and at number seven. I m going to be going with actually before i get into this let me just say.

This does not take into consideration like the the solo leaderboard. Meta. Or you know or like the foreperson. Let s finish.

The season ranked one meta. This is for getting the fastest start possible which means you know accumulating xp and you know being efficient in the like first opening weekend to first week of the game not you know three months from now. What s what s gonna be the group composition for finishing rank one okay so now that s out of the way at number seven. I m going to be going.

With the wizard who starts with the firebird set in season 17 um. You know wizard is gonna be kind of cool because the death breath. A sage set has been buffed with this patch. So i m gonna be fun to maybe build a wizard and run around blowing stuff up with explosive blast.

But there s a class above this that i believe is better in that role wizard isn t bad. But it s just not the class..

I would like to start with as much as the ones. I have ahead of it alright and number six. I m gonna be going with a witch doctor that starts with the jade harvester set. Jade.

Harvester is gonna be a fun kind of speed build and witch doctor is amazing in the 1 to 70 process. Just incredible having a witch doctor in your party during the 1 to 70 leveling process will cut down your leveling experience about 15 to 20 percent and kind of my experiences. So they are incredible 1 to 70 and they re pretty good and you know after hitting level 17. That initial rush.

But then they kind of start to get overtaken by the classes. I have ahead of them as we progress into the weekend at number 5. I m gonna put the seder now this is the season of lawn and satyr has some decent lawn builds that can do pretty well with so i didn t want to put crusader. Too far down.

Crusader can also do pretty good farming death breaths with the sage set. So that s why i moved him up to number five. But couldn t pull the trigger to put him any higher than that so next. I m actually gonna go with d h.

If you know me know my channel. You know i love d h..

That s my class. I usually start d h. And it s definitely the class i know the most about and the class i have played the most but i had to put d h at four because um doesn t really shine with the any of the ello end stuff. I know that d h.

Has some lawn builds. But you know if there was any season to bump him down it was gonna be this season. But d h is still definitely viable. I should go over there starting set i forgots aiders seder starts with the thorn set d h.

Starts with the impale set which is shadow isn t mantle so d h gonna definitely be a solid choice and i have a good kind of opening weekend and starter set and be able to push up g ars and stuff so not bad just if there was any season to mope him down it was this one all right at number three. I m gonna put monk which starts with the monkey kings garb set and monk is so high because it s gonna be really good at sage farming. The sage. The sage buff is gonna be great for me rolling gear and stuff.

And monk is probably the best sage farmer in the game. Arguably the best speed farmer in the game in terms of farming keys for g ars. And doing speed g. Ars.

And all that stuff so had to bump monk up to number three at number two. I m gonna go with the barbarian and the reason being is also barbarian starts with the might of the earth set..

I had to put my brain at number two because it s part of the rat run composition. And even though rat run will not be the four person meta in terms of finishing rank one on the leaderboard. It will be absolutely incredible for xp. I have a video that i did a little bit ago.

I think a couple weeks ago or something about comparing rat runs of you know last season. And rat runs for season 17 in the lln season. And it s a big xp buff so in my opinion. If you re wanting to get a jump on the first week of the season.

You re gonna want to be doing rat runs to get xp as fast as possible and take advantage of that lan bonus as much as you can in terms of acquiring xp. So i ve had to put barbarian at number 2. Because it is a vital part the sea barbed in the group for rat runs. So you already know number one is going to be the necromancer and actually at the start of this video.

I meant to click through all these as i talked about them and i forgot to do that so my plan of trying to be fancy failed me anyway i got distracted and excited you know about talking diablo. 3. In season 17. So i apologize for that but anyway.

Yeah number. 1 is gonna be necromancer hands down..

Because. It is the most vital composition and member of the rat run group. It is a zenok. It is two mage necros.

So it takes up three slots in the in the great xp meta group. Gonna be insane this season and also with the buff to an aureus you know gonna have some good lazy speed farming options so in my opinion necro is hands down. The best class to have for any group is taking the game seriously as far as being efficient in the first week of the season. I ve had necro lower before but if there was a season to move them up it was definitely this season.

So they are taking the number one spot for me. I ve had a lot of stuff going on recently. So i m sorry i haven t been cranking out diablo content as regularly as i used to but i m hoping to get back into it hoping season 17 will grab us all again and get us back into the game and trying to theory craft. Some interesting videos to put out and some projects for for you diablo.

3. Fans out there that are just like me and love the game. So yeah good luck in season 17. If you have anything is for in terms of input.

I d love to hear it down in the comments section and as always thank you for watching have a ” ..

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